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Early Dev / Re: The Red Prison - roguelike based on 5th edition D&D
« on: March 09, 2022, 12:08:18 PM »
Hey guys, firstly, can I apologise for the really long delay between new versions with the game. I was distracted by other projects and only just made it back to working on this game.

There's actually a heap of behind-the-scenes changes, which I'll outline briefly, along with some important in-game additions, which I might actually start with because it's far more interesting.

Additions to the game are merchants and guildmasters. In friendly settlements throughout the Red Prison world, you can find merchants who are stocked with various goods, ammunition and sometimes magic items for you to buy. Prices are affected by your charisma. Players start with some gold now as well, which is also affected by your charisma. There's even a unique merchant placed somewhere within the game (ok... he's in Cindemere), who has an inventory of powerful magic items to buy (or steal - more about that below).

You can also sell items to merchants as well, for a far lower price than you'd pay to buy the same item, but the option is there. It's also affected by charisa.

It's still in a state of flux, but currently, there's no reason why you can't kill and loot a merchant for their whole stock. And of course, merchants aren't particularly tough opponents. So I added bodyguards to make sure that it was a risky enterprise. If you feel confident of defeating the bodyguard, then the merchant is all yours. This might change in later versions if it's too easy to exploit, but that's how the game works currently.

There is only one guildmaster at the moment, with more to come in the future. The plan is to create a roster of unique NPCs to potentially hire and to place them throughout the game. But for now, there is Ingefred the guildmaster in North Warren. She has a collection of hirelings who you can pay to join your party to flesh out your team and cover up and weaknesses. Again, these prices are affected by charisma.

And now behind the scenes: a fair while ago I changed the game's code over from an old version of Python (2.7, I think), to the latest version of Python 3. This actually required a fair bit of rewriting, which was annoying, but it all seems fairly stable. That created other problems though and my workflow of compiling and publishing was ruined because I couldn't get the game to play nicely with my previous setup.

So I switched my compiling over to a project called Nuitka. It seems to be working really well (after a bunch more headaches with compatibility). The benefit to this is that Nuitka apparently brings about some pretty significant improvements in performance, so I actually think that players might notice the game running a lot better than previous versions!

All in all, things are moving forward well and I plan at sticking at it for a while yet and putting out regular updates. Any feedback is more than welcome!

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Cthangband (now at v6.7.0)
« on: February 20, 2022, 12:29:43 PM »

Yes, it's release time again.

This one has quite a few changes. It started as a simple bugfix to fix the vault issues and the whirlpool issue (both of which had been recently reported by a player), but rapidly got away from me and ended up as a pretty major release.

Here's the change log:

    Dead monsters no longer futilely try to flee in terror.
    Fixed bug where if a player had multiple natural attacks they’d not stop making them when the monster was dead.
    Fixed a bug where stumbling into a town while confused would mean you didn’t realise you’d visited it.
    Even characters with poor item sensing can now sense artifacts.
    Potentially offensively titled ‘Genocide’ spell (and its variants) renamed.
    Fixed longstanding bug that stopped you running along the edge of a room (eventually!).
    Monsters that steal gold will now drop it when killed.
    Monsters will no longer try to summon help against other monsters if there isn’t room to do so.
    Adjusted a few character history text fragments to make them more diverse and lose some sexism/racism.
    Fixed bug where a monster breathing on another monster would fire a ball instead of a cone.
    Fixed bug where a monster attacking another monster with a theft attack would continue attacking it after having blinked away.
    Fixed wrong message being given when a monster breaks through an Elder Sign.
    Fixed sanity checks not being fired when eldritch horrors come into view.
    Fixed Channelers’ ability not working on scrolls of Rumour.
    The chance of having your race changed through mutation has been reduced.
    Priests have a patron deity (based on the realm of magic they choose), and they get increased favour with that god.
    Sacrificing items to win the gods’ favour (at the temple) will give you benefits.
    Manual and Journal are now both accessible from within stores (racial high scores moved from ‘h’ to ‘v’ to make room).
    Exact dungeon offsets will vary from game to game (randomised on world creation).
    Cleaned up formatting of skill display.
    Small balance tweaks have been made to most classes; in particular Channelers and Druids have been given a bit of a boost.
    ‘Mindcrafting’ powers have been renamed to ‘Mentalism’ powers, since the Mindcrafter class is no longer the only user of them.
    The spell-using martial artist has now been renamed to ‘Monk’ and a mentalism-based martial artist (the ‘Mystic’) has been added.
    Abilities screen now highlights abilities you have to make it easier to see at a glance.
    Removed numerous annoying and useless wizard mode messages.
    Huge amounts of behind-the-scenes code refactoring.
    Fixed bug where monsters casting whirlpool on empty spaces would crash the game.
    Last bits of confusion between ‘allies’ and ‘pets’ cleaned up.
    The high score table now includes living characters from the three save slots.
    Added documentation for how martial arts works.
    When rolling stats, characters with too low a score in their class’s main ability score will be rerolled automatically.
    Fixed two vaults that had invalid definitions.
    Fixed occasional crash when placing a greater vault on a level.


