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31   $19.99 and up with bonus additions  Win/Mac/Linux

Build a loyal band of followers and survive the journey across a broken world. Barely. Play Nowhere Prophet first, become a part of the world and help me build a better post-apocalypse.

Find loot and recruit followers to build your deck
Unlock new classes and convoys across multiple playthroughs
More than 250 cards for you to discover
Stunning and colorful art style
Indian infused electronica soundtrack
Play and stream Nowhere Prophet before anyone else
Regular updates every month
Future steam support included


A single player game with tactical card combat. You travel across procedurally generated maps set on a strange planet after a catastrophic technological breakdown. Recruit followers, find loot and manage your resources as you take the fate of your convoy in your hands. Each fight will make you want to tweak and improve your deck to face the next encounter. Travel through this broken world and search for a new hope among the ruins.

Why First Access?
Making a game is hard, especially one as involved as Nowhere Prophet. I’ve been hard at work for almost 3 years now and it’s time to move towards release. I’m doing my best to make it as good as I can and for that I will need some quality feedback.

This is where I hope the First Access comes into play: I’m looking for some good input from actual players that want to help shape the game so that I’m investing into the right features and content.

Also obviously making some money to help finance the development is a definite plus too.
Does the First Access include a Steam key?
Yes. If you buy the game now you will be able to play it on steam once it launches there.
When will the game be done?
I’m currently shooting for a release in the second quarter of 2018 on all major online stores: Steam, itch, GOG and the Humble store. I’m confident that this is a realistic but you know how it is with release dates…

The time until release will be spent on improving and extending the game. I want to make sure it’s balanced and fun and that the interface is easily understood and useful to players. And I want to add more content to the game - anything from unlockable player classes, to more events, enemies, cards and items.
What are the risks and challenges?
I have many years of game dev experience and as a indie developer. I have released two commercial indie games before. Granted these were smaller projects and a different team but I’m very confident in my ability to complete Nowhere Prophet.

However I’m the sole central developer. There’s freelancers to help but if some horrible tragedy should befall me then no one else will be able to pick up the project and continue. That’s definitely the biggest risk but I’ll be careful so let’s hope it doesn’t come to pass.

Depending on how well the First Access goes I might still have to earn some money, which will be primarily freelance work for other app & game developers (such as Cultist Simulator here). This may eat into the time available to finish the game, and even may go so far as to delay the release, but it wouldn’t prevent it.

It is possible that my freelancers won’t be available for some of the remaining work but I’m confident that I’ll be able to find other talented people to help out then.

An ambitious approach, but here's hoping it pans out given the potential.   8)

Other Announcements / ARRP 2017 looms stealthily!
« on: September 13, 2017, 08:58:26 PM »

What dreams shall manifest?   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Songbringer (now at v1.0.1) $
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:46:53 AM »  $19.99 Win/Mac/Linux/PS4/XBO

Darkness sleeps just beneath the cracks on the ever-changing planet. The curious will uncover powerful artifacts and forge them anew. The strong will take the nanosword and crush galactic giants.

Songbringer: Procedural Action RPG
Songbringer is a scifi action RPG with swords, secrets, dungeons, bosses and stuff.

You play the role of protagonist and accidental hero, Roq Epimetheos. With a propensity for partying and making music, he cruises the galaxy with his skybot Jib aboard the ship Songbringer, searching for verdant planets absent the presence of galactic police.

When Roq finds the nanosword hidden in a cave on Ekzera, he unwittingly awakens an ancient evil. The sword is pretty fraggin' sweet though. It... hums.

Jib, the Skybot
Jib began life as a human boy on the skycity planet Yuerder. Growing up, he took an interest in programming artificial intelligence, eventually making a career for himself. On his deathbed, he illegally transferred his consciousness into a skybot, destroying the consciousness link thereby preventing overwrite.

Jib scans the bodies of your fallen foes, sometimes uncovering valuable loot. He can also gain the ability to stun foes. Jib is automatically controlled by AI, or player two can play Jib in local co-op mode.

Lacking the ability to grow one as a human, Jib is obsessed with mustaches.

You choose a 6-letter world seed when beginning a quest. This seed is used to procedurally generate the planet, overworld, secrets and dungeons.

Entering the same world seed will always generate the same world, no matter which platform you are playing on. Thus lore and competition can be shared with others.

Play a new seed and surprise yourself with a new world. Or enter a seed you are familiar with for a speed run.

Open / Non-linear
The generated overworld is open and non-linear. Head in any compass direction you like or play dungeons out of order. You aren't even required to pick up the sword.

Of the nine dungeons Roq and Jib can uncover in each world:
    Some are thematic, containing puzzles and items integral to completing the world.
    Some are secret, hidden side quests in which abilities can be gained.
    Some are tough as nails with overwhelmingly difficult foes, mobs and bosses.

Secrets of the Cacti
Everywhere one looks, there is much that is not seen. Concealed treasures abound. By eating cacti, Roq gains psychedelic powers and is able to perceive the secrets that lurk in plain sight.

Some items Roq discovers can be combined to create distinct artifacts. Find a blink orb and a fire cube? Take these to the droidsmith aboard Songbringer to craft a fire orb enabling Roq to teleport forward a few steps while turning into a fireball.

Songbringer features no experience points (no XP). Progress is made by crushing mobs, vanquishing bosses and claiming lost technological devices.

