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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Arena.Xlsm (now at v1.3)
« on: March 25, 2013, 10:08:15 PM »

Key Features

    Random enemies: Over 2000 possible enemies with different AI abilities.
    Random items: 39 item modifiers result in over 1000 possible item combinations and attributes.
    An interesting story with 4 different endings depending on how the player has played the game.
    8 boss encounters, each with their own tactics.
    4 pre-programmed arenas followed by procedurally generated arenas. Each play-through has its own challenges.
    31 Spells. There are many different strategies for success.
    15 Unique items. Unique items have special properties and can only drop from specific enemies.
    36 Achievements.
    This is all in a Microsoft Excel workbook.

A Roguelike of sorts made in Excel----there are no words.   :o


Dare you challenge The Wizard's Lair? in this adventure, you find yourself facing against your greatest challenge yet - To enter the Wizard's Lair and slay the Wizard of Anarkhis! Face off against fearful creatures and dodge devastating traps as you descend into the depths!
Use powerful spell scrolls, drink mysterious potions and find legendary weapons to aid you in your quest to defeat the Wizard!

Since going gold:

- lots of balance tweaks, bug and content fixes

- Weapons and armour are now automatically equipped if your equip slots are empty.

- Added two new floor types: The Zoo and the Displacement Zone. they will appear randomly in the later floors(after DLvl 10) along with the Snake Pit and Labyrinth.

- Added some more item drops to monsters. Kill stuff!

- Added 3 new armours and rebalanced existing armour. New armours are: Half-Plate Mail, Chain Hauberk and Officer’s Full Plate.

- Added 8 new weapons : Guardian Mace, Twinblade, Glaive, Obsidian Dagger, Flamberge, Golden Axe, Katar and Demonslayer.

- Added 5 new Monsters : Viper, Lich, Wraith, Spectral Skeleton and Twisted Displacer.

- Lots of minor tweaks, presentation changes and fixes for completeness.

- Increased turns required to regenerate health from 6 to 10 turns.

- Finalised a bunch of internal stuff, and a number of minor bug fixes.

- Finished the tileset for the “Ice” floors(DLvl21-25)

- Added Daniel and Dalton to the dungeon, making the optional Warmaster ending available.

- Completed the Sanctum scripting, it now behaves exactly as it should

- Completed the Scores page, added an option to clear scores in the Options Menu

- Fixed the tombstone page showing the floor you died on incorrectly.

- Added Mushroom(turns a random item in your inv into a mushroom), Healing(heals about the same as a minor healing potion) and Surround traps(surrounds you with monsters from that floor).

- Increased the Level Cap to 50.

- Significantly increased the damage of most monsters.

- Added a moves counter - this is work towards a feature linked to the game over screen too!

- Lots of balancing tweaks to enemies, mostly buffing enemies to make them less hopeless at higher levels.

- Improved the Game over screen a little. More to come on that front!

- Trap Reveal now reveals the Stairs as well, to make it more useful.

- Changed Minimap behaviour completely. To view the Minimap, go into the menu or Hold Tab!

- Balanced the lesser potions to be more effective in end-game situations.

- Added an option to show/hide the “Waiting…” message when skipping turns.

* Restructured the Dungeon Generator function completely - Generators for each type of floor can now be easily edited.

* Added Maze generation to the DLvl generator - DLvl 10 and 20 will be full-floor mazes!

* Added an EXP bar, Food meter and modified the layout of the HUD.

- Fixed a bug that makes joysticks work again in Linux.

- Made the dungeon deeper by 4 floors- Sanctum is now at DLvl 30 instead of DLvl 26.

Programming / advASCIIdraw is out and about
« on: March 21, 2013, 11:59:55 AM »
The goal of this program, that I call advASCIIdraw, is to make drawing ASCII images, and especially roguelike/dungeon crawler type environments, as easy to create as possible.

It's light-weight and enables anyone to make cool ASCII art in no time, by providing tools similar to other popular painting programs, but especially adapted for ASCII.

It has many cool features, the biggest things right now being:

    -Advanced Brush
    -Draw ASCII images like you are used to in other drawing programs, includes options like brush size, shape, fill rate..
    No good drawing program without layers!
    -Define your own brushes consisting of multiple characters and/or colours. No need to draw your blades of grass individually, anymore!
    -Huge Canvas
    -Thousands of characters across, you can make HUGE ASCII images.(And no worries, save file compression keeps your files small!)
    -Custom Charsets/Tilesets and Colour Palettes
    -Easily add your own charsets and palettes to customise your images! Also add and edit colour palettes with just a few clicks right in the program!

