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Awesome, congrats on it all continuing to come together and everybody pitching in at getting one thing or another better situated.   8)

See, that's why I love Open Source. 2 people can do much more than 1.

Heh, I look forward to an eventual progress meter that tops out at "Well, this is pretty much at Incursion's level plus or minus a few bits" then heads onward.

LOL, so do I.

Version 0.0.7 (beta 1.75) has just been released on git and ToME.

 •new map generator
◦armor check penalty bug fixed
 ◦colored log, char sheet and tooltips
 ◦encumbrance displayed in char sheet
 ◦encumbrance fixed

There's a few bugs waiting to be ironed out before beta 2, as well as class-dependent level up (the code is in, but it borks out. If anyone's so inclined, I could use a helping hand)

/derp. I'm getting scared of making a changelog for an eventual minor (0.x.0) release, let alone a major one!/

EDIT: Game renamed due to someone pointing out "Underdark" is considered PI.

Thanks for the Pathfinder link :)

Tooltips now display monster CR.
I've fixed an issue with armor check penalty all by myself and made character sheet, tooltips and log messages colored, to make important stuff more visible.

A friend has promised to help us with items & monsters and Seb is working on a new map generator.

Early Dev / Re: Underdark development feedback
« on: August 03, 2013, 10:14:16 AM »
We're now at 0.0.6, also available from ToME site.

As the module is now made available from the ToME site, we also made a v 0.0.6 (beta 1.5) release. Changes from beta1 are mostly bugfixes, but there is also some added content.

Will work on standalone as soon as I get a clean copy of T-Engine itself.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: SurviveRL
« on: August 03, 2013, 07:38:47 AM »
I like the idea, might playtest some later.

Contributors WANTED
If you want to contribute, just fork the repo and make your changes and make a pull request back.

Don't include anything that's not OGL (e.g. no kuo-toa or illithids)

I now have access to my own comp (albeit limited by the fact I'm running on battery and access to power is rare), so I'll try to plug in some monsters, items, domains and whatnot (i.e. the stuff that's easy to do and does not take long).

Having a better mechanism than Github to distribute a "plug and play" archive or .teaa or whatever to throw in the folder or just have operate standalone as per Grey's projects that also use T-Engine 4 would also be handy for folks like me and otherwise as far as discoverability and ease of use---especially since this has made it past that critical Alpha stage that claims many a project into the void into the considerably sunnier and Better Expectations that is Beta.

- For the code, we're sticking with GitHub. Releases will be also available from git.
- We plan to make releases available on ToME page, too (but I have to make an account on the main site, and I can't do it here because the net loves to go down).
- A standalone version is also planned, but that's for when I'm back home and can devote my full free time to it.

Basically, point 2 should be done sometime in early August, a.k.a as soon as I'm home, and point 3 soon afterwards.

Hey I am Halvor G.

I've just finished my bachelor's degree in informatics and I'm going to start my master's this fall. I like functional programming (although I'm not much more than a novice at it) and bio-inspired AI. The reason I joined up here is because I need to hone my skills more outside of schoolwork and I've decided to create my first (roguelike) game. The game will probably be shit and progress is really slow because I am coding in an unfamiliar language/paradigm, but I hope to learn much making a game from start to finish. Also, I'm having tons of fun.

I've played lots of ToME, some Dungeons of Dredmor, DCSS and DoomRL. I've never won any of these games, but I've come close in ToME.

If I keep putting some time into RL development I hope to make some more experimental RLs. An RL where you face enemies generated by an evolutionary algorithm would be cool I think, as your future enemies will be generated from the ones you struggled the most with - forcing you to diversify your tactics or get crushed.

I'd love to see the evolutionary enemies RL... What language are you coding in?

Excellent!  Speaking of OGL doings, this project just turned up on my radar and, on the surface at least, seems like it might hold some promising elements for down the line to ponder at least a bit for Underdark as I could see how some of it could adapt well to Roguelike doings:

Thanks for the link.
Currently I'm scrolling my way through and cursing the fact that the computer at the resort died (the fan seems to be broken) so I'm forced to visit a local net cafe.
I think I'll have to make a checklist of great ideas to implement when I have access to my own comp.

EDIT: Getter, feedback and/or ideas would be much appreciated!

Even though I'm stuck on hols with a super sh*tty comp, work is progressing (I just discovered's edit feature).
We've also made use of the Issues tab.

Skill checks now take armor into account. Armor now limits Dexterity bonus to AC. Also, encumbrance works properly and stairs have a chance of not changing the dungeon level.

Early Dev / Re: Underdark development feedback
« on: July 19, 2013, 03:01:33 PM »
The first beta was released on Monday.

Do not hesitate to report bugs here or on GitHub.

Just marked the master branch as beta.

(The computer I'm writing from is sh*tty, so blame any typos on it)

Last touches including making doubly sure the OGL is included and we haven't included Project Identity by mistake.

Early Dev / Re: Underdark development feedback
« on: July 12, 2013, 10:25:02 AM »
Lots of updates and fixes. We're getting close to the first beta release - that is, the basics are 95% done.

For instance this Underdark module seems cool, but the presentation at this stage is way too much for me and I find it a real turn off. I have no doubt that I'm in the minority though and you'll catch more flies with the graphical honey than if you focused your attention on idiots like me who spent the better part of 20 years sweating over monochrome nethack.

I don't do much with the presentation, that's more of Seb's field.
I don't think there's much 'graphical honey' here.

Anyways, came here to tell you that we got archery working, after 2 days of sweating over a silly oversight.

That means we're really close to the first beta release!

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