Almost three years after v2.5, a new version is finally out. It has quite an extensive changelog. As usual there’s a tutorial that guides you through some of these changes (called “what’s new in v2.6”). You can also check the recent blogposts for details and reasoning behind the changes.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who have played and provided feedback on the development version (and of course on the previous stable version as well). I don’t dare to name names since I might miss someone, but thank you very much all of you who have helped, it have really helped me make v2.6 stable.

Remember to check the included reference document, or the online version if you encounter effects that you don’t know what they do.


    a LOT of little tweaks, rebalancing, changes to descriptions, prices, stats, upgrades to items and monsters. Too much to list individually.
    new items and monsters
    added some monster dialogue
    new effect: “Rage”. Gain +50% melee while your hp is 4 or lower
    most bows and arrows are reworked to account for new thievery mechanics
    some equipment now provides conditional bonuses kind of like “Rage”.
    slight alteration to castle layouts, mostly due to new features
    reworked items (different name and significantly different effects):
        potion of magic boost > wizard potion
        ring of death > signet ring
        lesser heal > heal
        amulet of charity > healer’s guild amulet
        all alcholic bevarages, there are also more of them
        all shadow weapons
        amulets of deflection, protection and defence
        the scroll of starvation is rarer, and have an upside.
        scroll of blindness now have upsides
    renamed (but not significantly changed):
        lesser heal -> heal (and slightly reworked)
        map -> scroll of mapping
        electric eel -> electric worm
        platemail -> plate armour
        ringmail -> chainmail
        iron boots -> sabatons
        plate boots -> greaves
        iron cap -> steel helmet
        full helmet -> great helm
        steel helmet -> bascinet
        money monkey -> stealing monkey
        ring of throwing -> ring of aiming
        rod of turn undead -> rod of destroy undead
        tranform blood -> blood magic (also slightly buffed)
        electric eel -> electric worm
    removed: iron staff, hard boots, chainmail boots, greater heal (censer), double axe


    you can now view discovered NPCs from the main menu [ununsept]
    you can now see a list of known monsters in the memory map view
    there’s now generic information about monster properties in the description window
    the maximum ep and food are no longer shown in the attributes panel (to make room for rep)
    you now get a prompt when you’re about to talk to an NPC while being scary
    fleamen are now represented by an ‘m’ and has slightly altered description to reflect this
    animation for monster spells “blink” and “phase out” are shorter [Vectis]
    air elementals are no longer yellow, to distinguish them from light elementals
    spells with “does not consume mp” are now called “cantrips” and have a specific description [kyzrati]
    changed the message when trying to sleep in the castle from ‘it is too noisy to sleep here’ to ‘the guards won’t let you sleep here’
    reduced the flickering of the word ‘monsters’ in the sidebar (I think?) [Carlos]
    you can now wiew the details about a spell on a piece of equipment equipment from the inventory by pressing ‘x’ and then another key [ununsept, icebox]
    dead adventurers are now purple instead of white to make them stand out more
    assassins now show the effect of their coats and gives you random tips [ununsept]
    removed all warnings about unused rods when resting, since they are rarely useful.
    the game now prompts you if you equip an item that would cause your martial attack to be ineffective [del_duio, blue, runagate]
    power circles are now “notable” in the map view [ununsept]
    changed the obscure message you get when a pit trap is triggered by an unseen monster [gambler justice]
    magic attacks for monsters no longer show percentage to hit (since spell resistance is rarer)
    added a remainder of the online reference in the base tutorial [Kyzrati]
    articles are no longer shown on objects that monsters carry items [Kyzrati]