Essentially, a souped up successor of sorts to ASCIIdraw that just had both the first public release and update based on folks giving feedback----bound to come in handy for some folks especially if the dev pace and feature gain can continue!


The Endless Dungeons is an 8-bit style random dungeon game consisting of 8 character classes, hundreds of monster types, and 99 randomly generated dungeon levels. You must level your character from 1 to 99, collect items and equipment to make him or her more powerful, and finally confront the boss of the game, Xantos, on the 99th floor of the dungeon.

This game differs from a lot of other roguelikes in that it's largely GUI- and menu based (similar to old console RPGs) and has turn-based battles.

I am looking for someone to port this to Linux and Mac! This game uses core Allegro 4.4.2 library only, so should be fairly easy to port. If you make a port I'll post it here.

The Endless Dungeons
F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions
Version 1.2 03/08/2103

Q: How do I enable or disable music and sound?
Q: How do I switch to a different video mode?
Q: How can I disable the player log file?
A: Edit the file dungeon.cfg in the main game directory

Q: Are there keyboard shortcuts?
A: Yes, to summarize:
In the dungeon-
Arrow keys = Move
Control-Q = Quit and Save
In a confirm/cancel type dialog box:
Enter = Confirm
Escape = Cancel
In a combat / locked door / chest menu:
Press 1-4 instead of clicking the options
Weapon/Shield hotkeys:
Control 1-4
Spell/Item/Potion hotkeys:
Function Keys
More info in the manual.

Q: Do I need keys for all these doors?
A: No, unless the door says "Magically Locked" it can be bashed down (or pick locked, if you are a Thief). It may take a few tries though.

Q: Where are the portals like in Diablo?
A: These are Portal Stones. They can be used two ways. If you use a portal stone in the dungeon, it teleports you to the town. If you use one one in town, it teleports you to the lowest dungeon level you had previously visited.

Q: My character ran out of skeleton keys or portal stones, what do I do?
A: Go clear level 1 again. If necessary, reset the maps using the "System" menu.

Q: Wheres the auto-map?
A: I intentionally did not include one. It could easily be added but I think it would make the game too easy.

Q: My Mage dies all the time.
A: Mages start out weak but become very powerful at high levels.

Q: This enemy is healing himself all the time, what do I do?
A: Do damage faster than he's healing. Use Scrolls or Potions to raise your damage if necessary.

Q: Do enemys have MP?
A: No. But, they aren't very smart in terms of which spells they pick to cast (it's totally random).

Q: Enemies with "Colossal Strength" are very difficult.
A: Yes they are. Use potions or scrolls if you need to.

Q: How much playtesting have you done?
A: I've completed the entire game from 1-99 as a Thief, and verified that all classes should be able to beat Xantos.

Q: What is the most useful elemental imbue?
A: Fire is probably most useful in general for either weapons or armor, as there are more sources of Fire damage in the game than other sources, and more creatures are weak to Fire than other elements. Shadow would be second-most useful, and Poison I think is the least useful. Which is too bad for Thiefs. A Poison-imbued Martial Arts weapon can be nice versus Humanoids though.

Q: Where do I report bugs?
A: Ideally you should post them in the bug reports thread on the website.
Alternatively you can email me at

Screens look pretty nice and I reckon this one just may be one to watch with the lofty aims present within as development hopefully continues further.   8)

Other Announcements / Delver's Drop Kickstarter (funded)
« on: March 05, 2013, 01:18:12 AM »

"Play as scoundrels attempting to escape ever-shifting dungeons in a stylish physics-based Action RPG: PC Mac Linux iOS Android OUYA "

When indefinitely imprisoned high atop a towering castle complex, escape is the only option for survival and redemption. But few scoundrels will survive the Drop and live to tell the tale. The dungeons are rife with traps, monsters, and sinister secrets, awaiting the next unlucky Delver.

Delver's Drop is a 2D Action RPG with fluid physics-based movement, snappy combat, shifting dungeons, and a rogue's gallery of individually leveled character classes. With an emphasis on mystery and dynamic gameplay experiences, the game features randomization for infinite replay, enigmatic puzzle permutations to unravel, multiple narrative paths, customizable character growth, and layers of secrets to unearth.

