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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / FAangband (now at v2.0.0)
« on: August 22, 2021, 11:20:36 AM »

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Cthangband (now at v6.5.0)
« on: July 18, 2021, 11:19:13 AM »

The changes in this version are mostly cosmetic - and are immediately obvious, since I've added ambient music and sound. That's not the only change, though. The full change log includes various bugfixes and tweaks too and is:

    Fixed rounding error in character viewer where a Con of 6 was showing +0.5 hits per level rather than the -0.5 hits per level it actually gives.
    The ‘Restoration’ service has been moved to the Alchemists.
    The ‘Research an item’ service has been moved to the Magic Shop, to replace the Ritual of Recall (which has been removed).
    Chosen Ones have been rebalanced (mostly a reduction in combat skills and hit points).
    Fixed bug where tall but narrow levels caused LOS glitches near the bottom of them.
    Base ability scores are now generated in a new manner on character creation.
    Fixed bug where characters with the ‘other’ gender weren’t being given a height and weight.
    Added atmospheric background music (don’t worry, you can turn it off if you don’t like it).
    Added Amulet of Anti-Theft as a useful low-mid level item.
    A Potion of New Life will now restore you to your original birth race as well as curing all mutations.
    A new character based on the previous one will use the race the old character was born as rather than their race at the point of death (in case they had been polymorphed into a different race at any time).
    Fixed rare hang condition when generating world map after character creation.
    Replaced in-console splash screen with a proper one that includes game options, making them more visible.
    Replaced most background textures.
    Level feelings are now given separately for danger and treasure.
    The slime molds are no longer revolting!
    If players Word of Recall without ever having entered a dungeon, they will now end up on level 1 of the dungeon instead of returning to their starting town.
    Kill count moved to end of monster description so that basic ‘what is it’ text comes first.
    Corrected class documentation to properly include the Globe of Invulnerability spell on the various spell lists.
    You no longer have to kill all the monsters in a multi-monster quest in one go. You can kill some, leave the level, then return later and kill the rest to finish the quest.
    Wizard Bolt can no longer be reflected back on you by monsters.


Hail Adventurers,

This release introduces 9 Specials to complement the existing 30 Classes and 15 Races. Play as a dwarf vampire priest, giant skeleton pirate, human noble paladin or an orc fugitive rogue. Each Special has unique advantages and disadvantages to make your adventures more interesting and challenging.

    Colossus. Being unusually tall and heavy for your kind, you move a bit slower but are more resilient.
    Fugitive. Whether innocent or guilty of their accused crimes, these individuals are desperate to escape custody.
    Midget. Being unusually short and slight for your kind, you are more nimble but are not as effective in combat.
    Noble. Aristocrats who enjoy all the privilege that comes with wealth and wonder why everyone hates them.
    Protagonist. Main character syndrome has resulted in a reliance on plot armour but they are destined for a major reality check.
    Scholar. Lifetime of study has focused your learning on books at the cost of other hobbies and fitness.
    Skeleton. Somehow still alive, albeit without the flesh required to be truly living, this peculiar existence has some advantages.
    Vampire. Forsaken creature that subsists by feeding on the vital essence of the living.
    Werewolf. Forever cursed with lycanthropy, these beings can transform themselves into monstrous wolf forms.

Pathos now has a proof-of-concept web app written in WebAssembly. This web app has been designed for Chrome Desktop and is, currently, unlikely to work properly on any other browser. The main deficiency of this version is there is no support for saving settings and adventures. See below for the Web App link.

Pathos has been translated to German thanks to kingdata.

As always, this release contains many qualify-of-life improvements as well as tileset upgrades. Please see the in game, Help > Updates, for the full list of changes.

Major changes since the last public release:

    specials: colossus, fugitive, midget, noble, protagonist, scholar, skeleton, vampire, werewolf.
    new artifacts: Blinderäg, Witherloch.
    new platform: crystal bridge.
    new translation: German.
    micromange every decision for your party of adventurers using the new instruct mode.
    amorphous entities slide under doors and around boulders.
    wand of theft grabs items from the ground.
    throw corpses at your enemies to impact with special effects (eg. acid blob, 1d8 acid splash).
    item selection now has a filter at the bottom, just like the inventory.