On completing a quest, several factors are quantified to produce an overall score:

    Time to complete
    Percentage of map uncovered
    Percentage of items obtained
    Game mode: regular vs permadeath

Your score can be saved to a global leaderboard sorted by world seed. This leaderboard cycles through seeds by popularity and freshness. You can manually override to view a particular seed.


Thanks for helping to make Songbringer's launch a success. I appreciate all the praise, constructive criticism and feedback you all have sent.

Some free updates are planned for Songbringer which will feature new items and abilities. More on this as it develops.

In this update, a focus has been placed on making the combat more precise, accurate and tight.

[NEW] New feature: blink momentum - repeated usage of the Blink Orb has a faster and faster cooldown
[NEW] New feature: clutch courage defense - Roq takes less damage when at less than one tooth of courage
[NEW] New story element hints at how to beat Radruiel (the Blob Boss) if he proves difficult

[+++] Roq's sword hitboxes have been adjusted to feel more precise and accurate
[+++] Roq's sword hitboxes are more consistent due to remembering attack direction after letting go
[+++] Sparks from the sword now hit objects in more accurate locations and fly in a more accurate direction
[+++] Roq's sword hitbox last slightly longer so attacks connect more often and timing feels better
[+++] Roq's subsequent sword combos have slightly less and less attack delay
[+++] Roq's tophat aim direction is remembered after letting go of a direction
[+++] Roq slows down a little bit less when swinging the sword while running
[+++] One can revisit any previously locked dungeons after completing the game in order to gain 100% items and/or map
[+++] Viper enemy's rate of attack is now based on the dungeon difficulty instead of being random
[+++] Add black sparks when hitting foes
[+++] Thickets are no longer created around home area if one has the Victor's Emblem
[+++] Minor adjustments to the hitboxes of lightning and ice effects
[+++] Ice dragons can no longer shoot multiple freezing ice balls at once
[+++] Lassaurium (Ice Boss) is slightly less random in her final phase
[+++] Bath Kol (Lightning Boss) no longer heals from lightning-crafted weapons

[FIX] Fixed a situation where the crafting warning would not play when using the Captain's Note
[FIX] Fixed Diamond Sack and Blink Orb not showing the correct upgrade level in stores
[FIX] Up, down, left, right, escape and enter always work in the menu
[FIX] Fixed dialogue remaining on screen after transition
[FIX] Fixed an empty flask re-appearing if you came back with the corresponding full flask
[FIX] Fixed Linux multi-monitor support
[FIX] Fixed foes getting pushed into walls in overly-crowded rooms
[FIX] Game auto-saves after critical story events aboard Songbringer

Looking slick and well set up for the future to come.   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Undervault (now at Alpha v0.1.1) $
« on: August 22, 2017, 08:58:23 PM »   $3.00 Win/Mac/Linux/Android   Demo available

Undervault is a role-playing game with random levels and perma-death. Game level contains rooms of different types (kitchen, bedroom, treasury etc.).  Some rooms are 'unknown' and can be revealed by spinning roulette, or by using a room card. The only goal is to escape from the dungeon.

Each of the room types has its own special features. In kitchen you can find food and kitchenware; in arsenal – weapon and armor; chapel destroys enemies in nearby rooms; in bedroom you can rest and heal. Some rooms might have enemies. Fight them or avoid – depends on you.

Battles are turn-based with such features:
    Aim on different body parts – head, torso, legs
    Use active skills. Roar to make enemy retreat, punch to stun
    Consume items (syringe, bandage, pills)
    Character statutes and traits which affect battle
    Enemy AI which controls use of items and skills

More game features:
    Skills tree with ability to focus on different play styles (battle, stealth, room generation)
    Trading. Each trader in the game has its unique list of items and prices. It's possible to speculate with some items by buying from one trader and selling to another with a higher price
    Farming. All you need is room with soil and light, seeds and some time
    Mining. Dig new rooms or connections between existing rooms
    Character leveling system. Improve certain characteristics on each level
    Different room connection types - door, ladder, hole (move only downward), locked door (pull lever to unlock)
    Backpack system. You can take only limited amount of items to the next dungeon level (number depends on player stats and equipped backpack)

My first serious game is finally released. It was really hard and sometimes frustrating to develop. Especially it's true for art because I am not an artist and never did it before. While the game is still in development most of the core features are implemented. My plans for the nearest future are:   

    Polish art, UI, gameplay
    Make game easier to get into and improve overall usability

If I'll get a positive feedback and some funds for additional development I have some additional features in mind:

    End game statistics
    Daily challenges, leaderboards
    New content: items, enemies, rooms etc.
    Different playable characters, each with its own special feature

Anyway, check it out (demo is free) and share your thoughts about the game. Have fun!

An interesting and hopeful mix...

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / 20XX (now at v1.2 and Hawk DLC!) $
« on: August 17, 2017, 11:49:05 AM »  $14.99 Win

If you like roguelikes or Mega Man, 20XX is for you!

20XX is a roguelike action platformer that you can play with a friend. Jump and shoot your way through ever-changing levels, collect awesome new powers, and battle mighty bosses in the name of saving the human race maybe!

20XX also features full co-op. Play with a friend on the couch or over the interwebs!

20XX supports 1-2 players locally or online via Steam. (Online play is 90% stable at this time.)