Our game is built on inspirations from the 8 & 16-bit eras, but acknowledges contemporary progress in game design and fully utilizes current technology. The gameplay is familiar yet distinct with stunning HD visuals and snappy, fluid 360-degree control. It is accessible yet deep and tactical, and is incredibly replayable.


    -Immense & Unpredictable Dungeon Dive — 8 zones of castle dungeons with 4 sub-levels to explore. Levels will be combined from masterfully designed hand-crafted rooms and components, with randomized content and floor layouts.
    -Physics-based Hack & Slash Combat — Since all characters and enemies move and collide on a physics-based system, any interplay of attacks, traps, and magic resolve based on responsive, snazzy, and sometimes chaotic physics effects.
    -Multiple Characters & Play Styles — Play the game with one or all of the 5 character classes (some to be decided by backers!). Classes have unique speed and movement properties, weapon, special ability, and perk tree, giving each a different play style.
    -Character Growth & Customization — Gain experience as you play each class, and keep this progress through the class’s perk tree even if your current character dies. Level up if you want more flexibility, but Delver’s Drop is totally grind-free.
    -Weapons & Sub-Items — The player can find and purchase interesting and upgraded weapons for each class, as well as a large suite of expendable sub-items that are randomly spawn during each session. But items slots are limited, requiring intelligent use!
    -Puzzles & Secrets — Like many action adventure games, Delver’s Drop will feature interesting puzzles, requiring clever manipulation of dungeon elements, using physics to advantage, and resourceful usage of secondary items.

Release Dates:

    -The game will release on PC / Mac in October 2013. Pricing is set at $15.
    -It will later release for iOS / Android / OUYA around February 2014. Pricing is undetermined.
    -The game is also being developed for Linux, but a release date is undetermined. If the first Stretch Goal is met, we will release the Linux version day-and-date with PC/Mac in October!

Our stated funding goals match the amount we have estimated is necessary to complete Delver’s Drop. However, we hope that with enough support we can exceed our goal and put even more quality and content into the game. If you, our backers, are generous enough to help us make an even better game, then we will share the the following bonuses with you. These will be free for all backers at the $15 Pre-Order tier and up — no separate purchases! (Unless otherwise noted - see the final goal).

    $85,000 - Linux Runes Decoded... We have planned to eventually port our engine to Linux, but this Stretch goal will make it happen much faster! We will release the Linux version day-and-date with PC and Mac in October 2013, and it will be immediately available to all backers from $15 and up.
    $100,000 - Secret Passage Discovered... Adds a new character class (for 7 total), and an additional zone to the game, with unique environment art, objects, and enemies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All stretch goals below are release date TBD. We will make every effort to release them as soon as possible, but they will take additional development time, and may be released several months after the game launches. We'll keep you posted!

    $115,000 - Warrior's Guild Formed... Stand in arms with comrades or simply bludgeon each other! Adds 4-player local multiplayer in 2 modes: Deathmatch and Horde, with unique maps and mechanics. Think of Deathmatch as Zelda: Four Swords meets Super Smash Brothers!
    $130,000 - Companions Conjured... Want to transform into a wispy phantom or cute familiar? A second player can drop in/out of the campaign to help the main player when the delving gets dire.
    $150,000 - Labyrinth Map Unearthed... The Halls of Lost Sanity were never to be opened again. Can you prevail against 100 exquisitely hand-crafted, fiendishly difficult puzzle rooms?
    $175,000 - Additional Questing Requested... We'd love to make Delver's Drop even more engrossing. At this stretch goal we will develop a complete expansion: 2 playable classes (making it 9 total), 2 additional zones. Available 2-3 months after the base game launches.
    $200,000 - Much Extended Questing Demanded... If the first expansion wasn't grandiose enough, we'll create a second expansion! 2 more playable classes (11 total), 2 zones, and additional play mechanics. Available 2-3 months after the first expansion.
    $240,000 - Porting Enchantment Learned... Would you like to play Delver's Drop on your favorite console or handheld? So would we! We'll port Delver's Drop to one of the following: PS3, XBox 360, Wii U, 3DS, or Vita. This will take us a good deal of binary sorcery... launch would occur in mid-2014. IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee distribution of any console version to backers at this time.

 As of February 2013 the game is in a pre-alpha state. While the aspects present in the videos may seem polished, there are still many features to complete, and many more environments, enemies, and items for which we need to produce art and sound. With your support we will be able to much more efficiently complete the game to the full extent of our vision.