    reputation system/censer overhaul (see blog)
        reworked censer/meditation functionality
        removed aggravation status from the game
        reworked healer NPCs
        some new meditations/censers, some others are reworked/renamed
    reworked how thievery weapons work(see blog)
    resist magic is no longer connected to max mp, but its own (rare) effect (post)[reddish kangaroo]
    rooms behind stuck doors will now always contain something of value and are never blocking the way to stairs
    being in light no longer prevents you from sleeping
    NPCs now pay 0 gold for common, nonsilver items. This should reduce the temptation to collect common items for selling.
    NPCs does not leave the dungeon anymore [everyone]
    being full no longer prevents you from consuming stuff
    there’s now a bell in the castle that gather all known NPCs around for easier shopping [Vectis]
    monsters now regenerate their Mp (see post)
    you can now reach everything (including shimmering water) even when flying, making flying an almost entirely positive thing
    Elec damage deals double mp damage to enemies
    used/active spells are now cancelled when your mp drops below zero
    you can now immediately execute unconscious monsters (regardless of what weapon you have) without fail [ion_frigate]
    heavy headwear/helmets no longer impairs martial arts [del_duio]
    power circles are reworked: they now provide 100% rMagic while standing on them and can be activated once to restore all mp
    the restore effect will now also remove all conjured items
    neutral monsters don’t like to be pushed around anymore
    you can now put out fires manually [andrek8]
    slightly increased the chance for portals to appear in rooms with NPCs
    iron debris now lowers maxMp while standing on it
    bones are categorised as ‘special’ instead of ‘dropped’ [kyzrati]
    slime rooms never contain stairs and are always single entry rooms, they also now always contain a reward
    arena rooms always contain a challenging monster selected from a list and almost always some reward
    minor adjustments to some other room types
    some items have the property ‘frail’ which destroys the item when unequipped (mechanic stolen borrowed from DCSS)
    the flail weapon cannot be blocked by monsters
    wall maps now cost 2Ep to use, but always maps the level (never does nothing or causes confusion)
    minor changes to some NPC services and trades

Bug fixes

    you can no longer use equipment spells that cannot be used in combat when you are in combat [del_duio]
    chickens and goblin apprentices are now frail, as they were intended
    the pickaxe no longer says it can be upgraded
    you can no longer attack detected enemies through walls with your reaching weapon [blue, ununsept]
    open/closed melee bonus is no longer shown as >100% when overburdened [chpmia]
    trolls no longer have negative martial combo [lici]
    maximum number of turns to autorun is reduced to avoid long loops [gza, Blue]
    taking fatal ep damage after death can no longer give the message that you survived [Vectis]
    cursed items can no longer be upgrades [gambler justice, Blue]
    unused NPC dialogue is no longer stored in savefiles [Vectis]
    skeleton archers no longer have range 2, and now have infravision
    more consistency in (non)capitalization of effects [kyzrati]
    flame swords are no longer sharp/cruel
    fixed upgrade to spiked chain
    typos, language [green, Muppet, ununsept, Kyzrati]
    fixed thornstem upgrade [GJ]
    fixed info leak when equipping unknown items [ion_frigate, Kyzrati]