Hail Adventurers,

Introducing a brand new official module: Pixel Sojourn by Ken Wang. This 25 level dungeon adventure is based on the map generation from Shattered Pixel Dungeon. The Java algorithms were ported to C# and hooked up to the Pathos Module API. And yes, we did receive permission from Evan Debenham :)

In other major updates, this release adds three new player races:

    Troll. Ravenous, predatory species of giant humanoid with a severe hunch that causes the backs of their hands to drag on the ground. Despite the awkward physical appearance, they are powerfully built and are infamous for their ability to rapidly recover from any wound to their rubbery hide.

    Echo. Astral beings who are a vessel for the indomitable spirit of a vanquished adventurer. Having no motivations of their own, they are glad to permit the possession; for the deceased adventurer, it is a second chance at revenge or redemption. Born from astral matter, they are slightly built, translucent and can move freely through physical obstacles.

    Satyr. Fey creatures linked by powerful nature spirits to fuel their antics. They are stocky with furry lower bodies, cloven hooves of a goat and curled horns of a ram. Ribald and clever, they cheerfully lead hedonistic escapades of drinking, dancing and fighting.

The vision algorithm has finally been reworked to use line-of-sight. Vision now extends to five squares around the character, which helps to make the cavern levels feel more natural. This is in addition to seeing all the squares in the current room.

The random seed used to generate your adventure is now displayed at the bottom of the side menu. eg. 'SEED #AABBCCDD'. Tapping on this button will copy it to the clipboard, so you can share seeds with friends.

The Help > Index now supports full text search, including the highlighting of results. The Help > Guides now has a linked table of contents for better navigation. The loading screen also displays a random tip from the guides.

Fixtures such as fountains, altar, workbenches, etc can be brought to life with animation magic. In addition, fixtures are tinted to indicate when you know they are blessed (blue) or cursed (red).

A music skill has been introduced to give more depth to instruments. Playing an instrument while confused will now produce a strange effect. Playing when unskilled also has a chance to trigger this confused effect.

The unique shopkeeper names has increased from 11 to 78. To pay homage, these new names were assembled from the list of developers credited for Rogue, Hack and Nethack.

Pathos has been translated to Hungarian thanks to [Cziger Márton]

Major changes since the last public release:

    new module: Pixel Sojourn.

    new races: troll, echo, satyr.

    new entities: pig, giant slug, giant frog.

    new items: bell of strife, bell of harmony.

    new artifact: Runesword.

    new skill: music.

    new special room: prison (replaces void room).

    line-of-sight vision.

    full text search in the help > index.

    table of contents in the help > guides.

    copy random seed to clipboard.

    fixtures can be animated.

    fixtures tinted to indicate blessed or cursed.

    eat button shows nutrition and indicates, with an asterisk, if there are side effects.

    attribute conveyance from corpses extended so all attributes are represented.

    entities and armour now has defence biases against pierce, slash and bludgeon attacks.

    shop keeper names increased from 11 to 78 unique names

    statues are now drawn with a base.

Player's Plaza / Re: NFT roguelike art
« on: March 16, 2021, 12:01:58 PM »
No NFT mess here---ultimate costs and destabilizations in no way worth it.

Congrats on another solid update.   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Dawn of the Mexica (now at v1.02)
« on: December 01, 2020, 12:41:15 PM »

* Morguefile browser and reader: This is a new option in the main menu which reads all morguefiles (summaries of each and every character you've played) and lets you order them by date, XP and turns played. It also features a reader for it.

* < and > bugfix: This update fixes the problems with US keyboards and '<' '>' keys.

* F1 (help) ingame icon: This wasn't linked anywhere. You can browse 4 help pages about key bindings, skills and special item codes.

* More uniques: Added a new unique character (feral teenager) and fixed Cincalco so that there's more variety and some more uniques show up. Uniques are usually enemies (though they can be allies) that randomly show up. They aren't guaranteed to appear in every game.

* Clearer Zoom option highlight for high definition screens when you start a game or the tutorial.