June 2013 — Alpha:

The game will be highly playable, with most features and at least 50% of the content complete. Large amounts of videos, screenshots, and other content will be available to backers here and at In late June, the Early Alpha Access will occur for all backers from $25 and up! Just be aware that it will still take some work (and your help) to really finish out the game.

August 2013 — Closed Beta:

The game will be nearly complete, with all features final but requiring some polish and bug-fixes. At least 75% of the content will be complete, with all remaining content present but in placeholder form.

September 2013 – Open Beta:

Backers $15 and up can get the game a month early! The game will be 99% complete, but may still have a few bugs, so you can give us feedback on our forums to make final tweaks before the official release.

October 2013 — RELEASE! for PC & Mac:

The game is 100% complete and (as reasonably as possible) bug free. Digital copies will be distributed, and shortly thereafter, physical copies to backers at tiers with this reward (and any remaining rewards).

February 2014 — iOS / Android / OUYA Release:

The iOS, Android, and OUYA versions will be completed and released.

???? 2014 — Linux Release:

We want to release on Linux sooner, but (regretfully) our engine currently doesn't support it. Since we're putting all of our efforts into developing the game itself, it's hard to say when we will be able to complete the port. But check out our stretch goals — if we meet the first one at $85,000, we will be able to bump this date up to October 2013, the same day as PC/Mac!

Very nearly at $78K and 8 days remaining---yet another ambitious project in the last leg of their successful campaign trying for what stretches may come.   :)

Other Announcements / Enemy Kickstarter (funded)
« on: March 05, 2013, 01:13:06 AM »

"The video games you played as a kid, mashed together and remade into a tactical roguelike."

-Explore an open world where characters, items, and environments are an eclectic mashup of many classic games
    -Everything is procedurally generated, including the storyline and final boss
    -Detailed turn-based combat system, inspired by the 1994 classic, X-Com
    -Realistic physics simulation and large, open environments allow for a rich variety of tactical options
    -Permanent death ensures that combat is always tense

Every time you start a new game, the game procedurally generates a new world, using decades-old video games as its building blocks. The result is a collision of genres, where haunted graveyards, infested space stations, and peaceful mushroom villages all stand side-by-side. The premise of the game is also procedurally generated, using classic game plots. In one play-through, you might rescue the King of Dreams from the captain of the space pirates. In the next, you might avenge your fallen father by defeating a resurrected Dracula. Crossing the world is handled in much the same way as the original Zelda, where you will lead your team across individual cells that are linked together, and patrolled by enemies from throughout the history of games. You'll find peaceful regions to explore as well, including towns with shops and NPCs.

Enemy is a role playing game, so you will create and gradually level-up your own custom retro game character, with a mix of skills ranging from mental health and reaction time, to the use of blasters and the ability to jump five times your own height. As you explore the world, you'll quickly come across other, randomly-generated, iconic game heroes that can include robots, carpenters, and gorillas. When you recruit them, you'll take over how they level-up and how they behave in and out of combat; so you will soon be coordinating the abilities of your own custom-made squad of game heroes.

Although the world you're in is strange, combat is highly detailed and feels real. Enemy has a turn based combat system inspired by the 1994 classic, X-Com. You'll devise strategies based around the unique set of abilities you've chosen for your team, and then execute them step-by-step, all while responding to counter-moves made by the enemy team. The game handles visibility realistically, ensuring that you see only what your characters see, so that you never know what might be lurking around the next corner. It models the stress of battle on your heroes, who can flee, freeze up, or panic if things start to go too wrong. You'll have to make tough decisions and sometimes sacrifice important teammates.

Everything in the game is destructible. If you damage the supports of a building in the middle of a fight, the whole structure can come crashing down on you. Inadvertently starting a small fire in the wrong place can lead to being caught in the middle of a massive inferno. Combat is dynamic and easily spirals out of control. Finally, Enemy is a roguelike, and therefore features permanent death of characters. There is no reloading: if one of your heroes dies, they are never coming back. Combat always has a lot riding on it, and it is always tense.

Enemy combines handmade and procedurally generated content. When the game builds the world at the start of play, it does so by placing a large number of individual cells, each of which was custom built in the game's editor. A cell can be as small as a patch of trees or a single building, or as large as a forest or city block. Adding new content is as simple as making new cells and telling the game where to find them, so it should be easy to support the game with free additional content after it ships.