    rebalancing of common melee weapons (post)
    default damage for arrows is now 1 instead of 2
    very rare and unique monsters have their droprate increased from 25% to 50%
    the risk to get slowed from cold damage is now greatly reduced if you are already slow
    arrows are found in slighlty shorter stacks
    snowballs now deal 2 cold damage (was 3) both for player and enemies but gives +15% missile bonus.
    nerfed cattleprod and swiftblade
    the chance to retain a scroll after reading it is now a flat 15% instead of depending on max mp [gambler justice]
    scrolls of vision are now uncommon (was common) and slighly more expensive [gambler justice]
    flaming bats are now uncommon instead of common [chpmia]
    The ‘webs’ spell now costs 1 mp instead of 2
    tons of small modifications to stats, prices, descriptions to items. Too much to list the details.
    average vigilance of NPCs have been slightly lowered
    iron knuckles, spiked chain are now cruel (disliked by healer’s guild)
    turning valves no longer spawns monsters [kyzrati]
    you can now occasionally find seeds in bushes
    containers spawning monsters should no longer be OoD [ununsept]
    raised minimum price for enchanting nonammo to 250 gold (was 150 gold)
    merchants that only buys items has less money on the average, to disencourage excessive backtracking/hoarding
    all invisible ghosts are now frail instead of immune to nonlethal (so they don’t trap you when you are weaponless)
    snow goblins are now slightly cold resistant
    amulet of inertia now provides immunity to knockback as well
    censers are slightly more common on the floor
    floating bows are now stealthier, but also weak to fire
    floating skulls are now undead (as they should be) [ununsept]
    fungi no longer have tentacles (because of magic regen)
    the guardian enemies have been nerfed slightly in armour and hp
    ghouls now resists cold
    zap guns now do 2 elec damage instead of 1


    some new monster drops
    1 new type of potion
    “of the monk” enchantment on gauntlets now give martial combo instead of damage/block
    “of the ninja” enchantment (used to give a small martial bonus to martial weapons) have been replaced by a much more interesting enchantment.


    Your Ep is now listed in the character sheet.


    All your possessions are now identified when you win the game .
    You can now choose to cover pits when moving over them [gambler_justice].

Bug fixes

    Fixed bug where some monster spells (e.g. summonings) wouldn’t trigger
    Monsters who have their melee reduced to 0% no longer hangs the game [GnollSet, Blue]
    You are no longer unable to attack the turn after you were overburdened
    You no longer try to auto-pickup activated traps if you have a stack in your inventory.
    Hopefully fixed bug where pit traps would reappear after triggered .


    Reduced average stack of snow balls for snow goblins.
    Alterations to goblin bow’s description and price.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Sil-quirk (now at v1.5.0!)
« on: January 04, 2022, 12:33:06 PM »

Some highlights are:

    Sil-Q now has an excellent new tileset designed by MicroChasm
    Much improved Mac support thanks to backwardsEric
    Smithing has been rebalanced to reduce the need for smithing items to help with later smithing
    Guaranteed forges now exist at 100', 300' and 500'
    The Will tree has seen some reworking to replace passive protective skills with more interesting choices
    New egos, enemies, and effects added
    Score now takes into account the increased difficulty of playing as Naugrim, Sindar or Edain

It is not advised to use savefiles from the previous betas with the stable version. This may result in strange things happening with minimum depth.

- Tiles are now supported on Linux, Windows and Mac
    - This uses a new tileset designed by MicroChasm

- New manual by MicroChasm

- Ability changes
    - Melee
        - Smite now shows main attack in red to make it clear it is active
    - Archery
        - Puncture buffed from 3 to 5
        - Crippling Shot buffed
    - Evasion
        - Blocking changed, buffed
    - Stealth
        - Cruel Blow buffed
    - Perception
        - Forewarned replaced with Outwit (Scatha feedback)
        - Master Hunter buffed - bonus doubled
    - Will
        - Tree rearranged, Curse Breaking at bottom
        - Hardiness and Critical Resistance removed
        - Oath and Formidable added
        - Inner Light buffed - bonus doubled
    - Song
        - Song of Whetting removed
        - Song of Slaying added
            - This is mechanically different to the old Song of Slaying
        - Song of Mastery buffed, wider range of outcomes
        - Song of Staying Will bonus halved

Smithing changes
    - +Smithing items removed
    - Curses removed from artifact creation
    - Smithing costs reduced to compensate
    - Guaranteed forges now at the first entrance to or below:
        100', 300', 500'

- New egos and new effects
   - Resist Bleeding - as it says
    - Medic - increases health gained from healing items
    - Avoid Traps - avoids traps (but not webs, roosts or pits)
    - Cumbersome - the weapon does not get critical hits
    - Many new egos
    - Egos now conform better to weapon types e.g. curved swords have
      Angband rather than elven egos
    - Horn of Force can remove a certain crown
    - Staff of Earthquakes replaced by Staff of Dismay

- Objects tweaked
    - Handaxes now 4d2 instead of 5d1

- Lights
    - Mallorn torches added
    - Feanorian lamps buffed
    - Items on the floor no longer shed light by themselves
        - this is to avoid the behaviour where experienced players carried
          many lamps to debuff light sensitive foes