* Atlatl message clarifying that you need to wield an atlatl spearthrower to throw atlatl spears when there's spears in the quiver but you have not equipped a spearthrower.

* Easier tutorial: Your character is a little more powerful in the tutorial, so hopefully it doesn't take too long to kill the rats with spells and bow.

* "Game in progress" warning when you try to create a new game but you still haven't finished the previous one.

* Tutorial save bugfix: You could save the game in the tutorial through the bug sending mechanism and thus ruin your character progress. It was very rare since it makes no sense to play the tutorial while there's a real game in course, but still fixed.

* Slight main menu change in which the occasional red buzzing image doesn't conceal menu options.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Dawn of the Mexica (now at v1.02)
« on: November 26, 2020, 06:40:17 PM »  $11.99  Win/Linux


Dawn of the Mexica is a challenging roguelike videogame based on the myths from the indigenous people of the Valley of Mexico in the age of the Culhua-Mexica Empire and the invasion of the spanish conquistadors.

Our story begins in a fateful morning, in which the sun god Huitzilopochtli hasn't risen...

Pure turn-based roguelike with procedural level generation (different every game!) and character permadeath.

Colored dynamic lighting. Light and shadows are essential in this sunless world.

Extremely complex and realistic combat system. Every weapon and armor type combination is taken into account. There's more than a thousand detailed critical effects: Every part of your body can be injured or broken, burn and freeze. You can become blind. Or deaf. You may bleed, become stunned, knocked out...

Complex character sheet with 9 stats, 12 Character classes, more than a hundred spells and more than 40 skills to choose from as you level up.

Friendly and intuitive interface. You can fully enjoy the game either with mouse or keyboard.

Weather/survival system. Even a torch may change temperature around you. Be careful not to freeze nor faint from the heat!

Deeply researched. You won't find "ooparts". The mexica background is not "aesthetic". Weapons, armor, clothing and items from that era are recreated as faithfully as historical data allows.

Congrats on the massive update.   8)

41  Win ~$12

Take command of your ship and crew as you explore space, planets, caves, shipwrecks, temples, and other dangerous locations. Find, buy, and sell commodities, equipment, and mysterious artifacts. Defend yourself against aggressive space pirates and hungry planetary denizens. Complete quests for profit, or to change the very power structure of the galaxy!
And the universe is infinite...
There is no limit to the number of sectors and planets you can explore, and there is no "level cap". Everything keeps getting more powerful, including your enemies!
Key Features:

    Infinite Universe in Bite-Size Pieces: You can win after 20 levels, or keep going to sector 5000 and beyond! Manageable maps keep you from getting lost in this open-world space adventure.
    Infinite Gear: There are always new weapons, shields, and devices to find, craft, or buy. They just keep getting better, the further you go!
    Infinite Challenge: Sure, your stuff keeps getting better, but the aliens, robots, and monsters get stronger too!
    Infinite Death: Did I mention the monsters? Because MONSTERS! ...and black holes and ion storms and horrible diseases and laser-gates and cave-ins and lava and ...
    Multiple Victories: Find and escape with the Amulet of Yendor. Become the conscience of a fledgling robotic civilization. Avenge humanity's decimation or befriend their overthrowers. Ascend to quasi-god-hood. Destroy the universe(?!). Diverse satisfying endings await the intrepid explorer.
    Procedural Crafting: Each new game scrambles the crafting recipes! So you think
    "surge frequency diode" + "quark screw" = "cloaking device"? Not anymore...
    Sentient Alien Species: 12 alien races with their own stories, agendas, and quest-lines. But remember: taking sides makes not just friends but enemies too.
    Turn Off Perma-Death! Just want to explore? Turn Off Perma-Death! (and achievements.)

What's different about the Steam version so far?

    Fullscreen 1080p display
    New and updated user interface and tile art (Just the map in the new version is larger than the entire game used to be!)
    New monsters, quests, devices, classes, and skills
    Whatever the Steam Community can come up with!