The editor will ship along with the game, so it should also be easy for users to create their own custom mods. New models can be exported directly from Blender, and the editor has several convenience functions for generating structures out of large numbers of blocks. The game determines how newly created objects should shatter or collapse automatically.

Stretch Goal 1: $18000: Simultaneous Mac and Linux release
With $18000, I'll bring on a dedicated Linux/Mac programmer who will focus on only that side of the game. Those platforms will get a simultaneous release with the Windows version and all the attention that they deserve.

Stretch Goal 2: $24000: Additional, free post-release content
Though I intend to continue to support the game after its release, with $24000 I will be guaranteed to be able to continue to support the game full-time after its release, regardless of sales or anything else. With this time, I will add more detailed towns, weather, and more.

3 days remaining, a little past $15K, and quite a good bit going for it from the sounds of it---a late discovery by me for a topic, but eh.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / PabloQuest (now at v0.4b)
« on: February 23, 2013, 12:59:07 PM »

Not entirely sure what happened since Generation 3 from mid-2012, but the latest at least amounts to:

-Added cutscenes
-Improved leveling system
-Graphical UI

-New enemy: Wizard!
-Improved interface
-New leveling up system
-Removed secret doors
-Application does not exit after dying
-Player now starts with equipped items

Good progress is good progress though.   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / PosChengband (now at beta v7.0.2)
« on: January 14, 2013, 01:04:51 PM »

PosChengband is a roguelike dungeon adventure game.

The purpose of the game is to defeat the dreaded Serpent of Chaos. You may play a variety of races including elves, hobbits, dwarves, half giants, half trolls and even various monster races. You may play a variety of classes including hack and slash warriors or spell wielding mages. The game is littered with powerful and rare artifacts to assist you on your challenging quest. But the road is long. The enemy's forces have grown numerous and fester in the deep. Perhaps death awaits you? Perhaps glory? Are you up for the challenge?

As the name implies, PosChengband attempts a merger Chengband with ideas from Posband and RePosBand.  However, many of the features, races and classes of Chengband have been extensively modified and quite a few of the new Chengband classes have been redesigned from scratch. So it seemed like a completely new variant was in order.

So, what is it? First and foremost it is a Chengband derivative, though with rather extensive changes. Enough to warrant it being a completely new variant in my opinion. Most races and classes have been altered in at least minor ways and quite a few classes were completely redesigned. Dual wielding has been completely redesigned. There is a new resistance system. Player hitpoint evolution has changed and ... I've made too many changes to remember them all at the moment!

But the big change is the addition of Posband style monster races. Have you ever wanted to play as a Gelatinous Cube? As a Dragon? As a Phase Spider? If you are like me, then the answer is a resounding Yes! At the moment I've added 10 new monster races (Angel, Beholder, Demon, Dragon, Giant, Hound, Jelly, Lich, Spider and Xorn) and a few more will be coming shortly. Like Posband, each monster race (excepting Xorn) has a boss monster which will drop a special racial artifact.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Bronze & Faith (now at v0.1)
« on: January 08, 2013, 12:47:17 PM »



This Roguelike was started with no former experience in programming (aside from a few web technologies like php & javascript).

Inspiration and setting

The inspiration comes for a big part from Bernard Cornwell's "Stonehenge". The Roguelike will be settled in the early bronze age with a strong emphasis on faith and professions. The developer will try to make it historically accurate, or at least plausible.
Game Concepts

Character Development

Skill development will take much time and energy and it will be close to impossible to carry out more than a handful of professions to perfection during a character's lifetime. This will make it necessary that the player decides exactly what he will do with this character.

Interactive society

Interaction with NPCs will be very important, there will be an economic system and there will be large NPC behavior trees. Many things you do will cause a reaction from NPCs. Joining a settlement will bring many benefits, but also responsibilities.

Realistic health

Health is very important, due to historic accuracy. Fights do not depend too much on Health Point tanking, but more on skill, luck and equipment. There will be a handfull of diseases like flu and infections, but also remedies.


You do not only get respect from other NPCs, but also faith. You can create an own god, give him features and start propagating your faith. Depending on how convincing you are, you will get many followers and power.