~3 years in Early Access seem to have paid off at long last.   8)

 8)  $14.99 Win/Mac/Linux

Tangledeep combines the 16-bit graphics and polish of classic SNES-era RPGs with elements from roguelikes and dungeon crawlers to create a magical experience for players of all skill levels. Trapped in underground villages with no memory of the world at the surface, you must survive an ever-changing labyrinth to discover what lies above. Experience rich, tactical, turn-based gameplay as you explore a sprawling dungeon that’s different each time you play. Tangledeep features a customizable job system and hundreds of collectible items that allow you to approach each playthrough in a totally new way!

The Setting
For hundreds of years, people have lived in the safety of underground settlements and villages – where the only route to the surface is “Tangledeep,” a mysterious and ever-changing labyrinth. With memories of the surface world long forgotten, you set out for the labyrinth to discover what lies above. With each floor – full of magical beasts, ancient automatons, bizarre environments and hybrid biomes – the mystery grows ever deeper…

Key Features
    Experience finely-tuned, procedurally-generated and handcrafted gameplay as you fight challenging monsters, complete quests, and collect rare items.
    Master deep, tactical turn-based combat across 9 unique jobs. (More to come!)
    Choose between two game modes – including Adventure Mode, which removes the pain of permadeath.
    Share some of your progress between characters by using the banking system, or planting magic trees and raising monsters in town.
    Take in the scenery – comprised of beautiful 16-bit graphics and carefully handcrafted maps!
    Relax to a beautiful soundtrack composed by award-winning composer Andrew Aversa – joined by Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana) and Grant Kirkhope (GoldenEye 007, Civilization: Beyond Earth).

Multiple Platforms and Control Methods
    Runs on both PC and Mac, with Linux support in continuing development (already works great on several distros)
    Play with virtually any controller, and remap any control, binding, or shortcut
    Old-school keyboard-only support (numpad movement) as well as WASD preset bindings available
    Full mouse support - can even be played with ONLY the mouse!

Why Early Access?
“Tangledeep is already a beautiful, polished game with dozens of hours of gameplay. Its procedurally-generated maps, hundreds of items, 9 jobs, and diverse monsters give it high replayability even though the game isn't 100% done yet. Through Early Access, we can continue iterating on the game - expanding the dungeon, the story and lore, more items, more jobs, etc. - while also collecting valuable and useful feedback from players!”
Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
“Tangledeep will be in Early Access until December 2017. We have a clear development roadmap and we expect the full, final game will be released in either November or December.”
How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“The final version of the game will have significantly expanded story and lore content, more art (i.e. character directional sprites, attack animations), many more items, side areas, jobs, abilities, and secrets, fine-tuned balance, and additional challenge modes, among other things.”
What is the current state of the Early Access version?
“Tangledeep has been in development since February 2016 and already has rich gameplay, Windows & OSX support (Linux works on some distros), full controller support, 50+ monsters hundreds of items... It's in great shape! We are constantly working on the game with new builds every few days.”
Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?
“There will be no price difference from Early Access to the final game launch.”
How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?
“Tangledeep's development has been very open to the community since day 1! We post development updates on Twitter and our Discord server regularly, as well as through our email list. Andrew (the lead developer) streams development weekly on Twitch as well.

Your feedback, suggestions, comments, and concerns will continue to be heard and rolled into ongoing development!”

Here we go---the final drive to this doubtlessly grand project!   8) :)   Already a ton of background updates happened since the mid-KS days~

37 $14.99 Win

The popular dungeon-crawling RPG series returns! Take your party into procedurally-generated dungeons, fight in turn-based battles, loot and level up! Explore the land and uncover the mysteries of the Godfall!

The popular dungeon-crawling RPG series comes to Steam! Monsters' Den: Godfall is a new game, larger in scope and richer in content than ever before.

    A turn-based role playing game focused on dungeon crawling and advancement.
    Found and manage a Mercenary Company. Maintain a roster of heroes, upgrade your keep and adopt doctrines for universal bonuses.
    Take direct control of a party of up to four adventurers to lead on missions.
    Battle groups of enemies in turn-based tactical combat.
    Procedurally generated dungeons, loot and missions.
    Overland travel- visit new cities and dungeons, search ruins and find hidden places of interest.
    Improved character advancement means increased freedom to personalize your team of heroes.
    Hundreds of unique items that can be customized with enchantments.
    More than 100 enemy types, each with unique skills requiring different tactical approaches.
    Random dungeon modifiers add new wrinkles to each mission.
    Story missions uncover the mysteries of the Godfall.

In the beginning, there were many gods. Until war came to heaven. One by one, the gods fell. Each Godfall brought with it a fierce meteor shower, as well as the sudden deaths of their worshippers. As the gods continued to fall and entire kingdoms were brought to ruin by the sympathetic deaths of the devout, many renounced their faith in the hope of being spared. Without divine protection, large numbers succumbed to possession and corruption as the demonic powers forced their entry into the world. Now, there is but one god. Her clerics exert dominance over the human remnants, ruling with an iron fist. Nomadic greenskin tribes pillage and burn their way across the land. Ambitious necromancers harvest the bones of fallen civilizations to amass undead armies of incredible size. The human heretics of the Cult of the Outward Path seek to break free from this world, risking it in the process. The dwarves of the Earthern Nations burrow ever deeper, trying to escape the madness of the surface world. Horrors wait there in the depths, ready to boil out and claim the old places. And all the while, sinister forces yet unseen lurk in the shadows and lay their plans. The fate of humanity hangs by a thread. Time to get to work.