Why Early Access?
“Approaching Infinity is a complete game. But from my current perspective, it's the background for a substantially richer and more complex experience. Deeper interactions, superior stories. And you, the Steam Community, can help!”
Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
“Approximately 6 months. I expect all true "errors" to be caught in the first few weeks, and then it's all just features, features, features!”
How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“Approaching Infinity is already a fully playable, winnable, lose-able traditional rogue-like game set in space.

Steam achievements still need to be finished, and trading cards too. I'd like to make lots of little quality-of-life improvements, and implement a 10th victory condition (there are already 9 different ways to win!)

Planned features include expanding planets, a built in shipwreck editor, geological events, more personal involvement between captain, crew, and aliens, etc.

But the real motivation to be in early access is all the interactions, quality-of-life improvements, and totally new ideas that the community will suggest.”
What is the current state of the Early Access version?
“Playable and addictive! Every item in the current feature list is enabled and working. There may still be some "divide by zero" errors lurking in the code, which is another reason to do early access for a while. Thanks in advance for those bug reports!”
Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?
“Yes. Early Access pricing is lower, while full release will be higher. But nowhere near its all-time high :p”
How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?
“In the past I worked with a highly involved community, and together we implemented a LOT of new features; I want to do that again!

Approaching Infinity uses the written words, visual art, and level designs of hundreds of people. I want the Steam community to contribute planet names, poetry, short references, abstract art, and shipwreck levels that will be curated and added into the game.”

Early Dev / MOVED: Zorbus
« on: July 28, 2020, 11:30:50 AM »

Hail Adventurers,

This new release introduces four new classes, bringing the total to 30 player classes!

Necromancer: Obsessed with blurring the line between life and death, these meddlers of dark forces prefer to associate with cadavers over the living. To some, the rituals are grotesque, but they see pure majesty in the manipulation of the natural order.

Mystic: After many years of intense contemplation these soothsayers are ready to venture into the world. Masters of their own mind, they are capable of acts of formidable willpower.

Templar: Questionably pious individuals from an ancient religious and military order. They abuse this power and influence to crusade against practitioners of the occult and supernatural beings.

Miner: Strongly built, this tough and industrious worker is more than capable in dangerous situations. Traditional practices and heavy tools are used to overcome obstacles in their pursuit of valuable gemstones.

To accompany your character there are three new companions: ghoul, imp and dragon egg. Please don't eat your baby dragon egg :-(

Pathos now has a third gender: non-binary. Unlike in the original Nethack, gender has never restricted your class or how you want to play. In Pathos, you can start as a male valkyrie, if you so wish. All genders can be equally seduced by incubus or succubus. Anyway, I hope the inclusion of non-binary makes someone, somewhere, happy.

For new items, the notable addition is three upgraded versions of the skeleton key.

dimension key: auto-blinks through a locked door.

detonation key: explodes the door with a force blast.

phantom key: brief phasing transient so you can pass straight through the door.

For sharing your progress with your friends, there is a new vanity mirror. This is a condensed version of your character sheet and equipment.

For aethetics, there is now a simple bounce animation for every character (not just for those flying or leviating).

Last but not least, the fame calculation has been redesigned to reward playing the game rather than grinding and generally exploiting mechanics. I encourage all players to upgrade to v6.3 as to keep the Hall of Fame as fair as possible.

Major changes since the last public release:

    new classes: necromancer, mystic, templar, miner.

    new companions: dragon egg, imp, ghoul.

    new gender: non-binary.

    new items: dimension key, detonation key, phantom key, sickle, poison dart, potion of divinity.

    new artifact: Creeping Sprout.

    new spell: animate dead.

    vanity mirror for sharing your progress.

    idle bounce animation.

    redesigned fame calculation.