Although you can do almost anything you like when you live in a settlement, you are supposed to contribute to its wealth somehow. When you officially pick up a profession, people want to get things done, but they are willing to trade their goods, too

It is early yet, and Java powered, with both a download and browser applet---but it certainly looks promising and any skillful java folk could probably point the fellow in some good directions.   :)

Indeed, even though I enjoy achieving something on my own, I am still depending on the guidance of others. I don't ask for someone who writes everything for me, but I would really appreciate some feedback about what I could improve or some methods I don't know. Hell, I am grateful for every link that will be posted containing some useful information or even a tutorial I may not have seen. Bronze and Faith is completely written in Java. If I get help, it would be a pleasure for me to write a documentation.

Problems I currently need help with:

    -A time system. I need to make each action consume time or action points. During that time, other creatures can do their turns. A global time needs to catch up with this, too: I want minutes and hours running in the background, as I will add a calendar at a later stage. Among few other time systems, I found this: An elegant time-management system for roguelikes. However, I simply can't imagine how to translate this into Java or what really makes this work, even though I somehow understand what it does.

(I speak English, German, a bit of French and Luxembourgish.)

310  Hopeful Steam Greenlight bid  $4.99 on Desura Alpha fund currently available

Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle is an indie RPG roguelike, with a retro graphic style and a terrible sense of humour. The game takes place in a series of ever descending randomly generated dungeon floors, packed full of monsters to slaughter and loot to pillage. The game plays like a traditional roguelike, but with a clean UI, a slick, action orientated combat system, and a massive range of enemy types, skills, gear and room designs. With features like crafting, skill trees, multiple characters, multiple difficulties and quests, Claustrophobia is a love letter to traditional RPG rougelikes.

*Expansive Random Dungeon Generation
*Clean Integrated Interface
*Hundreds of gear, enemies, and skills
*Visual Equipment System
*Massive amounts of Customization
*Slick Combat System
*Multiple difficulties
*Massive Replay Value


    Left Click: Move
    Right Click: Interact / Attack
    Tab: Skill Tree
    Q,W,E,R,T,Y: Skill Keys (Press in Skill Tree to assign)
    Shift + Right Click: Sell (In Shop)
    Shift + Right Click: Pick up (From Floor)
    Esc: Pause Menu

The alpha includes (despite what I said in the last update):

    -Fully randomly generated content for the whole first level
    -10 enemy types
    -Randomly generated gear and gear progression
    -Visual Equipment
    -Full Strength and Agility Skill Trees
    -No Level Cap

From this point on, all game content will be added in the form of (hopefully) monthly Major Patches, and smaller, more regular Minor Patches, until all the planned content is added. This includes:

    -50+ Enemy types
    -5 Dungeon levels
    -10 bosses
    -Intelligence Skill Tree
    -Visual Character Customization
    -Difficulty and Spawning Controls

Latest v1.0.2 patch:


    -Added Blacksmithing


    -Added Leather
    -Added Cloth
    -Added Crystals
    -Added String


    -Graphical Overhaul of entire UI
    -Menu layout redesigned
    -Score now displayed on Game Over screen
    -Continue Game now grayed out if no save found
    -Added Credits Page


    -Default Resolution shifted to 1024x768


    -Selling Price of all gear reduced by half
    -Graphic for Gold changed
    -XP gained from Bronies decreased by a power of ten
    -Mana cost of skills tweaked, most reduced
    -Reduced armour rating on all medium armour
    -Damage multipliers reduced by half
    -A wider range of leveled enemies will now spawn at higher player levels
    -Enemy damage and health rescaled
    -Vampire lifesteal increased from 20% to 40% of damage dealt


    -Fixed a bug where the Skill Tree would be visible on the Game Over screen
    -Score will now correctly carry over to saved games, and return to zero on death
    -Items can now be picked up while occupying the same cell as them
    -Fixed bug where items could be picked up once inventory was full
    -Increased maximum buff number, and fixed going over the buff cap bug
    -Item Tooltip now appears for items in doorways
    -Ranged damage now correctly scales with agility, rather than strength
    -Saved Games are hopefully now properly deleted on character death

Looks to be a quality project shaping up in Alpha---if the monthly or so pace for major gains can hold then this should indeed wind up something fairly substantial!   8)


"You emerge from the shelter into the dim light of an overcast day, and look around for the first time since the disaster.

The world as you knew it is gone. A ruined world stands in its place, full of nightmares come to life. Nothing can ever go back to the way it was, before the Cataclysm, but you have to be strong. You have to survive. You have to persevere. If you don't, death will be one of the better outcomes.

Above your head, storm clouds gather, and the rain stings and hisses against your skin. You shoulder your backpack, and start walking. The world has gone to hell, but you get the sinking feeling that there are darker days ahead."