Fifty years after the last Godfall, the winnowing of humanity has passed. The survivors and their descendants struggle to survive and rebuild in a world whose balance has dramatically shifted against them.

Should be pretty good given the pedigree!   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Larn-NEXT (now at Xvart)
« on: June 22, 2017, 10:24:23 PM »

After 3 months of hammering away at Larn's codebase, finally it's time for a new release.

A lot of changes have happened over this time from bug fixes, feature implementations and backend improvements. The conversion to C++ is going well, with many usages of C++17 features and proper casting, templates, classes and inline functions & inline variables.


Due to my cross-compilation environment, I was unable to get mips and armhf builds ready as Larn now needs GCC 7 as a minimum, so this will be done in the next releases (weekly).

In the single zip file attached here, there will be a Win64, GNU/Linux 32bit and aarch64 (Arm64) binary. Use the one for your architecture and system.

Also thanks to the contributors!


    Rewrote the cannedlevel function to be standard C/C++.
    Rewrote the cave level generation (some bugs remain).
    Rewrote the math which generates the mazes.
    Cleaned up some functions and squashed some bugs.
    Cleaned up UI (finalized).
    Templated functions.
    Inlined functions for #define's.
    Inlined variable for WIZID (more to come).
    Added more mazes to the file.
    Removed color.
    Removed all #define macros and replaced them with inline functions,
    variables, templates and declared the rest correctly.
    Renamed some variables like scprob to scroll_probability.
    Removed larnfunc.h and created templates/math.t.hpp.
    Now compiles cleanly with GCC 7.1 with very strict rules.
    Cleaned up inventory code and made it fullscreen.
    Increased mobuls to 699.
    Created a log of messages (data/messages.log) for review if
    players miss any of the messages scrolling while playing.
    Removed pointless casting.
    Large amount of bug fixing.
    Apache 2.0 applies to more files.


The future of Larn shines once again from another of the stars in the sky!   8)

39 $13.99 Win/Mac

We Slay Monsters streamlines traditional roguelike RPG gameplay and introduces a unique poker-esque card based combat mechanic. Each class (Wizard, Rogue, Warrior) has a unique deck of cards; using this deck you will guide your hero through the dungeon. Each dungeon is designed to play in short bursts, with a single dungeon taking 15-25 minutes to complete (or even less if your hero dies).

The Academy For Dungeoneering

In We Slay Monsters, the player is tasked with the rebuilding of the once prestigious Academy For Dungeoneering, famous for training generations of heroes, but long since fallen into disrepair.

The Academy is your persistent base that can be upgraded over time with gold earned by performing successful quests for nearby towns. Heroes may die, but your Academy lives on.

Poker-esque card-based combat mechanic. Most hands that would be valid in poker are valid here, except the deck is made up of six suits instead of four, with face values from 1-9 instead of Ace-King. Flushes can be made with only three of the same suit, and any flush results in a super attack. Each suit has a unique attack ability.
Campaign against the Institute of Evil. In the campaign, you square off against the Institute of Evil, a rival school responsible for training evil beasts and strange bosses to take over the world.
Endless supply of recruits. Permadeath means a hero might die, but your Academy has an endless supply of new recruits willing to risk all for fame and fortune.
Over 35 monsters which can be unlocked. Each monster has unique abilities, and monsters are unlocked over time as you complete quests.


Our composer Adam Chandler has done a great job with the music and sound effects for the game, and the full soundtrack album is available as DLC for the game, or buy the game with the soundtrack and save 10%!

Been a long road for this one, but I suspect it will have a solid time of it.   8)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Cryptark (now available) $
« on: June 20, 2017, 03:53:34 PM » $14.99 Win/Mac/Linux
Cryptark is a 2D roguelike shooter that challenges players with boarding and neutralizing procedurally generated alien starships to earn income for their Privateering enterprise. Purchase improved equipment and weapons to tackle more dangerous targets, but be cautious as failure will result in a loss of investment and profit. The decaying alien arks will defend themselves from intruders with a wide arsenal of cyborg monstrosities, robotics, and security systems, all obstacles that must be surpassed to achieve victory, the destruction of the ship’s central System Core.

Complex, procedurally generated alien space-hulks to board and defeat.
Challenging, re-playable campaign that tests your strategy and tactics.
Over 70 weapons and items, including frag-cannons, tractor-beams, flamethrowers and nukes.
High-score leader boards to rank your skills.
Fully lip-synced voice acting brings your fellow shipmates to life.
Blood-pumping soundtrack perfect for intense firefights.

Been a long road of Early Access---but they finally got there.   8)

41  $8.99/Win

This massage is about game's stauts. Please read this massage carefully, before you purchase the game.
Right now the Red Obsidian Remnant is only a semi-finished game. We are collecting the players' feedback and advise by this EA tasting, to build the game better. In the future update, not only incress more gears, items, monsters, events and so on, but also may optimise the stage and resource system (this may causes players' dislike, so we are still thinking carefully). Even we spend all the time of last one and half years on development, but we were really short of hands (there's only 3 people, me and my borther on program, and another music producer). In a word, the ROR has not been completed yet, hopefully we can work together to perfect this game.

Thank you.
Game System Introduction

    ★ A Roguelike gameplay and action system combined dungeon game.
    ★ Up to three weapons—used alternately in the battle, forming intricate attacks.
    ★ Props with many varying results to enrich your decisions in adventure as well as your outfits.
    ★ Monster differentiation system—the same monster may be affected by various differentiation elements, becoming tough to deal with.
    ★ With similar event mechanism like TPRG, all kinds events contain a certain choice and randomness.

