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* Added new dungeons and randomized which dungeons actually appear

* Added new objects, ego types, artifacts, item curses, terrain features and random artifact names

* Added new monsters (including the reintroduction of the Greater Cyber Wyrm Angel Daemon Lich as an exclusively postgame monster)

* Added new player-monster race (Mummy) based on Maledicts from Pos-R

* Moved to a 32-color palette and changed the colors of many monsters
-- NOTES: If your platform does not support more than 16 colors, or FrogComposband's coloring code for your platform is faulty, compile with --disable-xtra-colours to retain use of 16 colors only. If your platform does support more than 16 colors but you wish to stick to 16 (from nostalgic reasons or for greater contrast between colors), load user-lim.prf (typing &4 in-game does this automatically) or otherwise modify the colors with the '&' command
-- Special thanks to Oneiron for helping me debug the 32-color palette

* Town services could enchant multiple weapons for the price of one; this has been fixed (thanks to Thraalbee for reporting)

* Directions were given for Heaven and Hell even if the player had not won; this has been fixed (thanks to Marty and ster for reporting)

* Fixed bug when Teleport Level was used after completing Crystal Quest (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed bug when stairs were taken just when recall kicked in (thanks to wobbly and bostock for reporting)

* Fixed bug with hand grenade explosions sometimes causing a "player" fake monster to temporarily appear (thanks to wobbly for reporting)

* Fixed bug with multi-effect monster blows sometimes killing an opponent repeatedly (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed bug with autotargeting the mount for hasting and healing (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed bug with devices in wilderness rooms generating with no effect (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed bug with standard artifacts disappearing from the floor if they had been carried there from another level (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed bug with Ninjas continuing to attack if Kawarimi was triggered mid-turn (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Timed monster statuses were not processed in the overworld; this has been fixed (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed old bug with statue stacking (thanks to kt for reporting)

* Fixed infinite loop on junk autoget when always_pickup was on and the Easy Destroyer was not on (thanks to DavidMedley for reporting)

* Fixed crash when the object list subwindow was on and an item with specific properties was equipped from the floor (thanks to caruso for reporting)

* A potion of Restore Mana thrown from the floor could cause a phantom copy of itself to explode; this has been fixed

* Bumping into mountains while confused consumed no time; this has been fixed (thanks to Hugo for reporting)

* Fixed weirdness on player beholders with mutational innate attacks (thanks to Karkaroth for reporting)

* Fixed annoying and inconsistent handling of erratic movement on mounts (thanks to budswell for reporting)

* Fixed bug with newly acquired locked mutations not affecting regeneration properly (thanks to ster for reporting)

* Fixed bug with insurance and player-elemental item destruction

* Fixed bug with inappropriate handling of insured items left behind on a level the player subsequently returned to

* Fixed crash on shop shuffle if too many items had been reserved

* Fixed ancient bugs with the wilderness terrain-selection algorithm, and adjusted some numbers that had been optimized for the buggy version

* Fixed various types of weirdness with Bunshin; it is now generally less useful against auras, but more useful in a number of other situations where it previously did not apply

* Fixed minor bug with innate attack damage calculations

* Fixed weirdness with charmed clones

* Fixed yet another loophole to anti-scumming item/gold drop limits

* Fixed incorrect pluralization of some quiver egos

* Fixed weirdness with door placement in cavern areas

* Fixed occasional weirdness with stair placement after quest completion

* Multiple items could be reserved for the price of one; this has been fixed

* Turncounts in character dumps now properly account for midnight starts (this does not apply retroactively)

* Changed the power of confusion effects, they should now at least resemble the claimed powers

* Fixed issue with the powers of Slow Monster bolt spells (thanks to Saru for reporting)

* Allowed Samurai to view damage averages for Kendo attack techniques (thanks to ster for suggesting)

* Renamed weak Beam of Light to "Moonbeam" to more clearly distinguish it from strong Beam of Light (thanks to bostock for suggesting)

* Slightly relaxed capture-balling requirements for hostile monsters to prevent some low-HP monsters from being captureable at all (thanks to caruso for bringing this up)

* Added option (on by default) to limit quantity prompts in shops to the highest amount that is both available and affordable (thanks to caruso for suggesting)

* Added option (off by default) to indicate unknown item flavors in shops (thanks to caruso for suggesting)

* Added option (off by default) to display the nominal energy cost of the most recent action (thanks to Bucephalus for suggesting)

* Added option (on by default) to extend the unknown attribute indicator '?' to cover random dragon resistances (thanks to bostock for bringing this up)

* Combined the empty_levels option with the ironman_empty_levels option

* Allowed using Home/End and 7/1 to immediately move to the beginning or end of a long home or museum inventory (thanks to Melum for suggesting)

* Renamed the "Cause Wounds" monster spells/auras to various types of "Curse", making it less unintuitive that most of them can curse the equipment

* Changed the Patient personality to be more the opposite of Hasty; it now has slightly better stats and skills than before, but gives a speed penalty

* Potions of New Life now shuffle Split personalities (thanks to Aav for suggesting)

* Improved the object list and monster list UI (thanks to kt and bostock for suggestions)
- allowed customizing the lists' width
- allowed looping between the first and last entry with Up/Down arrows
- the object list now displays visible stairs if no objects are visible

* Allowed scrolling long monster descriptions while targeting

* Allowed the Gloves of the Master Tonberry to generate for Tonberries

* Allowed pets to recall with player from slightly further away

* Average rings, amulets and Feanorian Lamps are now identified on pseudo-ID

* Buffed Dwarven body armour again, it now has much more potential upside

* A number of additional uniques, most notably Mandor, now resist confusion

* Player quylthulgs can now (usually) summon around a target location starting at CL 20, regardless of which options they use