The original Cataclysm was a great game, but it's developer, Whales, has moved on to new pastures. That leaves us to carry to the torch. Building on the original Cataclysm code base, we hope that DDA becomes the new standard moving forward, and helps push the game out to a wider audience.

I'm not one of the more important people here - I'm just the guy who set up the website and forums. The real masters behind this version are the many people who've contributed to the code base to bring it to the state it is today. Whales, obviously, but also the people who continue development despite the lack of any official capacity.

First, The Darkling Wolf - Without DW, this project wouldn't exist. The Darkling Wolf Mod managed to enhance the core Cataclysm game and pull together other amazing improvements from a wide variety of developers, leading to the original version of Dark Days Ahead. Fellow Administrator of the forums, and the offical "face" of the new project, DW is the person you should complain to if anything goes wrong, and the person you should laud (along with the other active devs) for the things you love. The Darkling Wolf will also be making the determination of what features end up included in the "official" and current version of Dark Days Ahead.

We also couldn't have pulled this together without a lot of hard work by Creidieki, Uzername, Kevingranade, HerbertJones, Gim, Shades and Origamiwolf. Hopefully, they'll all stop by sooner or later and introduce themselves, and continue making Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead even better.

And thanks to everyone reading this, because YOU are the people we're doing this for!

If you're interested in contributing, put your ideas into practice and post in the modding forum! We look forward to seeing what you can do.

-Wooden Spears can be used to roast meat and veggy chunks.
-Fence posts, can be placed from the construction menu and (e)xamined to make an assortment of fences.
-Evac Shelters have a bit more life to them.
-Windows in houses have curtains which can be opened and closed, and may themselves be opened and closed.
-Garages which contain assorted mechanical tools and have a small chance of containing an intact vehicle.
-Planks may be placed over pits and spiked pits in order to make them safe to cross.
-Rubble, Wreckage and ash may be cleared up with a shovel.
-Metal bars (such as those found in police stations) can be cut away by (a)ctivating a hacksaw.
-Cots and Rollmats, which may be placed by (a)ctivating them, and make it easier to sleep on a tile.
-Some furniture may be shoved around on floors.
-Select Fire mode, weapon mods and guns can be loaded at the same time, meaning you can have a grenade in your M203 without needing to empty your magazine first. (To access this feature, press the ? key, press 2, scroll down the list and assign a letter to select fire)
-Small quantities of nails drop when furniture is smashed up.
-Ammunition may be deconstructed and crafted, via finding a kinetic bullet puller and die set in gun stores.
-Containers can hold multiple charges of liquid, such as jerrycans which hold 40 charges of water.
-Jackhammers can be used to drill up roads and floors.
-Walls and floors, when destroyed, have a chance of destroying any adjacent wall and floor tiles.
-Fitted versions of clothing, which have lower encumbrance than regular clothes.

So yes, a splinter group has come together to try and continue getting Cataclysm better situated overall.   :)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Red Rogue (now at v1.0.7)
« on: December 27, 2012, 01:16:11 AM »


    -Fixed quest list breaking when quest completed


    -Fixed clone portal debugging key being active


    -Fixed rendering crashes when enchanting (caused by optimisation to rendering equipment layers).
    -New quests highlight quest menu.
    -Quest completion walks out of quest menu and sets selection to 0. Fixed teleported Horror crashing game.
    -Horror now unaffected by gates.
    -Fixed potential error in polymorph effect.
    -Fixed potential error from use of xp effect via chaos rune.
    -Bricked eating chaos runes in areas.
    -Fixed drop option becoming locked after viewing cursed item.
    -Bricked chaos armour activity in areas.
    -Healing now creates blood-type coloured sparks that rise up.
    -Fixed multiple invisible armours eating each other's image buffers.
    -Items dropped inside a wall are teleported out to a random location (a message is printed in the console).
    -xp rune can now be used at level 20 to simply effect a quickening (previously unusable at level 20).
    -Added sanity checks to Horror AI to avoid null-target bugs.
    -Overridden applyDamage and applyStun on Gate and Horror - just in case.
    -Gates no longer allow enchantment from missile weapons.
    -Konami code lives now reset on full reset.
    -Fixed inventory duplication when quitting to title screen.
    -Lore unlocked now cleared on hard reset.
    -End game checks for the husband now depend purely on UserData settings.
    -Level completion total only raised by spawning golems when the level is not completed.
    -Fixed throwing weapon stats not being applied when thrown.
    -Balrog now takes half damage from quickening.
    -Elite monsters now take half damage from holy runes.
    -Holy explosions now deal half the health of the target as the initial damage instead of full.
    -Fear enchanted missiles now black and drop crawling drips.

