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Early Dev / Re: RogueLegends
« on: January 30, 2013, 01:31:44 PM »
You could I suppose, but since it is on the way already, I'd think it a good idea to use that extra time to polish and test things further just in case there are some tricky surprises lurking.

Early Dev / Re: Ruin
« on: January 29, 2013, 12:38:55 PM »
Looks like a promising project, definitely keep at it!   8)

Early Dev / Re: RogueLegends
« on: January 25, 2013, 04:45:17 PM »
A strong first release, to a sensible degree, is always a good idea----satisfaction with that snapshot in time as well as yourself having tried a variety of playstyles successfully beforehand would contribute nicely to the end result I'd think.

Interest in the Roguelike scene is a fluid thing at a certain point---generally for most projects it flares up in proportion to the size and frequency of releases, groups that latch onto it such as Bay12 folks, and generally waxes and wanes from there outside of hitting it relatively "big" and getting a nice community going that keeps at it in the middle and throughout.

So, don't lose heart, take it in stride, and keep at the fine work ever chasing that growing audience of players.   :)

Only one particular guy is updating the main page on that front, otherwise the current build and such is available in the forum there.

Other Announcements / Re: Project: Roguelike Renaissance
« on: January 25, 2013, 12:56:29 PM »
Thanks Jo---she lived a long and good life of about 16/17 years though as some asshole threw both her and her brother out when they were just barely weaned and nigh starved to death.  Her bro is still hanging in there, but they were pretty close.

Other Announcements / Re: Project: Roguelike Renaissance
« on: January 25, 2013, 03:38:58 AM »
Been out of it here in 2013 extra on account of my aunt passing away that suffered from Alzheimer's back on New Years day and one of my oldest cats discovered dead in her sleep back on Jan 12 in the morning---2013 off to a rough start in other words even if I continue to stalk out information and inspiration on all the various things.

Sort of bouncing back from the animal loss, though only sort of as while I've lost several over the years---this one constituted several firsts of the sad kind.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: PRIME 2.1b (23th January 2013)
« on: January 25, 2013, 03:35:32 AM »
Congrats on yet another marvelous looking stride of progress---2013 continues to particularly improve!   8)

Early Dev / Re: RogueLegends
« on: January 25, 2013, 03:30:39 AM »
Always a good time for a promising project.   8)

Jan 20 and such:
Item Disassembly - Press the ( key and select any item from your inventory to disassemble it. In most cases, this will require the same tools required to craft the item, and the game will tell you which tools you need. (Note, the game will only tell you the first tool on the list, but any will work. For example, an item which required either a Steak Knife or Combat Knife as a tool, the game will only tell you you need a Steak Knife, but will accept a Combat Knife) - Thanks to DinoCat for this entire feature

Chain Link Fences - These currently only spawn around basketball courts, and can be climbed over by (e)xamining them. There's a chance to fall down and lose 2 turns if you fail, but zombies can only bash through them and not climb them.

Innumerable small bugfixes, most notably water now has the correct charges when spawned in bottles.

Larger fix, shell casings now stack appropriately again, thanks to Kevingranade for the bugfix.

(Kevin Granade) - Added some cocktails and mixed drinks. Lots of various tent related fixes and improvements.
(Zack Hovatter) Added option for new world, some fixes for compiling on macs and code to make NPCs to move out of the way
(Williham Totland) Added a ton of various changes.
(Origamiwolf) - Ability to reload gasoline tools using (r) command,
Vegetarian changed to meat allergy to better synch up with ingame effects.
Chain Link Fences.
Gates for those fences.
Bolt cutters, used to open locked gates and cut wire from fences.
Military Outposts now have concrete walls, and the external fence is chain link with gates.
A bunch of other various fixes and minor tweaks.

Construction menu is even more broken.