* Changed the special Bloodrip player-cutting mechanic; it is now less severe but happens more often, and happens in melee rather than at random times (thanks to bostock, ster and MITZE for feedback)

* Changed hallucination to make it more difficult to figure out which monsters are real

* Automatic combining of pack ammo with quiver ammo now happens even if the ammo is unsuitable for the current shooter

* Tweaked the confusion-resistance message for already confused monsters (thanks to Bucephalus for suggesting)

* Tweaked Rune-Knight mana gain formula

* Slightly tweaked the effects of Easy-Spell/Dec-Mana on spell fail rates

* Re-allowed the use of Destruction in Witch Wood as a reduced-power special effect

* Tweaked the XP values of many monsters

* Dungeon entrance guardians are no longer vulnerable to genocide

* Life ratings are now displayed by default on a scale of 0 to 76, rather than on a percentage scale of 87% to 117%; this is purely a display change, intended both to permit greater accuracy and to distinguish them even more clearly from the unrelated racial and CON/equipment-based HP multipliers

* Trap warnings now reveal the trap

* The Mogaminator is now applied to items on shop-ID and museum-ID

* The in-game high score list now adjusts scores for options and accomplishments (this does not apply retroactively)

* Race change attempts disallowed by competition mode now trigger the Baby Foul Curse instead (also, the Baby Foul Curse is now more evil)

* Pass-wall monsters and players are no longer slowed by trees

* Nerfed humans (instead of the second demigod talent at CL 40, they now receive a primary-stat-dependent weakness at CL 35)

* Allowed the recall interface to give a multi-column dungeon list

* Changed innate attack damage display to show the damage for each effect separately instead of combining it with the damage from the first effect

* Further reduced energy randomness, it is now more strictly limited at higher speeds

* Replaced the hidden ability of some Mage-type classes to recover mana twice as fast with a public "Mana Recovery" object flag. Also, effective HP regen and effective SP regen are now displayed separately on the character sheet for transparency

* Destruction no longer always works on summoned monsters, except in instant-coffee mode. It still always works on "nice" summons (i.e. most high-level monsters the turn after they appear), and summoned monsters never gain destruction immunity

* Allowed monsters to resist disintegration

* Allowed two-handed wielding of baseball bats

* Additional monster health bar coloring:
- temporary slowness is indicated with dark grey stars (lowest priority)
- temporary haste is indicated with violet brackets
- a high monster power (above 133.3%) is indicated with dark blue brackets

* Wilderness level display in the immediate vicinity of a dungeon entrance now indicates which dungeon it is, e.g. "Wilderness (Angband): L1" instead of just "Wilderness: L1"

* Allowed Beorning Rage-Mages to use Rage in bear form (thanks to clouded for suggesting)

* The 'U'/'O' power selection menu now displays the stats involved in determining fail rates

* Further improved and updated the help

* Various minor tweaks and code improvements

They'll get there yet---home stretch!   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: IVAN (release 0.58!)
« on: March 16, 2020, 12:08:31 PM »

New Quest: Kingdom of Aslona

    A new main quest will see you trying to bring peace back to the kingdom of Aslona, currently in the middle of a civil war.
    Add five new locations.
    Player can now have a ship to sail the oceans of worldmap. This also means that they can now bring pets that would normally be unable to cross the ocean with them.
    Moving over the ocean is slightly slower than on dry land.


    Added Aslona!
    Added new ROOM_OWNED_AREA type for generic owned rooms. Uses code similar to the Cathedral or Decos' house.
    Change structure of quests. Petrus now takes the encrypted scroll and gives you some alone time. If you chat with him again, you will receive the GC quest, or you can find other people to chat for other quests.
    Add some new monsters, items, artifacts, materials and crafting recipes.
    Hotness can now be used to define materials that deal fire damage on contact, just like Acidicity for acidic materials.
    Use GitHub app for LGTM.
    Cats can be tamed with fishes.
    Orcs have black blood.
    Lobh-se is a bit more fun.
    Make amulets easily recognizable by color.
    Land mines can now be sometimes defused if you levitate over and pick them up.
    Willpower now protects against some hostile magic.
    Add autopick regex.
    Add an option to show info about gods, displaying their last reaction to prayer.
    Better 'F1' command in menus:
        Some items now have descriptions.
        Better help for crafting actions.
        New help for config options.
    Add options to start with no pet and to use health descriptions.
    Add alternate door traps.
    Prevent very dumb creatures from using wands.
    You cannot unequip locked chastity belt.
    Update README and add MANUAL.
    A wise player can look at an enemy for a rough estimation of their health.
    Add day/night cycle to all above-ground locations.
    Enable weather effects for more above-ground locations.
    Let monsters also benefit from Detecting status effect.
    Coffins now generate with grave goods and do something when you steal from them.
    Hammers are good with the undead.
    Some monsters now have different diets.
    Add many new sound effects.


    Decos no longer lets you steal from him.
    You can no longer leave the Black Market through walls.
    Slightly nerf Black Market.
    Display Willpower in wizard mode secrets.
    Running in wilderness now correctly takes stamina.
    Fix some quest messages not being saved as already displayed.
    Reveal gas traps when you step on them.
    Fix several places where panic immunity or disease immunity was not respected.
    Fix several crafting bugs, hopefully preventing crashes.
    Fix Terra not offering priestly services after you killed Lobh-se.
    Spill more water over a burning player when they pray to Silva, so there's a better chance to be extinguished.
    Prevent long strings in config options from overflowing when displayed.
    Prevent building features in owned rooms.
    Explosive liquids can no longer be used to douse flames.
    Wands of webbing were not causing hostility.
    Fix horns of fear causing panic without checking the panic resistance of the victim.
    Remove redundant messages from auto map notes.
    Fix sitting on fountains and drinking from non-water fountains.
    Fix AI not using equipped zappable items.
    Make taming/possessing more powerful creatures scale correctly.
    Fix a bug where boots were not correctly considered for kicking effects.
    Fix teleport lock from non-equipment sources never timing out.
    Assorted minor fixes and balancing.