* Added new dungeons and randomized which dungeons actually appear

* Added new objects, ego types, artifacts, item curses, terrain features and random artifact names

* Added new monsters (including the reintroduction of the Greater Cyber Wyrm Angel Daemon Lich as an exclusively postgame monster)

* Added new player-monster race (Mummy) based on Maledicts from Pos-R

* Moved to a 32-color palette and changed the colors of many monsters
-- NOTES: If your platform does not support more than 16 colors, or FrogComposband's coloring code for your platform is faulty, compile with --disable-xtra-colours to retain use of 16 colors only. If your platform does support more than 16 colors but you wish to stick to 16 (from nostalgic reasons or for greater contrast between colors), load user-lim.prf (typing &4 in-game does this automatically) or otherwise modify the colors with the '&' command
-- Special thanks to Oneiron for helping me debug the 32-color palette

* Town services could enchant multiple weapons for the price of one; this has been fixed (thanks to Thraalbee for reporting)

* Directions were given for Heaven and Hell even if the player had not won; this has been fixed (thanks to Marty and ster for reporting)

* Fixed bug when Teleport Level was used after completing Crystal Quest (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed bug when stairs were taken just when recall kicked in (thanks to wobbly and bostock for reporting)

* Fixed bug with hand grenade explosions sometimes causing a "player" fake monster to temporarily appear (thanks to wobbly for reporting)

* Fixed bug with multi-effect monster blows sometimes killing an opponent repeatedly (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed bug with autotargeting the mount for hasting and healing (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed bug with devices in wilderness rooms generating with no effect (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed bug with standard artifacts disappearing from the floor if they had been carried there from another level (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed bug with Ninjas continuing to attack if Kawarimi was triggered mid-turn (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Timed monster statuses were not processed in the overworld; this has been fixed (thanks to bostock for reporting)

* Fixed old bug with statue stacking (thanks to kt for reporting)

* Fixed infinite loop on junk autoget when always_pickup was on and the Easy Destroyer was not on (thanks to DavidMedley for reporting)

* Fixed crash when the object list subwindow was on and an item with specific properties was equipped from the floor (thanks to caruso for reporting)

* A potion of Restore Mana thrown from the floor could cause a phantom copy of itself to explode; this has been fixed

* Bumping into mountains while confused consumed no time; this has been fixed (thanks to Hugo for reporting)

* Fixed weirdness on player beholders with mutational innate attacks (thanks to Karkaroth for reporting)

* Fixed annoying and inconsistent handling of erratic movement on mounts (thanks to budswell for reporting)

* Fixed bug with newly acquired locked mutations not affecting regeneration properly (thanks to ster for reporting)

* Fixed bug with insurance and player-elemental item destruction

* Fixed bug with inappropriate handling of insured items left behind on a level the player subsequently returned to

* Fixed crash on shop shuffle if too many items had been reserved

* Fixed ancient bugs with the wilderness terrain-selection algorithm, and adjusted some numbers that had been optimized for the buggy version

* Fixed various types of weirdness with Bunshin; it is now generally less useful against auras, but more useful in a number of other situations where it previously did not apply

* Fixed minor bug with innate attack damage calculations

* Fixed weirdness with charmed clones

* Fixed yet another loophole to anti-scumming item/gold drop limits

* Fixed incorrect pluralization of some quiver egos

* Fixed weirdness with door placement in cavern areas

* Fixed occasional weirdness with stair placement after quest completion

* Multiple items could be reserved for the price of one; this has been fixed

* Turncounts in character dumps now properly account for midnight starts (this does not apply retroactively)

* Changed the power of confusion effects, they should now at least resemble the claimed powers

* Fixed issue with the powers of Slow Monster bolt spells (thanks to Saru for reporting)

* Allowed Samurai to view damage averages for Kendo attack techniques (thanks to ster for suggesting)

* Renamed weak Beam of Light to "Moonbeam" to more clearly distinguish it from strong Beam of Light (thanks to bostock for suggesting)

* Slightly relaxed capture-balling requirements for hostile monsters to prevent some low-HP monsters from being captureable at all (thanks to caruso for bringing this up)

* Added option (on by default) to limit quantity prompts in shops to the highest amount that is both available and affordable (thanks to caruso for suggesting)

* Added option (off by default) to indicate unknown item flavors in shops (thanks to caruso for suggesting)

* Added option (off by default) to display the nominal energy cost of the most recent action (thanks to Bucephalus for suggesting)

* Added option (on by default) to extend the unknown attribute indicator '?' to cover random dragon resistances (thanks to bostock for bringing this up)