This release is mostly bugfixes and behind the scenes changes, so there's no real changelog to post.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Rogue's Tale (now at v1.01)
« on: January 20, 2013, 09:05:17 PM »

Client Changes

    -Chat console now has three different channels: Common, Orcish and Demonic. The channel names roughly translate to English, Europeons and Everyone.
    -Chat console now filters typed text according to the selected channel. Common channel is limited to characters ranging from 32..127. Orcish channel is limited to characters ranging from 32..255 plus the Cyrillic Unicode characters. Demonic channel allows all Unicode characters ranging from 32..65534.
    -King's undead family should now behave more rationally again.
    -Dogs should now be neutral to most creatures.
    -Heroic Charge now has correct in-game description.
    -Amulet of Ghost Form now has correct in-game description.
    -Player can't no longer chat with others while he is silenced unless he has Silent Cast talent.
    -Resistance enchants placed on helmets and armour now give 2 points of resistance instead of 1 and shows +2/+0 or +0/+2 depending on the type.
    -Scroll of Amnesia now works as intended.
    -Scroll of Knowledge now works as intended and it also prints out the name of the knowledge entry.
    -Melee creatures will now equip shields if possible.
    -Most of the important values are now checked in memory for any external changes such as creatures' abilities, health, energy, etc. heritages, knowledges, statistics, you name it. If any of them should change on their own (as in using memory mapping tools and cheats), your account goes poof automatically.
    -Arcane spells contained in amulets can now damage the amulet when cast.
    -Devourer has been nerfed after the release:

Server Changes

    -Due to message changes, server now requires client version 1.0 (130109) or newer.
    -/whois admin command now also lists the account name.
    -/email admin command now also lists the account id.
   - /serial admin command now also lists the account id.