Hail Adventurers,

The first release of 2020 is a major content upgrade!

There are six new classes: paladin, druid, gladiator, tinker, reaver and hunter.

The level cap has been increased to 40 and skills have been extended with the competency level of 'champion'. You can now train up to 2,000 points to become a champion in your field.

There are two new dungeon branches. The Labrynth branch is a tribute to the endgame of the original Hack game. The Lost Chambers branch is challenging portal puzzle that will test your strategy and sanity.

Many new mithril armaments have been added including swords, axes and shields. This offers an upgrade path for most starting weapons.

The classic tileset has had 100+ tiles upgraded thanks to the RLTiles project. It's great to see all the tilesets being enjoyed by players and this one was overdue some love.

Major changes since the last public release:

    new classes: paladin, druid, gladiator, tinker, reaver, hunter.

    new branches: Labyrinth, Lost Chambers.

    new items: potion of ink, scythe, magic bugle plus many new mithril armaments.

    new artifacts: Chaoshammer, Deadwood, Aurigage, Rosenthral.

    new entities: fire nymph.

    level cap increased to 40.

    champion skill level at 2,000 points.

    setting to display the IRL time clock.

    classic tileset upgraded.


* Added a new player race (Igor)

* Added a new personality (Split)

* Re-implemented the Blue-Mage class

* Updated the in-game help

* Game speed is now selected from the race/class menu rather than as a birth option. Added instant-coffee mode (ultra-accelerated game); note that this mode is much harder than normal coffee-break mode, and not recommended for players new to the game

* Added many new random artifact names; also, random artifact weapons now sometimes pull their names from sub-lists specific to the type of weapon, and the game tries to keep repetition of artifact names to a minimum

* Quylthulgs crashed on game start in thrall mode; this has been fixed (thanks to meltdown for reporting)

* No warning was given on escaping downstairs from a quest level (possible for some Disciples); this has been fixed (thanks to OmniNegro for reporting)

* Burdening was not checked properly after eating food; this has been fixed

* The option to never apply the Mogaminator also turned off the easy auto-destroyer; this has been fixed

* Fixed typos in outlying makefiles that caused problems if "make install" was used to install the game (thanks to isnok and Kreutzer for reporting)

* It was possible to get nexus-warped to closed dungeons with ironman_downward on; this has been fixed

* Projectiles did not lose the "Worn" tag on being placed in the quiver; this has been fixed

* The slowing immunity of player inertia hounds and Hermes demigods did not apply to incremental slowing; this has been fixed (thanks to ster and Marty for reporting)

* Arrow keys could not be used for Mogaminator or option menu navigation on; this has been fixed

* Quests were not properly flagged as completed on Troika disciples if killing a monster caused the patron to dispel the remaining monsters; this has been fixed (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed an exploit that allowed selecting any dragon realm on any dragon except Steel Dragon (thanks to OmniNegro for reporting)

* Fixed visual glitch when reforge details were shown immediately after requesting a quest (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed infinite loop when a player Ring with no mount tried to use autoget (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Casting spells on a Possessor, Gray-Mage or Skillmaster did not trigger Fragile fatigue; this has been fixed (thanks to ster for reporting the problem on Gray-Mages)

* Filthy Rags could not get Hold Life; this has been fixed (thanks to Aav for reporting)

* The "repeat" command did not work properly on Magic-Eaters if absorbed items had been inscribed; this has been fixed

* Magic-Eaters could only use floor devices if they also had pack devices of the same type; this has been fixed

* Fixed conflict between Magic-Eater item labels and menu commands

* Fixed inappropriate body types on some recently added monsters (thanks to clouded for reporting)

* Innate attacks could trigger the Monster Confusion scroll but not the Touch of Confusion hex spell; this has been fixed (thanks to clouded for reporting)

* Fixed display weirdness in situations with opposite non-resist flags present

* Fixed bug in tracking the origins of items reforged by Craft dragons

* Player Undead Beholders were vulnerable to life drain; this has been fixed

* Fixed bug in display of device power bonuses on a player Filthy Rag (thanks to Aav for reporting)

* Fixed bug with Repeat Last Command on rings when the player cancelled the first spell prompt (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Running only checked for confusion on the first step; this has been fixed (thanks to Hugo for reporting)

* Fixed remaining one-in-a-million loophole that could cause double stat gain rewards (thanks to Hugo for reporting)

* Fixed malformatted failure message for the Trouble at Home quest (thanks to Hugo for reporting)

* Equipment slots were not recalculated after a permanent race change; this has been fixed (thanks to clouded for reporting)

* Monster list subwindows did not update properly after monster polymorph or evolution; this has been fixed

* Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Mass Identify to consume an inappropriate amount of charges

* Fixed problems with the online_macros option

* Fixed weirdness with birth menu visuals on some non-Windows installations

* Fixed misleading "You have gained the power of X" messages when a ring absorbed an activation not actually available to rings

* Fixed misleading Psion spell/power descriptions

* Polearm Weaponmasters can now only trip opponents on successful hits (as was already claimed by the description)

* Blood-Knights and Blood-Mages can no longer use magic while polymorphed into bloodless nonliving creatures, fixing some weirdness (thanks to ster for pointing this out)

* Plugged an exploit that allowed killing the Resurrection Machine easily by using pets or friendly monsters (thanks to Aav and ster for discovering)

* Increased the maximum number of distinct object inscriptions or random artifact names allowed; also, an emergency name is now used if the limit is exceeded (thanks to MITZE for triggering the limit...)