Fine looking update!   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Footbrawl Quest (now at v1.0)
« on: December 01, 2012, 02:16:30 PM »

Darkness spreads across the land, directed by the withered hand of the Necromancer. As his Undead army amasses conquest after conquest, only one force can possibly stand in his way. Striking straight at the heart of the Necromancer's legion, the greatest Knights in the realm stood before the Necromancer and his terrifying Undead creations and challenged them... to glorious Footbrawl!

Footbrawl Quest is a turn based football game featuring the Knights vs the Undead.
Needs Java 7

The best thing to come out of the TIGSource Sports Compo?  Time shall tell~


Miniature Roguelike created by Ondřej Žára for GitHub Game Off 2012
Featuring lightsabers, clone troopers, robots and Mickeys

Kinda says it all right there, sports some sound from some other old Star Wars game and a Jedi or Sith option.   :P

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Rogue's Tale (now at v1.08) $
« on: November 27, 2012, 12:56:40 PM »
Sometimes insane projects pop up out from nowhere----this looks to be another of those times, quirks and all!   8)  $9.99

Rogue's Tale is a fantasy roguelike that comes with graphics as well as professional music and sound effects.

The game has entered open beta that lasts from November 26th through December 31st, 2012.

The game takes place in a place called Frostmourne Keep and its underlying dungeons located in the World's End Mountains. The goal is to overthrow the current king of the Frostmourne Keep and become the new king. Rogue's Tale does not have predefined player classes, but instead, the player plays the game as a rogue and the class is determined by the talents, spells and equipment the player learns and finds along the way.

 The Roots

Rogue's Tale follows the Berlin Interpretation very closely and the only value that is violated is that it doesn't come with ASCII graphics.
Game System

Rogue's Tale uses a game system where the game rolls 2D6 and compares it to a number, usually 7, to determine whether an action is succesful. The rolls are often modified by the player's abilities as follows: ability value of 2 equals a -5 modifier, 7 equals 0, and 12 equals +5.

ASCII graphics and keyboard?

    No worries, there will also be a mouse driven interface as well as some graphics.

Where does the game take place?

    The game takes place in a place called Frostmourne Keep and its underlying dungeons in the World's End Mountains.

What is the ultimate goal of the game?

    The goal is to overthrow the King of the Frostmourne Keep and become the new King.

Is it going to be a multiplayer game?

    No, single player only.

What character classes will it have?

    There will be only one character class and that is the rogue. What kind of character the rogue will be depends on the choices the player makes along the way.

What choices might those be?

    At certain levels your character gains ability points as well as talent points that will greatly affect his or hers chances of survival in the hostile world.

What is the maximum level cap, if any?

    Level 20, during which the character will receive 6 talent gains, 7 ability gains and 6 health gains.

So do I need to register or something?

    Yes and no. The game requires account and password to login in both offline and online modes. There is, however, no need to pass along any personally identifiable information but then there is no way to reset a lost password in the online mode.

    You may, if you want to, register an online account with an email address. Registered accounts are never removed for as long as the server exists and their passwords can be reset with the help of the registered email address.

How long has it been in development?

    On and off since Autumn 2009.

When will it be released?


What are the system requirements?

    The game will be released as a Windows executable. Some kind of hardware acceleration is required though (mini laptops will do fine).

I'm poor and I like to steal games, will this game be free so I don't get bad karma?

    It's too early to say anything about pricing, if there will be any.

Lastly, notes on the beta:

The beta is almost the same as the full version of the game with the exception that it has a character level cap of 10 instead of 20 and timewise it takes about one quarter to reach the final battle. About one third of the heritages cannot be completed in the beta but they have been tested out otherwise so it's not a problem.

As for the difficulty level, it's somewhere between insane and masochistic and for fairness sake it can't be lowered. Just before uploading the game I checked the final battle one more time to make sure it works with the lowered level cap, gave the toon pretty much the best items obtainable and got my ass kicked due to a little bit of bad luck.

Site is quite loaded with screens, demo videos, and breakdowns of the various systems, skills, items and whatnot as it all rounds out to----pretty clear that a lot of effort has been thrown into this to shake things up a bit.   8)

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