Client Changes

    -Hunger and thirst statuses now have icons to distinguish them better from each other.
    -It should no longer be possible to accidentally delete your account by creating a new character.
    -King and his archmages now dispel magical invisibility effects upon arrival and prevent you from gaining one by using a scroll of invisibility. Other forms of becoming invisible still work.
    -Enchant knowledge now gives a 20% discount when enchanting items at the Wizards' Guild.
    -Melee, ranged and spell attacks made while invisible now halve the duration of the invisibility effect.
    -Creatures now have a chance of attacking the player even while he is invisible.
    -Creatures now have dodge and deflect modifier of 5 if they are invisible.
    -Death screen should no longer show "Invisible creature" if you happened to die while invisible.
    -Dispel, enchant and identify scrolls are now 20-25% cheaper than the same services provided in town.
    -Polymorphed targets are now beasts and they lose all their normal properties such as fear, haste and size bonuses.
    -Polymorphed monsters no longer look like half-rat-half-monsters.
    -Friends no longer try to kill a null pointer when they are following the player and the player steps on a trap or is damaged by a mushroom.
    -Hotkeyed talents and spells that are forgotten now also remove their respected hotkeys.
    -Since there is some way to duplicate items the following measures are taken: Player's items are now checked every turn for duplicates. If the same item is equipped and/or in the inventory more than once, a warning is shown: "You have X turns remaining to throw away your duplicated items.". Failure to throw away duplicated items in the given time leads to death The 10 turn duplicate counter is used for the entire game and if another duplicated item appears at some point, the counter resumes from where it was.
    -Client now has a new -login command line parameter that attempts to automatically login one time at program startup.
    -Account name text field now prevents wrong letters to be typed and only shows a dialog if there is no name or the name given as command line parameter is not allowed.
    -Mage armour now has correct in-game description.
    -If the player's cause of death is null for whatever reason, the message now shows that nobody knows what happened instead of "null".
    -Heroes of hallwood chance to spawn is now stored in the player data and disconnects no longer drop it down to 0.
    -Scroll of Amnesia now updates the player's effect icons when a talent is forgotten and shows that the player has talent points remaining.
    -Symbol of Luck's in-game tooltip now shows its most important effect which is that it lowers the critical hit threshold by 1 and thus increases the chance to crit.
    -Creatures should now receive experience if their weapon enchant poisons, diseases or sets a target on fire and subsequently kills it.
    -Silent move now works with automatic search of Keen Eye and Ring of Searching. Manual search still breaks stealth.
    -Finding hidden friendly or neutral targets using the search button no longer gives experience.
    -Status effects that are caused by the player to other creatures are now printed to the console.
    -Creatures' health values are now correctly adjusted when health boosting items are removed.
    -There is now a secret way to tame tame a cave bear and no, you don't throw meat at one to do it.
    -Throwing items at a fear causing enemies and becoming afraid now drops the item once instead of twice.
    -Player can now swap places with his friends by walking towards them and by spending one energy.
    -Healing Wave now has slightly more accurate in-game description.
    -Player character's progress is now saved much much more often to the server.
    -Moving mouse over the dungeon screen or the town screen now hides those tooltips that may have been left visible when the mouse has exited the game window.
    -Items that are blessed by the player are now also repaired and their curses are removed.
    -F1, F2 and F3 keys now show their respective menus in town as well.
    -Transmuting no longer stacks the gold coins with the ones on the ground and should now show the correct number of coins picked up in all other cases except when there is not enough space in the inventory.
    -Blessed amulet of free action now correctly grants the free action.
    -Graves should now always become defiled when they spawn something.
    -Breaking or using a grave containing one of the heroes of Hallwood now counts for the heritage instead of only using.
    -Heroes of Hallwood now spawn from their graves and have their respective names "Ghost of [Hero]".
    -Heroes of Hallwood are now summoned by the king unless they have been killed at their graves. Surely there's still room for up to 9 ghosts in the final battle, no?
    -Mirror images now start with CHA(D3) health or 1.
    -New unique encounter has been added containing Archmage Gyffendal.
    -New unique encounter has been added containing Ryan the Trickster.
    -New unique encounter has been added containing Swordmaster Logar.
    -Health bar now turns transparent while the targeting cursor is under it.
    -Buttons that advance the game's state and sends a message to the server are now immediately disabled when the event is fired in order to prevent badly timed multiple events from taking place.
    -Amulet that breaks when used now correctly removes its hotkey.
    -Tutorial dog now shows the travel button tip when the first dungeon is cleared instead of when the first level is cleared.
    -Clearing a dungeon now gives experience and makes some noise even if the reset dungeon button is enabled already.
    -Blessed Ring of Accuracy now also gives +1 Agility.
    -Blessed Ring of Brutality now also gives +1 Strength.
    -Blessed Ring of Clarity now also gives +1 Stamina.
    -Blessed Ring of Control now also gives +1 Charisma.
    -Blessed Ring of Freedom now also gives +1 Fire, Frost & Shock Resistance.
    -Blessed Ring of Resilience now also gives +1 Poison & Disease Resistance.
    -Blessed Ring of Outcasts can now contain 6 different enchants and it cannot be broken by enchanting.
    -Blessed Ring of Scholars now also identifies wands.
    -All heritages except The Interface Dog are now reset when a player registers the game for the first time (or any other time after that).
    -The game now automatically logs out when the player's account is successfully registered so that the player may finish the registration by pressing login.
    -Random creature creation method now has a known bug in it. When the player's experience level is 1, there is a 50% chance that random creatures end up being giant snails in addition to most of them being snails to begin with. This probably increases the average newbie life span from 2 turns to 5 turns.
    -All other actions now skip animations except rest and search.
    -License file now includes the server version it is compatible with.
    -Client no longer accepts a license file that does not include the version it is compatible with.
    -Client now prevents entering the game in offline mode and private servers if the character's experience exceeds 450 (10 level cap) and the client has not yet retrieved a new license file from's server. This is to prevent the anti-cheat methods from nuking the offline/private server accounts when the character suddenly has too much experience and too many abilities =)
    -Player cast enchants are now much less likely to break an item.
    -It is now possible for players to obtain a ring that makes them invincible, or maybe it was invisible.
    -Dungeon view can now be scaled by up to 50%. The keys to zoom are Ctrl+ and Ctrl-.
    -Amulet of necromancy now turns all your undead friends into enemies if you remove the amulet for whatever reason.
    -Chat text field now has separate histories for each channel. History entries can be accessed with up and down keys while the text field is focused.
    -There is now a two second cooldown after sending a chat message that prevents you from sending another one.
    -Chat window now has a 200 line buffer and it can be scrolled back and forth using movement keys while shift is pressed.
    -Charisma based item sell cost multipliers have been nerfed and the maximum is now 2x instead of 3x at charisma 12.
    -Daemons, orcs and undead now have higher natural resistances against spells. Daemons also have higher natural physical resistances.
    -Heroes of Hallwood now have a permanent +2 mage armour unless it is dispelled by the player.
    -All other monsters except drake now gain heroic charge at level 9 and crushing blow at level 12 to give them a proper chance to show their inner beauty.
    -King now has +2 mage armour, divine might and divine grace unless they are dispelled by the player.
    -Every king's lackey in the keep now has some sort of buff on them set by the umpteen mages that reside there - seriously, like 5 new kings in one day, it must stop! =)
    -All unique characters and the king now have a very high chance of carrying a potent potion of healing.
    -All unique characters except the king have found the hidden bit that makes them naturally fast. If the king still dies too many times this might change though.
    -All human casters now have some buff at the time they are created.
    -New unique encounter has been added containing Ranger Satyr'Dae.
    -New unique encounter has been added containing Dawid the Paladin.
    -Bestow Curse now applies Curse of Agony unless a random curse is applied.
    -If the player is affected by one or more curse effects, his chance to fail increases by 1 in all other checks except in those where curse effects might cause the player to lose control of his character.