What are the creative motive, game plot and game mechanism of the Red Obsidian Remnant? Which games do you use for reference in the process of designing?
As our first independent game, we choose the Roguelike dungeon type, because it is relatively well controlled. All the game experience is concentrated in a single hour of the game time, so that we can be more focused to make it rich and harmonious. Faced with the emerging of more and more roguelike dungeon games, what we can think of is to combine our game with ACT in order to make a difference. We hope the finally added plot can make the game more complete though the story is not the main part of the game.

Speaking of reference, we’ve seen a lot of good works and I think that encourages us to make our own. So, you may feel intimacy while playing the game. Since we all have been more or less influenced by Falcom, I think our game style is somewhat similar to that. In the aspect of Roguelike elements, we borrow a lot from The Binding of Isaac. I am an old player of the retro arcade games. I played a lot of SNK’s classical fighting games and the Last Blade is my favorite. I like to play on the arcade fighting platform occasionally, to recall the past.

What elements of the Red Obsidian Remnant do you think are interesting and innovative? In your opinion, what’s the core of the dungeon exploration roguelike game?
It’s our first time to make a Roguelike game, but we played a lot and we learn from others. The Roguelike game is the concentration of the long-term RPG, in which players have to experience a time to develop, and to develop changing routines in order to maintain freshness in each play.
The Red Obsidian Remnant is an action game and its fighting routine changes reflect more in moves. Besides, the equipment in the Red Obsidian Remnant is the key to influencing the development of the role. So we let the roles carry more weapons. The moves of each weapon can be used alternately and the combination of different weapons can directly form a fighting style. This can be counted as a solution, which just solved problems in the design. I think rules are born under various restrictions.

What are the characteristics of the monster system in the game? How to keep the balance of the monster system and the difficulty of the game?
As the action game, its basic part is to design monsters with different moves, based on which we add monster differentiation system. The differentiated monster will be attached around with spinning balls and each kind of the balls carries various effects, which may cause the monster explode or parasitize, split after death. You can simply do the math. Besides, there exist no monsters with pure armors since the armor will lead to the invalidity of the ACT basic system after the attack, and the failure to attack consistently, which will make you feel suck. Therefore, the characteristic of armors here is only adopted as part of the monster’s moves.
As for the difficulty and the relationships among monsters, we will enhance the AI initiative of the monsters, times of differentiation and the probability of the emergence of dangerous houses in the high difficulty mode. The premise is to maintain the basic value of monsters.

Why Early Access?
“Actually, the game currently can be only treated as a semi-finished product. We hope that more players can keep their eyes on the following development of the game so that we can get more experience feedback, from which we can gradually build and improve the content of the game.”
Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
“It is expected to last at least six months. Although we’ve opened Early Access, that version can only be considered as a semi-finished product since the game content is far from enough.”
How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“1 Optimize the room layout and gradually add more traps, destructible items etc. to form a different terrain.
2 Improve the misfortune talent and classify the monsters to different layers.
3 Add more equipment, props, monsters, events, new weapons type and etc.
4 Open the 5th floor and add new branches, achievements, ranking and etc.
5 Probably open the total Soul Point System used for all kinds of events, such as unlocking new avatar or open Pandora box.
6 Probably open the Skill Book System used for learning skills and mastering new moves in the remnant.
7 For the full version, the online adventure and PVP mode will be opened if everything goes well.”
What is the current state of the Early Access version?
“1 Currently, the randomness of the game is not that obvious due to the limit of terrain maps, monster types, the number of weapons props, skills and the number of bosses, as well as the number of events. With the update, new quantitative content will be added one by one.

2 The main difficulty of the game reflects in the enhancement of the monster AI, blood, damage and quantity. We will add various types of the terrain traps for the room to increase the diversity of combat.

3 For the Early Access Version, we’ll firstly make sure it stable by doing internal test before the release. But, if you encounter any bug or problems, please let us know by writing comments through our community or QQ group.”
Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?
“The price in the period of Early Access won’t change. But after the official version is launched, that is, when more new contents are added, the price will be slightly raised.”
How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?
“We hope more players to write down their suggestions while evaluating, or discuss with other players about our game in the community, from which we hope to know more suggestions and ideas about the game so as to improve our content in a better way.”

Look beyond the above, and ingame, Engrish---it is getting steadily sorted ingame and otherwise....and the game itself is forging QUITE a nice path forward and at a good and furious pace of aggressive updating lately and to come.   It has a certain something that is beyond the norm...   8)

42  7.99GBP  Win/Mac/Linux/more later  $9.99

XENOMARINE is a sci-fi-horror themed roguelike in which you play a space marine exploring a dark alien-infested space station.

You start out with nothing but a crowbar, a torch running low on battery and some damaged armor...and high hopes of finding some powerful alien tech!

Xenomarine combines classic 'roguelike' gameplay (including procedural level generation and 'permadeath') with atmospheric visuals and an intuitive interface.