* Mysterious messages about monsters who are nowhere to be seen should now happen less often

* Vampiric drain can no longer exceed the HP of the monster being drained

* Nerfed player Hydras a mite (slightly lowered to-hit bonuses and life rating modifier)

* Added "melee challenge" and "no-melee challenge" options (i.e. "monsters can only be damaged by the player's melee" and "monsters cannot be damaged by the player's melee")

* Added new option to leave on the floor all items marked for destruction by the Mogaminator (even if always_pickup is on)

* Added new option (on by default) to ignore all identified items while travelling

* Added an option to change the order in which rewards for wanted corpses are given from the default (reward depends on unique's position on list of wanted uniques) to being based on the number of wanted uniques turned in

* The autopick entry "items" (aka "pick up all items") is now ignored for the purposes of the object list command's Wanted Objects section (in every other case the entry still works normally). This allows picking up all items with always_pickup off (which may be desirable to e.g. not override Mogaminator autodestruction) without cluttering the Wanted Objects list

* Added Tetsubo and Baseball Bat as favored weapons for Club weaponmasters (thanks to Aav for suggesting this)

* Walking speed modifiers like Fleet of Foot, Craven bonus, Limp mutation etc. no longer apply to riding (thanks to Aav for bringing this up)

* Prevented sleepscumming the coffee-break Black Market (thanks to clouded for bringing this up)

* Pet kills now give accelerated XP in coffee-break mode (thanks to clouded for bringing this up)

* The 'Restore life' Hex spell now restores life points in addition to stats and experience (thanks to clouded for suggesting)

* Kutars' Expand Horizontally is now a level-independent +35 AC, and can stack with other temporary AC buffs (thanks to Bucephalus for suggesting)

* Completely changed Reaping on Polearm-speciality Weaponmasters; it is now a vampiric effect instead of granting wraithform, and can no longer be exploited to easily kill high-AC enemies such as the Metal Babble

* Polearm Weaponmasters' special automatic attacks against monsters moving to adjacent squares no longer work if the player is blind or confused

* Player Mariliths are allowed to use shields again (although they are icky and penalize melee quite heavily)

* Deprecated monster races are now omitted from spoiler files

* Possessor ball spells fired in compass directions no longer uselessly overshoot everybody

* Disallowed riding monsters with a parent monster (eliminating the evil gotcha mechanic of a mount disappearing when its parent disappeared)

* Stat default allocations are now re-initialized for Quick Start characters if the old class is not retained

* Allowed throwing ammo from the quiver

* Reduced resist randomness somewhat, especially with multiple levels of resistance

* Draugluin now resists confusion

* Trying to use a Scroll of Artifact Creation on an inappropriate target no longer consumes the scroll

* Buffed wands of heal monster

* Nerfed Warlocks and Weaponmasters a bit

* Nerfed Clear Mind slightly

* Potions of Clarity no longer generate in town shops

* Allowed using an item from a stack as a reforge target

* Allowed using the 'J' and '(' keys in targeting mode to set a target for travelling; if we weren't aiming a spell, device or projectile, this automatically begins a new travel (thanks to Melum for suggesting)

* Added options to display known future race/class spells or powers in lists (inspired by Oposband and requested by players)

* Adapted the Omarax rework from new PosChengband (thanks to ster for this suggestion)

* Improved generation of tailored items to disallow icky egos (such as encumbering gloves on a mage-type)

* The speed indicator is now displayed in red if the player is both hasted and slowed in equal amounts (thanks to bostock for suggesting)

* Monster lore now automatically displays all monsters known to be undead as being immune to nether

* Tweaked spell proficiency gain to discourage repeatedly casting useless spells in safe nooks for proficiency

* Inscribed devices absorbed by a Magic-Eater now retain their inscriptions; also, if an inscribed device is replaced, the old device's inscription can be easily copied to the new device

* Restore Mana no longer recharges devices absorbed by a Magic-Eater

* Water, lava and nukage pools now muffle the earth-shaking steps of player Cyberdemons

* Rescaled skill discriptions in race/class/personality tables (the general rule now is that average skills are described as "fair", and differences should be clear without being too exaggerated)

* Psionic timed effects now disturb rest and travelling on running out if the disturb_state option is on (the same way other timed effects already did)

* Allowed Psions to cancel Dimension Door and Psionic Travel without spending a turn

* Werewolves and other shapeshifters can now use the "take off" command on satchel items

* The roguelike movement keys 'j' and 'k' can now be used for movement in the monster and object lists (thanks to bostock for suggesting)

* Improved handling of numbers and Roman numerals in player names
- numerals are now automatically bumped by 1 on quick-start if possible
- the game now looks for pref files of characters with lower numerals if no pref files are present for the current incarnation

* Improved Mogaminator functionality
- look for pickpref-[classname].prf, or pickpref-[racename].prf on monsters (thanks to grodrigues for suggesting this)
- look for pickpref-UserDefault.prf (local default pickprefs)
- allowed Save As of current preferences (thanks to grodrigues and OmniNegro for suggesting this)
- inscribe pack objects when Mogaminator is first activated (at birth if Mogaminator is active from the beginning)
- apply the improved handling of numbers and Roman numerals in player names

* Pressing '!' in the help now always returns to the help main page

* Allowed highlighting pets and friendly monsters in monster lists (on by default; thanks to bostock for suggesting)

* Improved pet/friendly monster AI
- pets no longer bump into the player so often
- fixed friendly fire from bolts
- fixed friendly fire from Saruman's psycho-spears
- pets now pathfind more aggressively and intelligently if a target monster has been specified

* Various minor tweaks and code improvements

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Zorbus
« on: February 20, 2020, 01:04:20 PM »
Potent update!  8)

Excellent Soldiers of Fortune/Chaos Engine spiritual aesthetic.   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Cthangband (now at v6.3.0)
« on: January 27, 2020, 12:51:36 PM »

This is only a minor update - fixing a couple of bugs and tweaking the user-interface. Although since the user-interface is what you see when you play, it looks like qute a major change.