- New enemies
    - Attercops, spectres, wraiths
    - Unmourned removed
    - Human and elven thralls added as well as orcish thrallmasters
    - Human and elven thralls may request player character aid
    - Several enemies can now rally their escort, boosting morale

- Depth clock tweaked
    - Slightly more aggressive in the endgame
    - Responds to player - laggards get more time, divers a little less

- Score mechanism updated
    - Extra column in score between turn count and sils
    - 1 point for 5K start
    - 2 points for following iron man rules (formally or not)
    - 3 points for playing Naugrim or Sindar
    - 5 points for playing Edain

- Tutorial updated for Sil-Q abilities

- Many many bugfixes

Fine work

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Frozen Depths (now at v1.06~)
« on: October 04, 2021, 11:30:24 AM »

Hi there! You may be wondering what's up with this news entry on the website of a game whose last release was more than 7 years ago. I'm a bit surprised as well, and yes, something unexpected has indeed happened after this long period of silence. I've just released a minor update to the game, version 1.06!

A long time player happened to send me a mail at the exact right time, asking for a 64 bit build for Mac. I happened to be on my paternity leave so I had some extra time on my hands, and promptly decided to do some some minor development based on my old notes and some bug reports I've received since the release of 1.05. About a month ago I had no idea I'd be working on Frozen Depths.

Nevertheless, here we are, so what's changed? Not much to be honest, but you can check the list of changes here: click. No new major features or content, just some polishing, fixing and balancing. And of course the new 64 bit (Intel) Mac build, along with a new 64 bit Linux build. The Windows build is still 32 bit so it works everywhere. If there's need for a 32 bit Linux build, send me a message. Or if you'd play an ARM Mac build, and could compile it, feel free to send me a message about that as well and we can arrange it. I won't have access to the new ARM Macs in the near future.

This will be a stealth release, I won't be posting anything to Reddit (but I definitely won't object if you want to do that) or anywhere else. The release is so minor and I'm not planning to continue Frozen Depths' development. Definitely not in the near future, and probably not later either. The source code just isn't maintainable anymore. But I promise to keep a working build on the website, or if I can't do that, I'll just finally release the source code at some point. But not yet.

And even though I don't intend to continue development, I will try to fix any reasonable bugs that people report to me. So if you find something, especially in the next few months, don't hesitate to contact me! I don't want to have a buggy build out there.

That pretty much covers it. Head to the downloads page and have fun in the depths!

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / FAangband (now at v2.0.0)
« on: August 22, 2021, 11:20:36 AM »

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Cthangband (now at v6.5.0)
« on: July 18, 2021, 11:19:13 AM »

The changes in this version are mostly cosmetic - and are immediately obvious, since I've added ambient music and sound. That's not the only change, though. The full change log includes various bugfixes and tweaks too and is:

    Fixed rounding error in character viewer where a Con of 6 was showing +0.5 hits per level rather than the -0.5 hits per level it actually gives.
    The ‘Restoration’ service has been moved to the Alchemists.
    The ‘Research an item’ service has been moved to the Magic Shop, to replace the Ritual of Recall (which has been removed).
    Chosen Ones have been rebalanced (mostly a reduction in combat skills and hit points).
    Fixed bug where tall but narrow levels caused LOS glitches near the bottom of them.
    Base ability scores are now generated in a new manner on character creation.
    Fixed bug where characters with the ‘other’ gender weren’t being given a height and weight.
    Added atmospheric background music (don’t worry, you can turn it off if you don’t like it).
    Added Amulet of Anti-Theft as a useful low-mid level item.
    A Potion of New Life will now restore you to your original birth race as well as curing all mutations.
    A new character based on the previous one will use the race the old character was born as rather than their race at the point of death (in case they had been polymorphed into a different race at any time).
    Fixed rare hang condition when generating world map after character creation.
    Replaced in-console splash screen with a proper one that includes game options, making them more visible.
    Replaced most background textures.
    Level feelings are now given separately for danger and treasure.
    The slime molds are no longer revolting!
    If players Word of Recall without ever having entered a dungeon, they will now end up on level 1 of the dungeon instead of returning to their starting town.
    Kill count moved to end of monster description so that basic ‘what is it’ text comes first.
    Corrected class documentation to properly include the Globe of Invulnerability spell on the various spell lists.
    You no longer have to kill all the monsters in a multi-monster quest in one go. You can kill some, leave the level, then return later and kill the rest to finish the quest.
    Wizard Bolt can no longer be reflected back on you by monsters.