    Classic turn-based gameplay with lots of strategic depth
    Infinite, randomly generated levels (15 in Alpha)
    Atmospheric 3D lighting
    Unique useable items such as scanners, stimpacks and directional forcefields
    Over 150 unique enemy types (80 in Alpha)
    Over 70 learnable skill upgrades
    Multiple damage types and status effects
    Crafting (craft items from scrap and upgrade weapons and armor)
    Intuitive user interface, with mouse-only and keyboard-only support
    Realistic sci-fi sounds including randomly generated atmosphere sounds

Alpha 1  (comparison chart onsite between free Demo and Alpha release)

Skills and Class
NEW: ‘class’ stat (e.g. soldier, engineer) added to terminal and highscores
NEW: ‘hacking’ skill,-used to hack and acquire drones
NEW: ‘alien tech’ skill used for mind-control devices and other tech
NEW: skills flash when available for clarity

NEW: combat drones (which can be hacked!)
NEW: scout drones (which can be hacked!)
NEW: hacking devices (required for hacking)

Level Design/Graphics
NEW: 12 new levels available (Alpha only)
NEW: 70 new enemy types available (Alpha only)
NEW: more variety for 1x1 rooms
NEW: ‘medical alternate’ room styles
NEW: ‘terminal’ style desks
NEW: 3x3 vaults
NEW: add additional 2x2 vaults
NEW: egg ‘hives’
NEW: floor scattered with scrap
NEW: procedurally generated atmospheric sounds improved (and game music removed)
NEW: desk objects (laptops, tablets, paper)
NEW controlpanel sprites as alternative to desk
NEW: new status-causing ‘goo’ tiles for later levels
NEW: 3x3tile floor area sprite to replace centre of rooms
NEW: yellow lights for radioactive rooms with new siren sound
NEW: coloured lights for special floor tiles
NEW: sprites for crates, crates also renamed
NEW: chest lights stop flashing when used
MOD: change corridor generation for vaults to allow connections to different room shapes
MOD: delete more rooms for more varied map layouts
MOD: reduce alarm volume
MOD: more varied level sizes
FIX: bug where no suitable locaton for vault found
FIX: less likely to spawn near teleporter
FIX: remove disconnected rooms
FIX: bug causing rooms connected only by secret doors to be deleted
FIX: med vault layout bug (see screenshot)
FIX: bug where being in water causes enemies always to miss
FIX: blood spatter disabled on water tiles

Weapons and Armor
NEW: 24 new weapon types available (Alpha only)
NEW: 12 additional grenade types with new sound effects
NEW: armor and helmet types
NEW: 2 additional shield types
NEW: minigun sound effect
FIX: minigun no longer has range 1

NEW: status effect upgrades for player weapons
NEW: mindcontrol devices using alien tech skill
NEW: night-vision goggles (longer range than torches, shorter life);
NEW: 25 weapon enhancements
NEW: 20 new trap types available (Alpha only)
NEW: improved scanner animation and sound effects
MOD: turning torch/goggles on during a turn now costs 1 power
MOD: torches and goggles weight reduced to 1
FIX: bug where weakness antipack ineffective against severe weakness

NEW: ALT+ mvmt keys to move map using keybaord
FIX: auto-mouse-movement no longer goes through dangerous floor tiles
NEW: improved dual-wielding controls (second weapon is skipped if no enemy in range)
FIX: auto-mouse movement disabled when hallucinating

Inventory and Quickslots
NEW: delete button pulsates when available to make it easier to find
NEW: can now swap quickslots when using keyboard shortcuts
MOD: removed torch restriction from second slot on belt
NEW: more belt utilisation sounds

Help/Tutorial Text
NEW: help message when dragging usables to equipment slots
NEW: help message when dragging item to ineligible quickslot (torch/medkits)
NEW: help text when trying to repair armor with no scrap/other help for workbench
NEW: log message ‘you are low on health’
MOD: increased log font size
NEW: experience now shown on char stats?
NEW: message in main log to indicate encumbrance
NEW: help tips between levels
NEW: dual-wielding help message when unable to equip second weapon
NEW: info about changing movement controls on controls screen
NEW: log message ‘you now have enough experience points to learn a skill’

Log/Info Text
NEW: black background to log during LSD trap
NEW: remove ‘in the equipment crate’ from find messages (too long)
NEW: severely injured and close to death message now come after welcome messages on new level
NEW: added outline to hover info to stand out against light areas
NEW: text indicators for ‘out of ammo’ and status effects
NEW: mouseover alien show to hit with current weapon
MOD: more accurate info text for multi-vaccine
FIX: shield resistance info formatting
FIX: bug with hidden log messages when resizing log

NEW: UI scaling for small and large screensizes, with improved sprites
NEW: improve demo and alpha completion experience, showing highscores for game
NEW: some game sounds improved
MOD: ‘illness’ debuff made less powerful
MOD: enemy distribution changed so more ‘themed’ levels
FIX: resting disabled when poisoned or radioactive
FIX: bug with some damage types not impacting health bar

43   Android/Desktop/etc

Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a Roguelike RPG, with pixel art graphics and lots of variety and replayability. Every game is unique, with four different playable characters, randomized levels and enemies, and over 150 items to collect and use. The game is simple to get into, but has lots of depth. Strategy is required if you want to win!

This game is based on the freely available source code of Pixel Dungeon. It began as a project to improve on the original game's quirks, but has since evolved into a separate game, with many unique features.