It's not. The gameplay changes in this version are minimal...

    Monster tracker now shows name of monster.
    Game time is now shown on main screen.
    Shops (and home) now have room for 26 items instead of 24.
    Backpack now has 26 slots instead of 23.
    Added wizard command to instantly win the game (rather anticlimactic, but useful for testing!)
    Fixed bug where using <Shift> to run didn't work.
    Graphical backgrounds added to game screens.
    Dungeon size tweaked to match new squarer display. The maximum size has gone from 198x66 to 198x123, and the minimum size has gone from 80x22 to 80x42. So that this doesn't produce a level with too many rooms, rooms have been spaced out more in the north-south direction by an amount proportional to the size change.
    Towns and wildernesses made smaller to fit new display.
    Display changed from 80x25 to 80x45 so that grid squares are actually square (on a standard 16:9 widescreen monitor).
    Event loop optimised, so game no longer uses 30%+ CPU while idle and waiting for a keypress.

Early Dev / Re: The Red Prison - roguelike based on 5th edition D&D
« on: January 16, 2020, 01:15:24 PM »
JH situation has an additional key wrinkle of that coming after ID got gobbled up by Zenimax, even beyond the OGL situation being distinct in practice from ye olde doom and such modding scene and source ports into standalone total conversions and whatnot.

Red Prison should surely be Good, with only Better yet to come by all indications~   8)   Bound to garner some direct fellow travelers as well honestly given the ongoing revival of D&D in games proper and all sorts of games in the works across various studios and hobbyist fare alike---it is just a lively era for it, at last, again, in a way that stands a fair chance of dwarfing the golden era of so many years ago now unless something goes weird.

Early Dev / Re: The Red Prison - roguelike based on 5th edition D&D
« on: January 15, 2020, 01:09:20 PM »
I still give it fair odds you could garner a Solasta style upgrade to Semi-Endorsed, yet not Licensed at that if it came down to it as things only get more polished and improved~   8)

Early Dev / Re: The Red Prison - roguelike based on 5th edition D&D
« on: January 11, 2020, 01:23:50 PM »
I would presume to imagine this sprawl will also re-calibrate your ongoing race/class/etc reckonings as now there's more to flavour beyond the purest of contained dungeon crawl to avail?

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Bloatcrawl 2 (now at v2.2)
« on: January 08, 2020, 12:54:12 PM »  Win/Mac/Online

Bloatcrawl 2 is a fork of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (github). If you aren't familiar with the base game this fork probably won't make any sense.

New Species

    Argon tile Argons are, unlike most other living beings, made of gas. They can only gain resistances by levelling up.
    Strange beings from beyond the stars, Astrals cannot gain resistances to magic or the elements. Their attacks inflict powerful debuffs on beings from this world.
    Bunyip tile Bunyips are strange, black, oily creatures that live in billabongs. They swim well but cannot call on divine powers or wear armour.
    Butterfly tile Cute Butterflies will stop at nothing to obtain the Orb. Monsters turn neutral when they first see you.
    Dab Dwarves have perfected the ancient art of dabbing. They can dab on multiple creatures at once and may even daze their foes with the power of their dab.
    Ember Elves have depleted magical reserves, but regenerate magical power quickly. As they develop, their magic becomes more powerful but harder to control.
    Faerie Dragon tile Faerie Dragons are attuned to magic and their spells cost fewer magic points. Their shimmering scales repel attacks and their wings let them fly.
    Flans are gelatinous and slightly corrosive beings. Their fluid shape lets them fit easily into any body armour, but they cannot wear other armour types.
    Fungoid tile Fungoids are mushroomy humanoids with roots instead of feet. They cannot move when monsters are around, but release confusing spores at enemies when they attack.
    Gnomes are small creatures who are highly attuned with the earth. They are skilled in the use of magical devices and ranged weaponry.
    Hedgehog tile Rolling around at the speed of sound, Hedgehogs have got places to go and gotta follow their rainbow.
    Hermit Crab tile Hermit Crabs: These clever crustaceans move into larger shells over time. If their shell is broken in an attack, they can usually escape and find a smaller replacement.
    Irits are magical, brutish one-eyed humanoids. They are adept at casting spells in heavy armour, although it costs them life force to do so.
    Kitsune are enthralling fox spirits that take on human shapes. They are poor at most skills and frailer than humans, but can charm their foes.
    Leprechaun tile Leprechauns are small and frail but versatile. Their intrinsic luck gives them a knack for finding better items.
    Mayflytaur tile Half insect, half human, Mayflytaurs have incredibly short lifespans but have evolved to be exceptionally overpowered in just about every imaginable way.
    Strange phantoms summoned from the mirror world, Mirror Eidola rapidly fade away. They must slay other creatures and take their energy to stay in this plane.
    Oni tile Oni are monstrous in nature with the rough appearance of Ogres, albeit smaller. They discover spells as they gain experience and ignore schools of magic.
    Deeper than a Deep Elf and twice as elven, Profound Elves are extremely frail magical experts.
    Protean tile Proteans are a race of vaguely humanoid amoebas. They grow in health and size as they mutate.
    Quill orcs love to read and hate close combat. They read books and scrolls at an uncanny pace.
    Ratlings are verminous humanoids that mature at an incredible pace, but learn very slowly. They have an affinity for poison magic.
    Robot tile Robots are metallic humanoids crafted by Dwarves. They break equipment when uninstalling it and have a poor grasp of religion, but can shoot lasers.
    Shapeshifter tile Shapeshifters imitate monsters around them to an uncanny degree. They cannot control their shifting, and are only rarely seen in their true form.
    Silent Spectre tile Silent Spectres are terrible spirits that bring an unearthly silence to the area around them, preventing spell casting, divine invocations and even reading scrolls.
    Slitherier Naga tile Slitherier Nagas are offbrand Nagas, and about twice as much everything. Extremely healthy, extremely stealthy, extremely big, and excruciatingly slow.
    Less dextrous than other elves, Squat Elves have mastered the art of the power squat. They use this ability to enhance their strength and intelligence.
    Turtle tile Turtles are hard-shelled warriors trained in the arts of ninjutsu. They fight evil wherever it can be found and follow a strict honour code.
    Deeper than deep, Unfathomable Dwarves cannot heal even through divine means. However, they have adapted to heal on kills and brew ambrosia potions from leftover life essence.
    Unipode tile Unipodes are distantly related to Octopodes, but have a single tentacle instead of eight. They can only wear one ring and cannot use two-handed weapons.
    The permanently baked Weed Elves aren't quite as smart or nimble as other elves, but they are still skilled at magic. They trail smoke wherever they go.
    Xeno Elves are strange insectoid elves from a distant land. Their magical efficiency is far better than most species, but their magic drains when moving near enemies.
    Yeti tile Yeti are large, seldom-seen creatures that live on frozen mountain peaks. Sufficiently mature Yeti passively freeze adjacent foes.
    Zodach tile Zodach are the burnt-out remnants of a decayed celestial species. Nearby monsters are drawn in by their immense gravitas.

