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Thanks for the compliments. :)
I've tried to implement some of the stuff listed in the milestones page, but I failed, and Seb seems to be busy. I wish we had someone else to poke around the code. (Both friends who'd promised to help out stepped back due to other demands on their time)

I'm leaving for two days, so:

Version 0.0.9a is out.
You can grab it from here: It should be available from ModDB soon, too.

* bugfixes
* money
* more room types
* code cleanup
* improved skill select screen
* expanded item tooltips
* magic item properties
* humanoid templates coded in

Cataclysm seems to have a fairly huge following, even if for some reason it hasn't caught up here too much. Definitely major, if you ask me :)

I agree completely.

Other Announcements / Re: My current top five roguelikes
« on: August 22, 2013, 07:37:25 PM »
1. NPPAngband
2. Incursion
3. Sil
4. Random Realms
5. dunno

You might want to check out Underrail.

Early Dev / Re: The Veins of the Earth development feedback
« on: August 22, 2013, 05:37:59 PM »
Thanks, the links are very helpful.

Anyways, we're now at 0.0.9 (beta 2.25).

Feel free to leave me feedback to read when I'm back after the weekend!

Version 0.0.9 (beta 2.25) is out.

You can grab it from here. It should be soon available from ModDB, too.


* new monsters: drow, goblin, human
* adjusted monster spawn rate
* no XP for monsters with CR < character level - 4
* resting takes longer
* saving throws take the better of two stats (Dex-Int for Ref; Con-Str for Fort; Wis-Cha for Will)
* changed map generator back due to performance issues
* new prestige classes: assasin, shadowdancer
* barbarian speed bonus implemented
* terrain effects implemented
* added tips to stat generator screen
* implemented Swim skill
* armor spell failure chance implemented
* cannot cast spells if key stat is equal or lower than 9

P.S. I'd have waited for 2.5, but I'm leaving for the weekend so I thought I'd give you something to play.

Sounds cool!

Incursion. Definitely. If only it wasn't dead....

Early Dev / Re: The Veins of the Earth development feedback
« on: August 19, 2013, 01:38:11 PM »
Considering the recently situated Design Document:

Among other bits, the explicit exclusion of the Paladin is rather notable---is the aim to harvest from the many other class templates available scattered throughout the various OGL'ish bits instead or...?  I'd also imagine this would have an effect on Prestige classes and such that would otherwise have it as a prerequisite.  Tangentially, what implications might this have for any sort of Pantheon to contend/interact with?

The paladin strikes me as a poor class because it is practically a mix of fighter and cleric while allowing only one alignment and not providing anything useful in exchange (except the mount). Coming up with 9 useful things for the paladin (to comply with the next assumption, 'every class should grant something useful every 2 levels') would be insanely hard for me.
Any prestige classes that would require the paladin will probably be rebranded to require semi-high BAB (ie. a level or two of fighter) and a decent divine spellcasting ability.

I've been toying with the idea of a pantheon recently, but because of licence restrictions I would have to come up with an original pantheon and I don't have any clue. This is actually another problem the paladin has - in order to exist, it requires a Deity of Righteousness (and I hate those).

Harvesting from other OGL sources is a definite possibility once we get more mechanics out of the way (ECL and poisons, I'm looking at you!)

That is, if someone managed to make the paladin be useful, it would be a welcome addition.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Darkfire RPG
« on: August 19, 2013, 01:29:30 PM »
Please give it a try and tell me what you think. Feedback is most welcome!

I'd like to, but when I see the keyword "multiplayer", it always turns me off. Is there some kind of single player mode?


Where can I download newest version (preferably the one without corrupted saves)?

What is "the other pair"?

Anyway, a hotfix for beta 2 is released, fixing the potion ID and skill select screen.

Early Dev / Re: The Veins of the Earth development feedback
« on: August 17, 2013, 02:08:26 PM »
Thanks to excellent feedback from Leissi and Gunther, two bugs have been killed with fire and a hotfix is out!

Feedback is still welcome, regardless.

Watching this on indieDB now.

Is the plan to mimic the good times that is Sil and especially Incursion's reckonings on EXP gain for exploration, stealth, identification---pretty much all sorts of things to support all sorts of playstyles beyond just combat kills being the only way?

Yup, that is the plan. When exactly it gets implemented depends on our coding skills :)

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