ShatteredPD includes:
- High replayability: Randomly generated levels, enemies, and items. No two games are the same!
- 4 hero classes: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Huntress. Each hero has a unique playstyle.
- 8 subclasses: Successful heroes can refine their skills to become more powerful.
- 5 distinct dungeon regions: each with their own enemies, traps, and quests.
- Over 150 different items: including powerful wands, rings, weapons, and armor.
- 50+ different enemies, 30 different traps, and 5 bosses to test your skills.
- Unique artifacts, which grow in power as you use them.
- Updates, with new content roughly once a month.

ShatteredPD is a 100% free game. There are no advertisements, microtransactions, or paywalls. An optional donation to support the game unlocks a couple of fun extras, but these are entirely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay.

Find an issue with the game? Have a suggestion? Then contact me! This game is a solo project, so the feedback of players is invaluable in improving the game. You can contact me at (My ability to respond to emails in languages other than English is limited.)

ShatteredPD is available in multiple languages thanks to support from the community. The translation project is hosted here:

ShatteredPD is open source software under the GPLv3 Licence. You can find the current source code here:


Hey everyone! Another 3 months have passed without an update, but this is a big one!

Before I get into descriptions though, I want to let you guys know that the next few updates are going to come faster and be more focused on traditional content. I know some players have been longing for some regular content updates for a while now. Those updates are coming soon, just a little more waiting!

In the meantime though 0.6.0 is definitely a content update, just of a different sort. 0.6.0 introduces a completely redesigned level generation system! Almost every aspect of levelgen has been completely reworked, and while things should still feel pretty familiar, there are a lot of possibilities now with this new system.

The update is rolling out right now through Google Play, and will be available to users on other platforms soon.

You can also direct-download the APK (as well as previous APKs) Here.

Here’s a full list of changes:

 New levelgen!
 - Level creation algorithm completely overhauled!
 - Sewers are now smaller, caves+ are now larger
 - Some rooms can now be much larger than before
 - Added 8 new standard room types,
   and loads of new standard room layouts
 Environment Balance Changes:
 - Falling damage tweaked to be less random
 - Reduced number of traps in later chapters
 - Floor 2 entry doors only hidden for new players
 - Visiting floor 21 before completing the imp quest
   no longer prevents his shop from spawning
 - Light sources now grant significantly more vision
 - Light from torches now lasts 20% longer
 - Slightly increased visibility on floor 22+
 - Floor 21 shop now sells 3 torches, up from 2
 Item Balance Changes:
 - Meat and small rations are 50% more filling
 - Pasties and blandfruit are 12.5% more filling
 - Greataxe base damage increased by ~22%
 - Greatshield base damage increased by ~17%
 - Vampiric enchant lifesteal reduced by 20%
 - Lucky enchant rebalanced:
   now deals 2x/0x damage, instead of min/max
   base chance to deal 2x increased by ~10%
 - Glyph of Viscosity rebalanced:
   proc chance reduced by ~25%
   damage over time reverted from 15% to 10%
 - Glyph of Entanglement root time reduced by 40%
 - Glyph of Potential rebalanced:
   self-damage no longer scales with max hp
   grants more charge at higher levels

Change Context:

New Levelgen!:

I’ve already written two blog posts on this, so if you’re curious about how the system works you should look at Part One, and if you want to see some of the new content that’s been added, take a look at Part Two.

Environment Balance Changes:

The falling damage changes are another attempt to make falling very damaging, without also having it instakill low HP players. Back in 0.4.1 I added a bleed component to help with this, but it was proving too random and would occasionally quickly kill high health heroes. Chasms now will deal mostly upfront damage if the hero is healthy, and will deal mostly bleed if the player was weak when they fell. This should preserve the initial goal of letting dieing heroes chug a health potion to survive, while also cutting down on the randomness for those who fell when healthy.

The changes to traps, entry doors, and light sources are reactionary to the levelgen changes. With more detailed level layouts, traps become more punishing (and they were already quite harsh anyway), reducing their number should help with that. The more freeform layouts make secrets harder to find, so it seemed unnecessary to keep adding secret doors on floor 2 for players who clearly already know how to search for them. Light changes were entirely to counterbalance the fact that rooms layouts are a bit larger now, which makes reduced visibility more punishing. I’m happy that darkness is harsher now, as previously visibility would need to be almost 0 before it became a serious drawback.

Item Balance Changes:

Food changes are entirely due to new levelgen, which tends to make backtracking and being thorough take longer, especially after floor 10. Rather than just buffing food across the board though, I felt it was more interesting to make the less common food sources more worthwhile. Overpriced rations have also been renamed to small rations, to reflect the fact that after this buff (and their cost reduction in 0.4.1) they are clearly not a terrible buy from the shop anymore.

Weapon, glyph, and enchant changes were all made based on analytics data. The Greatshield and Greataxe weren’t quite carrying enough heft to justify their strength requirements; enemies should now feel their weight just as much as you do. Vampiric and Viscocity have been knocked down a peg or two due to their very high usage, they should still be very strong however. Lucky, Entanglement, and Potential have all had major changes to make their drawbacks less punishing. Lucky in particular has had a major mechanics change to allow it to better stack with other damage boosting effects. I look forward to seeing screenshots of people dealing 200+ damage with a lucky greataxe =P

Far beyond and out there vs the old Pixel Dungeon base---surging onward now~   8)

44 Win

Dungeonlike is a traditional roguelike dungeon crawler. Turn based, with tile graphics, randomisation, and a ton of character customisation, as well as an advanced health and ability system.

Your task is to slay Durgaz, the chief of Orcs who resides at the bottom of a 10-level underground fortress. At least, that is the official agenda. In reality, your task is to turn this dungeon into a gallery of orcish guts and remains.