New Backgrounds

    Alchemist tile Alchemists bring some homebrewed potions and a very special hat on their dungeon adventure.
    Anarchist tile No Kings, No Rulers (maybe a god though). Anarchists are bent on dismantling the dungeon hierarchy with rocks and explosives.
    Archaeologist tile Thoroughly inept at fighting but well dressed, Archaeologists enter the dungeon looking to cast light over the origins of ancient relics.
    Aspirant tile Aspirants are novices at magic who have acquired books of powerful magic. They hope to one day master the spells within.
    Billionaire tile When the revolution comes, some Billionaires flee the surface and enter the dungeon with a fraction of their hoarded wealth.
    Blood Knight tile Servants of the demon god Makhleb, Blood Knights begin with moderate skill in combat and quickly learn to harness Makhleb's destructive power.
    Bound tile Bound serve Ashenzari, the god of curses, and begin their journey partially bound with cursed equipment.
    Caveperson tile Cavepeople start with exceptional strength but, unfortunately, neolithic weapons.
    Chaincaster tile Lots of people wish they could cast spells in heavy armour. Chaincasters do something about it.
    Dancer tile Dancers have left their friends behind and entered the dungeon in service of Uskayaw. They have few combat skills but are quite good at evading attacks.
    Death Bishop tile Pontiffs of Yredelemnul, Death Bishops carry an unholy staff and use the pain spell in service of their evil god.
    Deprived tile Deprived start with nothing but a ration and almost no skills. Survival may prove... difficult.
    Derserker tile Derserkers are ex-berserkers, who ran off with excellent weapons. Now, they must face Trog's terrible wrath.
    Disciple tile Disciples follow the Wu Jian Council and begin the game with a good weapon.
    Doctor tile Doctor: Medical professionals from the surface occasionally enter the dungeon. They follow the healer god Elyvilon.
    Entomologist tile Entomologists study insects and related creatures. They bring along a net and a sack of spiders, and can also summon butterflies.
    Fencer tile Incredibly dextrous, Fencers enter the dungeon with a rapier, fencer's gloves, and an amulet of the acrobat.
    Gambler tile Gambler: Followers of Nemelex Xobeh who have lost everything in a run of bad luck sometimes venture into the Dungeon. They'll need Nemelex's help to turn things around.
    Gardener tile Gardeners worship Fedhas Madash and enter the dungeon to grow shrooms.
    Gonger tile Gongers gong. They gong real loud.
    Hermit tile Followers of Ru, Hermits renounce the world and follow the path of asceticism.
    Inheritor tile Inheritors worship Hepliaklqana. The spirit of their ancestor follows them to the dungeon, and given their lack of skills they may need to rely on it.
    Kikumancer tile Kikumancers are like Necromancers, but they worship the god of necromancy instead of starting with a book of spells.
    Librarian tile Librarians come to the Dungeon in search of new books for their collection. They serve Sif Muna the Loreminder and bring a random book along with them.
    Merchant tile Merchants are followers of Gozag. Whether newly established or unsuccessful on the surface world, they enter the Dungeon desperate for a source of income.
    Meteorologist tile Meteorologists predict the weather and carry around some handy evocable items to make their predictions come true.
    Misfortunate tile The Misfortunate received an unlucky robe from some shady source. Perhaps the robe attracted them to the dungeon for some reason?
    Neckbeard tile Neckbeards come to the Dungeon from their moms' basements with a cape, a fedora, a rusty katana and the ability to teleport behind you (nothing personal, kid).
    Night Knight tile Night Knights follow the shadowy god Dithmenos. They begin lightly armoured but with good stealth.
    Overseer tile Overseers can summon lesser demonic slaves, and eventually even call forth a limb of their true patron. What they traded for this power is unknown.
    Paladin tile Paladin: Worshippers of The Shining One, these holy warriors fall down a lot.
    Philosophers tile Philosophers bring their thinking hat to the dungeon, but not much else in the way of useful items.
    Ronin tile Ronin are wandering warriors. They start with simple weapons and gain a little additional piety with the first god they worship.
    Slime Priest tile Slime Priests follow Jiyva, the slime god. They enter the dungeon already mutated by their deity's power but with only a small amount of divine favor.
    Sniper tile Highly accurate users of ranged weaponry, Snipers wear amulets of harm to boost their damage capabilities.
    Soothslayer tile Soothslayers are battlemages who begin with a variety of simple magic in addition to their weapon.
    Soothslayer tile Stalkers are assassins who have some aptitude in the use of poison magic.
    Storm Cleric tile Storm Clerics spread destruction in the name of Qazlal.
    Torpor Knight tile Torpor Knights follow Cheibriados and wear heavy, ponderous armour to gain their god's favour more quickly.
    Uncle tile Uncles search the dungeon for their lost nephews.
    Understudy tile It's opening night for "The Orb of Zot" and the hero is sick! The Understudy must learn their role quickly if they want to make it through the final act.
    Warrior tile Warriors are followers of Okawaru who bring a variety of equipment to the dungeon.
    Witness tile Have you heard the good news of Beogh? Witnesses have.
    Zinja tile Zinjas worship Zin and very stealthily recite the Aixoms of Law.