Hail Adventurers,

This release introduces 9 Specials to complement the existing 30 Classes and 15 Races. Play as a dwarf vampire priest, giant skeleton pirate, human noble paladin or an orc fugitive rogue. Each Special has unique advantages and disadvantages to make your adventures more interesting and challenging.

    Colossus. Being unusually tall and heavy for your kind, you move a bit slower but are more resilient.
    Fugitive. Whether innocent or guilty of their accused crimes, these individuals are desperate to escape custody.
    Midget. Being unusually short and slight for your kind, you are more nimble but are not as effective in combat.
    Noble. Aristocrats who enjoy all the privilege that comes with wealth and wonder why everyone hates them.
    Protagonist. Main character syndrome has resulted in a reliance on plot armour but they are destined for a major reality check.
    Scholar. Lifetime of study has focused your learning on books at the cost of other hobbies and fitness.
    Skeleton. Somehow still alive, albeit without the flesh required to be truly living, this peculiar existence has some advantages.
    Vampire. Forsaken creature that subsists by feeding on the vital essence of the living.
    Werewolf. Forever cursed with lycanthropy, these beings can transform themselves into monstrous wolf forms.

Pathos now has a proof-of-concept web app written in WebAssembly. This web app has been designed for Chrome Desktop and is, currently, unlikely to work properly on any other browser. The main deficiency of this version is there is no support for saving settings and adventures. See below for the Web App link.

Pathos has been translated to German thanks to kingdata.

As always, this release contains many qualify-of-life improvements as well as tileset upgrades. Please see the in game, Help > Updates, for the full list of changes.

Major changes since the last public release:

    specials: colossus, fugitive, midget, noble, protagonist, scholar, skeleton, vampire, werewolf.
    new artifacts: Blinderäg, Witherloch.
    new platform: crystal bridge.
    new translation: German.
    micromange every decision for your party of adventurers using the new instruct mode.
    amorphous entities slide under doors and around boulders.
    wand of theft grabs items from the ground.
    throw corpses at your enemies to impact with special effects (eg. acid blob, 1d8 acid splash).
    item selection now has a filter at the bottom, just like the inventory.


Hail Adventurers,

Introducing a brand new official module: Pixel Sojourn by Ken Wang. This 25 level dungeon adventure is based on the map generation from Shattered Pixel Dungeon. The Java algorithms were ported to C# and hooked up to the Pathos Module API. And yes, we did receive permission from Evan Debenham :)

In other major updates, this release adds three new player races:

    Troll. Ravenous, predatory species of giant humanoid with a severe hunch that causes the backs of their hands to drag on the ground. Despite the awkward physical appearance, they are powerfully built and are infamous for their ability to rapidly recover from any wound to their rubbery hide.

    Echo. Astral beings who are a vessel for the indomitable spirit of a vanquished adventurer. Having no motivations of their own, they are glad to permit the possession; for the deceased adventurer, it is a second chance at revenge or redemption. Born from astral matter, they are slightly built, translucent and can move freely through physical obstacles.

    Satyr. Fey creatures linked by powerful nature spirits to fuel their antics. They are stocky with furry lower bodies, cloven hooves of a goat and curled horns of a ram. Ribald and clever, they cheerfully lead hedonistic escapades of drinking, dancing and fighting.

The vision algorithm has finally been reworked to use line-of-sight. Vision now extends to five squares around the character, which helps to make the cavern levels feel more natural. This is in addition to seeing all the squares in the current room.

The random seed used to generate your adventure is now displayed at the bottom of the side menu. eg. 'SEED #AABBCCDD'. Tapping on this button will copy it to the clipboard, so you can share seeds with friends.

The Help > Index now supports full text search, including the highlighting of results. The Help > Guides now has a linked table of contents for better navigation. The loading screen also displays a random tip from the guides.