    Randomised dungeon levels.
    Randomised enemy equipment.
    6 races to choose from.
    Over 40 attacks and spells to end your foes.
    Over 60 items to utilise.
    Slash & Stab! Weapons often provide more than one way of slamming them against those who get in your way.
    Health and inventory system fully based on body parts.  Cut of their legs, then crush their skulls!
    Design your own versions of spells and techiques. Tame the magic, master the steel!
    Discover hidden rooms with treasure.
    Full built-in wiki, aka. Dungeonpedia.

Dungeonlike is still under development (alpha) and will be receiving periodic updates with hot new features. Currently the game is in its infancy and is still missing many elements which will be added with time.

 Future Goals

    Mouse support.
    Diablo-like magic item system, with both randomised enchantments and unique powerful items (nearly done).
    Stealth, sneaking, surprise attacks (nearly done).
    Shop with currency.
    More location types aside from the dungeon.
    More enemy types, to take advantage of the health system.
    Open world gameplay with cities and optional dungeon adventures.

Seems promising~   8)

45  $30.00 Win

Chocolate Pants The Unicorn is a Roguelike video game where Chocolate Pants is a supreme being who lives in the 11th dimension (as proposed by Quantum Physics). One day Chocolate Pants snarts (which is to sneeze and fart at the same time - but getting more out of both ends than you bargained for) upon doing so they rip a hole in the 11th dimension with their horn and fall through space-time fabric and into Pandora's box.

Pandora's box attempts to harness Chocolate Pants power - but is unable to fully do so. The result is the creation of a 10 dimensional dungeon that Chocolate Pants has been trapped inside of and your hero must rescue them from!


    Hack and Slash dungeon crawl
    Roguelike - (procedural generation, perma-death)
    10 unique dimensional themed dungeons
    A focus on tactical combat and new enemies on each level
    Unlockable characters as you progress (after death)

Current Status:

Chocolate Pants will eventually be 10 procedurally generated levels!

The demo version currently features only level 1.

The full version currently features level 1 - 2 and will gain access to new levels first.

This allows me to focus on adding gameplay features and balancing the first level of gameplay before adding additional content.

Community Feedback is welcome and encouraged - this is why I am releasing game content early in alpha status to engage roguelike players to improve and refine game play as I go - with your help!


Level 2: Candyland level now available to backers on
    Lollipop Boss now has its own enemy behavior
    Lollipop Boss now shoots lasers out its his eye
    Lollipop Boss now has hypnotize ability
    Lollipop boss now has its own sounds
    Gummy Bears now come in 4 flavors (red,blue,green,yellow)
    Gummy bears now bleed the same color as their flavor (note: blood generally has problems right now and doesn't project properly most of the time - on todo list)
    New debuff icon for hypnotize effect
    GummyBear giggles less often when you hit them
    Bugfix: sometimes using stairs up from level 2 to 1 would hang on load
    monsters spam in console greatly reduced
    monsters play their 'idle' sound randomly instead of only during idle animation - which essentially never happened if you were moving frequently like most active players do
    Bugfix: CandyLand stairs down floor tile was scaled too small and let items fall through floor is now fixed
    new game over screen for backers and updated game over for demo mode
    changed to support only 2 camera positions overhead and 3d-isometric ; many items could not be viewed/clicked, or effects rendered properly from first person or 3rd person so eliminating those views at this time.
    GummyBear now gives SweetTooth debuff on hit
    created new DebuffIcon class to hold all the references to debuff icons ; was getting very messy keeping up with them on each entity that could have debuffs!
    Bugfix: fixed null reference for Jawbreaker
    GummyBear now has a new shader (looks sort of transluscent and has an outline)
    GummyBear is now procedurally generated
    Added code for monsters being able to cast almost any spell that was added to their spells and abilities that have been added procedurally
    Experimenting with Unity's new post-processing effects for topdown camera; adding bloom/dirt, motion blur, and occlusion effects
    Adjusted physics for loot drops so it drops faster (was sort of floating in the air)
    made it so that debuff icons orient & scale corecctly both for players and monsters (shared resource)
    moved item inspector code out of the PlayerInventory code into new InspectorHelper class (cleanup/maintainability)
    added charges to BaseItem class to support items having charges or number of rounds they can last (e.g. torches)
    number of charges item has now shows on item inspector ; only for items that actually have charges though.
    torches now last 30 turns and auto-destroy from inventory once consumed - a charge/turn is consumed only when equipped in either hand

    Candyland floors now have physics! (loot doesn't fall through floor ... oops!)
    Candyland monsters now have proper UI elements (Name panel, debuff panel)
    Candyland level set adjusted to be less 'noisy' visually ; e.g. spiral pattern floor is now bubble gum colored.
    Candyland now has its own skybox
    Donut monster now has its own sounds
    GummyBear monster now has its own sounds
    Lollipop Boss now has most of its sounds ..
    DonutMonster now has his own special attack and behavior ai
    added MonsterFactory class to assist the procedural creation of monsters
    added suffix and prefixes to procedural monster generation
    added scaling of monster size to procedural monster generation
    added SpellAndAbilityFactory class to aid in creation/adding of spells or abilities to both the player and monsters
    fixed bug where when you equip a weapon .. it literally throws it
    fixed bug where everytime you equip a weapon it sounds like you threw it (whether it really threw or not)

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