Other New Stuff

    Dab at any time with the p key.
    Game Modifiers: Select game modifiers when starting a new game. Play any species as a mummy. Remove rune locks. Etcetera.
    Air Horn tile Unleash the elemental power of sound with the Air Horn evocable.
    Be careful in Pandemonium lest you disturb THE GIAGGOSTUONO, a hecka big dinosaur thing that breathes fire and shoots lasers from its eyes. Its hard skin is nearly indestructible.


    Reduce piety for Zodach sacrificing love
    Improve messaging for Kitsun'e charm
    Add ghost undead type for Silent Spectre and Mirror Eidolon
    Forbid fencer background if you can't wear gloves

Bug Fixes

    Fix Mirror Eidolon fade out death message
    Correct transformation suppression for a lot of new Bloatcrawl mutations
    Add descriptions for Air Horn and archaeologist items
    Prevent Angel Ronin Monk
    Fix some species restrictions which weren't working


    Let tiny species wear robes
    Buff Bunyip

Bug fixes

    Don't equip Fencer's Gloves at game start for Fencers who are too small (eg Protean)
    Fix rune lock game modifier selection in webtiles
    Make Leprechauns actually lucky
    Stop making random new games shapeshifters
    Don't lose Ru sacrifice when shapeshifting
    Allow player zombies to always eat chunks

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Soulash
« on: December 31, 2019, 01:05:05 PM »
Looks fantastic and well primed indeed to reach loftier heights still in the year to come and well beyond.   8)

Early Dev / Re: The Red Prison - roguelike based on 5th edition D&D
« on: December 25, 2019, 12:39:17 PM »
I at least encourage this wild escalation---go where the momentum manifests to keep things lively and inspired for you!   8)

v20  8)

* Maps can have different size, the standard map size is bigger than before
* Some maps built from templates (such as the "Egypt" level)  are randomly flipped and rotated for more variety
* Added more special levels
* The intro map is much smaller
* Trees appearing beneath the first few levels are now "giant fungi" instead
* Added swimming
* Added "Temple Gongs" - striking a Gong gives a significant bonus and penalty
* Removed passive shock for carrying or wearing certain items - unique items may instead have a curse on them
* Spotting hidden doors or traps now gives a small amount of XP (except when traps are revealed by triggering them)
* The blessed/cursed status effects no longer affect spell casting, and instead give +/- 10% to to melee hit chance, ranged hit chance, evasion, stealth, and searching - their descriptions now also say explicitly what they do (instead of "is generally more lucky")
* Fountains now have different names and colors when tried, and they are no longer guaranteed to dry up immediately if bad
* The Occultist traits to improve spells (such as Lesser/Greater Invocation, Summoning, etc) have been removed - instead there are now multiple Occultist domains to choose from at character creation, which get free upgrades at certain levels for spells belonging to their respective domains
* Dispelling magic traps grants spirit points
* When carrying Manuscripts, the player eventually gets a "feeling" for which spell domain it belongs to (similarly to Potions)
* Added more spells
* The spell "Animate Weapons" has been changed to "Spectral Weapons" - instead of animating weapons on the floor, it summons a living copy of melee weapon in your inventory (which will simply disappear after a while, without dropping any weapons on the floor)
* The spell "Enfeeble" now only causes Weakening (instead of a bunch of different things)
* The "Searching" spell lasts multiple turns, but detects in a smaller area (and never across the whole map)
* Spells cast from manuscripts are always cast at least at "expert" level
* Casting spells while adjacent to an altar allows casting at one skill level higher (stacks with casting from manuscripts)
* The Staff of the Pharaohs gives a passive ability to convert mummies, instead of granting a spell to summon mummies
* The Spirit Dagger now does extra damage based on the attacker's current spirit, and drains spirit from the attacker on succesful attacks (instead of giving spirit to the attacker)
* Added a new "Strange Device"
* Added trait "Ruthless", which is an upgrade of "Vicious" with even more backstab damage
* Removed some player traits
* Added more monsters, and removed some redundant monsters
* Deep Ones can throw a net which entangles the victim (instead of throwing a spear)
* Deep Ones usually spawn in much smaller numbers than before
* Deep Ones are not delayed when moving through liquids
* Spiders become aware of the player when the player gets stuck in a spider web
* Spiders can use pathfinding to move to their target
* When Ghosts attack, it says they are "reaching" for the player instead of "clawing" - the old "reach" effect which they did in addition to their normal attack has been removed
* Strange Colors only cause confusion while the player is adjacent to them
* Death Fiends now do a more sensible amount of damage (and the part of their description which said their attack "means almost certain death" has been removed)
* Ravens only have 50% chance to cause blindness on a melee hit (instead of 100% chance)
* Locusts no longer "breed"
* Some monsters are now rarer than others (previously all monsters which could spawn on a certain level had equal chance of spawning)
* Many monster descriptions have been completely rewritten (thanks Renan Nunes!)
* The time system is more predictable and simple - creatures can only have 50%/100%/200%/300% speed (never something like 110%), and all types of actions take the same time to perform for a creature (no +10% melee attack speed for example)
* Traps are always triggered when bumped, and always removed when disarmed
* Updated trap placement - magic traps cannot be placed in blocking positions (since only Occultists can disarm them), traps tend to be more spread out in a room instead of clustered together, traps can be placed in corridors, and generally fewer traps are placed on the map overall
* Added more trap types
* When a creature opens a door, the door cannot be closed until this creature's next turn starts (i.e. you cannot shut a door in the face of a monster who just opened it)
* Improved check for if phobia of open places should trigger (for example it no longer triggers while standing in smoke)
* Completely removed the concept of dice rolls from the game, weapon damage is now specified as a range (e.g. 1-4) instead of dice rolls and sides (e.g. 1d4)
* Removed the phobias for open/confined places (they were too annoying from a gameplay perspective)
* Messages are now printed when monsters fight each other