Server Changes

    -Server now has checks for invisible kings and it should not let the highscores show the "Invisible creature" anymore.
    -Server now opens a new log file every hour to prevent them from becoming too massive in size.
    -Server should no longer crash when a king is replaced by a queen and the queen by another king or vice versa.
    -Server now also sends its version when client requests for a new license file.
    -Server now has a new admin command /reset that can be used to reset the password of a given account.

The trend of enormous changelogs post v1.0 continues indeed.   :o

Welcome, looks to be quite substantial and impressive work indeed.   8)

Early Dev / Re: Wayward
« on: January 19, 2013, 11:13:53 PM »
Congrats on hitting this major new milestone---and with such a mighty changelog to boot!   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / PosChengband (now at beta v7.0.2)
« on: January 14, 2013, 01:04:51 PM »

PosChengband is a roguelike dungeon adventure game.

The purpose of the game is to defeat the dreaded Serpent of Chaos. You may play a variety of races including elves, hobbits, dwarves, half giants, half trolls and even various monster races. You may play a variety of classes including hack and slash warriors or spell wielding mages. The game is littered with powerful and rare artifacts to assist you on your challenging quest. But the road is long. The enemy's forces have grown numerous and fester in the deep. Perhaps death awaits you? Perhaps glory? Are you up for the challenge?

As the name implies, PosChengband attempts a merger Chengband with ideas from Posband and RePosBand.  However, many of the features, races and classes of Chengband have been extensively modified and quite a few of the new Chengband classes have been redesigned from scratch. So it seemed like a completely new variant was in order.

So, what is it? First and foremost it is a Chengband derivative, though with rather extensive changes. Enough to warrant it being a completely new variant in my opinion. Most races and classes have been altered in at least minor ways and quite a few classes were completely redesigned. Dual wielding has been completely redesigned. There is a new resistance system. Player hitpoint evolution has changed and ... I've made too many changes to remember them all at the moment!

But the big change is the addition of Posband style monster races. Have you ever wanted to play as a Gelatinous Cube? As a Dragon? As a Phase Spider? If you are like me, then the answer is a resounding Yes! At the moment I've added 10 new monster races (Angel, Beholder, Demon, Dragon, Giant, Hound, Jelly, Lich, Spider and Xorn) and a few more will be coming shortly. Like Posband, each monster race (excepting Xorn) has a boss monster which will drop a special racial artifact.

Congrats on yet another meaty Beta release to move things forward.   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Teleglitch (now at v6.2)
« on: January 09, 2013, 02:13:24 PM »

-added: option to save your game after completing a level.
-added: launcher thats sets command-line arguments and keeps you up to date. (windows only for now)
-added: you can now change the screenshot button.
-added: desura support for linux

-fixed: linux builds are now bundled with dependencies.
-fixed: map scrolling keys can now be correctly remapped.
-fixed: monsters getting stuck sometimes.
-fixed: some trees weren't visible.
-fixed: lots of potential crashes
-fixed: bug where you could lock yourself out of a bossfight in level5.
-fixed: crash in level10 when using the map.
-fixed: lots of balancing errors.
-fixed: text database list is now scrollable.
-fixed: weirdness in level end screen
-fixed: somewhat reduced loading times
-fixed: lots of typos
-fixed: level10 sometimes not loading correctly

Mac compilation is also coming along in the background and is closer than ever.

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