* Combined the empty_levels option with the ironman_empty_levels option

* Allowed using Home/End and 7/1 to immediately move to the beginning or end of a long home or museum inventory (thanks to Melum for suggesting)

* Renamed the "Cause Wounds" monster spells/auras to various types of "Curse", making it less unintuitive that most of them can curse the equipment

* Changed the Patient personality to be more the opposite of Hasty; it now has slightly better stats and skills than before, but gives a speed penalty

* Potions of New Life now shuffle Split personalities (thanks to Aav for suggesting)

* Improved the object list and monster list UI (thanks to kt and bostock for suggestions)
- allowed customizing the lists' width
- allowed looping between the first and last entry with Up/Down arrows
- the object list now displays visible stairs if no objects are visible

* Allowed scrolling long monster descriptions while targeting

* Allowed the Gloves of the Master Tonberry to generate for Tonberries

* Allowed pets to recall with player from slightly further away

* Average rings, amulets and Feanorian Lamps are now identified on pseudo-ID

* Buffed Dwarven body armour again, it now has much more potential upside

* A number of additional uniques, most notably Mandor, now resist confusion

* Player quylthulgs can now (usually) summon around a target location starting at CL 20, regardless of which options they use

* Changed the special Bloodrip player-cutting mechanic; it is now less severe but happens more often, and happens in melee rather than at random times (thanks to bostock, ster and MITZE for feedback)

* Changed hallucination to make it more difficult to figure out which monsters are real

* Automatic combining of pack ammo with quiver ammo now happens even if the ammo is unsuitable for the current shooter

* Tweaked the confusion-resistance message for already confused monsters (thanks to Bucephalus for suggesting)

* Tweaked Rune-Knight mana gain formula

* Slightly tweaked the effects of Easy-Spell/Dec-Mana on spell fail rates

* Re-allowed the use of Destruction in Witch Wood as a reduced-power special effect

* Tweaked the XP values of many monsters

* Dungeon entrance guardians are no longer vulnerable to genocide

* Life ratings are now displayed by default on a scale of 0 to 76, rather than on a percentage scale of 87% to 117%; this is purely a display change, intended both to permit greater accuracy and to distinguish them even more clearly from the unrelated racial and CON/equipment-based HP multipliers

* Trap warnings now reveal the trap

* The Mogaminator is now applied to items on shop-ID and museum-ID

* The in-game high score list now adjusts scores for options and accomplishments (this does not apply retroactively)

* Race change attempts disallowed by competition mode now trigger the Baby Foul Curse instead (also, the Baby Foul Curse is now more evil)

* Pass-wall monsters and players are no longer slowed by trees

* Nerfed humans (instead of the second demigod talent at CL 40, they now receive a primary-stat-dependent weakness at CL 35)

* Allowed the recall interface to give a multi-column dungeon list

* Changed innate attack damage display to show the damage for each effect separately instead of combining it with the damage from the first effect

* Further reduced energy randomness, it is now more strictly limited at higher speeds

* Replaced the hidden ability of some Mage-type classes to recover mana twice as fast with a public "Mana Recovery" object flag. Also, effective HP regen and effective SP regen are now displayed separately on the character sheet for transparency

* Destruction no longer always works on summoned monsters, except in instant-coffee mode. It still always works on "nice" summons (i.e. most high-level monsters the turn after they appear), and summoned monsters never gain destruction immunity

* Allowed monsters to resist disintegration

* Allowed two-handed wielding of baseball bats

* Additional monster health bar coloring:
- temporary slowness is indicated with dark grey stars (lowest priority)
- temporary haste is indicated with violet brackets
- a high monster power (above 133.3%) is indicated with dark blue brackets

* Wilderness level display in the immediate vicinity of a dungeon entrance now indicates which dungeon it is, e.g. "Wilderness (Angband): L1" instead of just "Wilderness: L1"

* Allowed Beorning Rage-Mages to use Rage in bear form (thanks to clouded for suggesting)

* The 'U'/'O' power selection menu now displays the stats involved in determining fail rates

* Further improved and updated the help

* Various minor tweaks and code improvements

They'll get there yet---home stretch!   8)

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