User interface
* The interface has a new layout, and there is a scrolling viewport centered on the player
* The tiles are 24x24 pixels, instead of 16x24
* The font size is no longer locked to the tile size (for example a smaller font can be used)
* The window can be resized
* Added option for input mode - default keys (numpad/arrows) or vi-mode (h j k l y u b n)
* Improved the game key bindings
* Dropping items is now done from a separate inventory screen, accessed by pressing "d" (which is a more conventional method than the old way of pressing shift+enter)
* Removed PgUp/PgDn/Home/End as alternative keys for diagonal movement
* ">" and "<" can also be used in inventory screens to jump between pages (in addition to page up/page down)
* All menus can now be scrolled with vi keys ("j"/"k"), and the currently marked menu entry can be selected with "l" (these three keys never occur as letter indexes in menus)
* "Auto moving" is used by holding shift and pressing direction keys, instead of repeatedly pressing "e" + direction (auto moving is not supported when using the arrow keys, where shift is used to move diagonally upwards instead)
* Added a minimap, accessed with "m"
* Holding shift while moving markers (e.g. "look" or "aim") jumps five steps
* Equippable items (armor, weapons, head-wear) can now be equipped by selecting them directly in the backpack, automatically swapping out any existing item in the target equipment slot (which of course takes more turns to perform)
* The "throw item" command ("t") always opens a menu to select throwing item, where the last thrown item is shown at the top with the "t" key assigned - in the throwing menu, this key is never assigned to any other item than the "last thrown item" (so you can for example safely spam throwing knives by repeatedly pressing the "t" key, without worrying about suddenly throwing another item)
* Removed the (ugly) hit chance tables from the monster description pages - only player melee hit chance is shown now, which is part of the description text instead
* The generated part of monster descriptions is printed in a separate paragraph, to make it easier to distinguish from the static handwritten part
* Reworked the tile for Deep Ones
* The player is asked for confirmation before stepping into fire or traps, or before moving into deep liquid while holding a lit explosive (which will extinguish it)
* The player is asked for confirmation when picking traits on gaining new character levels (but not when creating a new character)
* Added an option to always warn when a new monster is seen (and no other monster was already seen)
* While aiming firearms or thrown weapons, the game no longer prints info about map features, items, etc in the aiming location (only info about any monster seen there)
* Many types of messages are no longer added to the message history, such as messages printed when moving around the marker ("[f] to fire") or when asking for a direction ("Which direction? [space, esc] to cancel") - this keeps the message history more clean and focused on game events
* Many properties now have longer and more descriptive names on the map screen (e.g. "Fear Res." instead of rFear", or "LIFE SAPPED(4)" instead of "HP(4)")
* Added an option for if ambient sounds should be preloaded at game startup (otherwise each sound is loaded the first time it's played)
* Added option to skip the intro level popup message
* Added more sound effects

* Save files are no longer erased when loading a saved game (only when dying, winning the game, or when actively quitting), this allows players to resume from a previous save file if the game has crashed
* The game is auto-saved on each descent to a new dungeon level, so in the case of a crash, only the progress on the current dungeon level is lost
* Switched license to GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 or later, and added a reference to this license at the top of each Infra Arcana source code file, and a reference from the main menu
* User data (such as save file and highscore list) is no longer stored in the game directory, instead the user data location is based on SDL_GetPrefPath() and the current version/checksum of the game (e.g. "~/.local/share/infra_arcana/873f2d0e/") - the Infra Arcana game directory is now treated as read-only.
* Added in-game hints for some basic concepts such as treating infections or unloading firearms

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