Fixtures such as fountains, altar, workbenches, etc can be brought to life with animation magic. In addition, fixtures are tinted to indicate when you know they are blessed (blue) or cursed (red).

A music skill has been introduced to give more depth to instruments. Playing an instrument while confused will now produce a strange effect. Playing when unskilled also has a chance to trigger this confused effect.

The unique shopkeeper names has increased from 11 to 78. To pay homage, these new names were assembled from the list of developers credited for Rogue, Hack and Nethack.

Pathos has been translated to Hungarian thanks to [Cziger Márton]

Major changes since the last public release:

    new module: Pixel Sojourn.

    new races: troll, echo, satyr.

    new entities: pig, giant slug, giant frog.

    new items: bell of strife, bell of harmony.

    new artifact: Runesword.

    new skill: music.

    new special room: prison (replaces void room).

    line-of-sight vision.

    full text search in the help > index.

    table of contents in the help > guides.

    copy random seed to clipboard.

    fixtures can be animated.

    fixtures tinted to indicate blessed or cursed.

    eat button shows nutrition and indicates, with an asterisk, if there are side effects.

    attribute conveyance from corpses extended so all attributes are represented.

    entities and armour now has defence biases against pierce, slash and bludgeon attacks.

    shop keeper names increased from 11 to 78 unique names

    statues are now drawn with a base.

Player's Plaza / Re: NFT roguelike art
« on: March 16, 2021, 12:01:58 PM »
No NFT mess here---ultimate costs and destabilizations in no way worth it.

Congrats on another solid update.   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Dawn of the Mexica (now at v1.02)
« on: December 01, 2020, 12:41:15 PM »

* Morguefile browser and reader: This is a new option in the main menu which reads all morguefiles (summaries of each and every character you've played) and lets you order them by date, XP and turns played. It also features a reader for it.

* < and > bugfix: This update fixes the problems with US keyboards and '<' '>' keys.

* F1 (help) ingame icon: This wasn't linked anywhere. You can browse 4 help pages about key bindings, skills and special item codes.

* More uniques: Added a new unique character (feral teenager) and fixed Cincalco so that there's more variety and some more uniques show up. Uniques are usually enemies (though they can be allies) that randomly show up. They aren't guaranteed to appear in every game.

* Clearer Zoom option highlight for high definition screens when you start a game or the tutorial.

* Atlatl message clarifying that you need to wield an atlatl spearthrower to throw atlatl spears when there's spears in the quiver but you have not equipped a spearthrower.

* Easier tutorial: Your character is a little more powerful in the tutorial, so hopefully it doesn't take too long to kill the rats with spells and bow.

* "Game in progress" warning when you try to create a new game but you still haven't finished the previous one.

* Tutorial save bugfix: You could save the game in the tutorial through the bug sending mechanism and thus ruin your character progress. It was very rare since it makes no sense to play the tutorial while there's a real game in course, but still fixed.

* Slight main menu change in which the occasional red buzzing image doesn't conceal menu options.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Dawn of the Mexica (now at v1.02)
« on: November 26, 2020, 06:40:17 PM »  $11.99  Win/Linux


Dawn of the Mexica is a challenging roguelike videogame based on the myths from the indigenous people of the Valley of Mexico in the age of the Culhua-Mexica Empire and the invasion of the spanish conquistadors.

Our story begins in a fateful morning, in which the sun god Huitzilopochtli hasn't risen...

Pure turn-based roguelike with procedural level generation (different every game!) and character permadeath.

Colored dynamic lighting. Light and shadows are essential in this sunless world.

Extremely complex and realistic combat system. Every weapon and armor type combination is taken into account. There's more than a thousand detailed critical effects: Every part of your body can be injured or broken, burn and freeze. You can become blind. Or deaf. You may bleed, become stunned, knocked out...

Complex character sheet with 9 stats, 12 Character classes, more than a hundred spells and more than 40 skills to choose from as you level up.

Friendly and intuitive interface. You can fully enjoy the game either with mouse or keyboard.

Weather/survival system. Even a torch may change temperature around you. Be careful not to freeze nor faint from the heat!

Deeply researched. You won't find "ooparts". The mexica background is not "aesthetic". Weapons, armor, clothing and items from that era are recreated as faithfully as historical data allows.

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