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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / MidBoss (now at v0.5.3 Alpha)
« on: February 03, 2013, 08:29:16 AM »
Hi everyone. I just released a roguelike game called MidBoss, which hinges on possessing defeated enemies in order to get stronger. The story is that you're a lowly imp, and you want to become the dungeon's final boss! But you're weak and your only special ability is possessing other creatures, so you have to work your way up through the dungeon's other creatures to finally kill and become the final boss.

It's a graphical roguelike that I initially developed for Ludum Dare #25, with the theme 'you are the villain'. After that I've continued development, cleaned up the interface, added music and better menus, and did a full rebalancing of the game's core mechanics. Turns out it's rather hard to make a balanced possession-based roguelike! The game has 12 floors before the boss, but continues infinitely thereafter, has 15 monsters to possess and 10 skills to unlock, and features a dynamic music system. It's also open source, licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

If you give it a try I'd really like some feedback! For now, some screenshots:

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