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It seems that I neglected to post here with the changes from the v1.12.1 update, so I've now posted these below. I've also just released update 1.12.2, which makes some additional improvements and fixes:

Update 1.12.1:
  • Fixed serious bug causing a crash when killing a grave-flower in wild territory.
  • Fixed bug causing treasure-collecting missions with targets of 0 Marks in some circumstances in the Cloud Heaven Zone.
  • Fixed bug allowing Brother Raymond to use his levitation ability unnecessarily while submerged in liquid.
  • Reduced reputation effects of intervention in hellion conflicts.
  • Additional code tidying and optimisation.

Update 1.12.2:
  • Fixed bug causing mission objectives to be completed without destruction of the target when struck by falling objects.
  • Fixed Story Code input field to be long enough for longer Story Codes.
  • Fixed possibility of treasure-hunt missions with targets of zero.
  • Fixed bug causing some blocks to be immune from falling in collapsing stages.
  • The ESC key can now be used to skip through each item of the post-Act score countup.
  • Altered frequency/regularity of falling blocks in collapsing areas.
  • Stan busts and skull altars now create a small explosion when destroyed.
  • Improved code efficiency of one routine related to Act-generation.

That's all for now. As always, please feel welcome to comment with any further thoughts/comments/questions/suggestions. Have fun! :)


Update 1.12:

This update fixes a number of bugs and issues, makes some interface updates and improvements, and perhaps most importantly, makes some quite extensive changes to the way that Story Codes are handled, in order to ensure consistency of treasure and items when replaying Acts:

  • Fixed serious bug causing potential crashes in some missions in the Flooded Ruins Zone.
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect spawning of white defenders in some Acts.
  • Fixed bug casuing the Golden Hourglass to function incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug causing folk ancients not to attack when Rickard was in his balloon!
  • Fixed bug causing certain Story Codes not to generate missions accurately.
  • Fixed bug allowing treasure balloons to contain incorrect items.
  • Fixed minor bugs affecting mission generation.
  • Fixed text wrapping bug.
  • Prevented one possible terrain layout in the Flooded Ruins Zone which could potentially make certain missions impossible without specific equipment.
  • Loot dropped by slain foes, contents of chests, treasure balloons and ammunition sacks, puppies borne by pregnant spooks and items offered by fairy flowers are now consistent when using Story Codes.
  • Altered conditions, rewards and descriptive text of some Achievements.
  • Altered the items offered as gifts to new adventurers by the Brotherhood, and updated the interface for selecting a gift.
  • Expanded content and tweaked terrain-generation algorithm for the Icecube Labyrinth Zone.
  • Added an additional constructor boss type to the Mystic Caverns Zone.
  • Altered behaviour of constructors encountered in mini-labyrinths.
  • Miscellaneous code tidying and efficiency improvements.

The update can be downloaded in the usual place, and as always, the full changelog is available to read here. :)


Update 1.11.9:

This update fixes a roundup of quite a few bugs, including some serious ones:

  • Fixed serious bug causing frequent crashes while generating missions.
  • Fixed serious issue causing the game to hang when generating certain missions in the Flooded Ruins Zone.
  • Fixed serious bug causing the game to crash when destroying an abomination egg.
  • Fixed bug causing some missions in the Cloud Heaven Zone to be generated without mission objectives.
  • Fixed bug causing some Story Codes not to work.
  • Fixed several small bugs potentially causing inconsistency when replaying certain Acts using Story Codes.
  • Fixed bug causing certain hellion to be erroneously vulnerable upon spawning.
  • Fixed minor tiling bugs affecting Mystic Caverns Zone and Hidden Garden Zone.
  • Fixed/improved some minor details related to mission objective positioning in all Zones.
  • New achievements are now saved when accomplished during an adventure (to help protect against lost progress in the event of an unexpected computer shutdown during play).
  • The Progress list can now be sorted in either ascending or descending order using the Tab key (descending by default).
  • The exit portal will now relocate if blocked from materialising at the completion of a mission.
  • Made small tweaks to slightly increase late-game difficulty gradient.
  • Tweaked timing of vision controls.
  • It is now possible to use the hot air balloon in all standard missions!
  • Green spooks now carry from one to three young, rather than two.
  • Slightly altered behaviour and increased life total of constructors.
  • The Mystic Caverns Zone is no longer always swathed in darkness!
  • Additional minor tweaks to Act generation in Mystic Caverns Zone.
  • Minor tweaks to briefing text formatting.
  • Various additional minor and miscellaneous code and efficiency updates and improvements.

As always, the latest version can be downloaded here:

I'm also currently planning a further expansion in the near future with some new content, so as always, please do feel welcome to post with any additional thoughts. :)

Have fun!


Update 1.11.8:

A bug-fix, some balancing tweaks, and some changes to the Crystal Ball item:

  • Fixed control bug allowing the balloon to maintain an exact altitude without fuel consumption when leaving a slippery surface.
  • The Crystal Ball now correctly displays the location of treasure hidden inside other objects and some platforms which were previously not shown.
  • The visible map is now centered in the Crystal Ball's display.
  • The Crystal Ball now gradually loses detail with each use, and partially recharges at the end of each Act.
  • Removed thermals above lava in the Fire Ocean Zone.
  • Modified placement of NPCs in rescue missions.
  • The "Sprinter" trait can now not be used when followed by an NPC on foot.
  • Minor RSF expansions.

Latest version downloadable from here, as always. :)


Update 1.11.7:

Primarily bugfixes, including some important issues:

  • Fixed serious bug causing The Last Stand game timer not to progress correctly.
  • Fixed bug allowing unlimited jumps when wearing the Suit Of Armour or Aqua Helm while immersed in liquids.
  • Fixed bug causing changes in reputation with the Brotherhood not to be correctly calculated under some circumstances when aborting missions in the Training Pad Zone.
  • Fixed bug causing the "Look Around" function not to work correctly.
  • Fixed graphic and music bugs when entering/exiting pipes whilst Aspect Crowns or certain amulets were equipped.
Download available in the usual place. :)


Update 1.11.6:

Some more bugs fixed, and some new content!

  • Fixed incorrect over-specification of some mission targets when eliminating specific hellion for the Brotherhood.
  • Corrected in-game text for the Status Symbol Medallion.
  • Removed the Stealth Balloon upgrade.
  • Added new trait: Leeway!
  • Added new item: Shadow Orb!
  • Added one new mission type.
  • Hellion are now able to target NPCs in Rickard's company.
  • Minor RSF fixes and expansions.
  • Minor and miscellaneous code and game optimisations.

Full changelog available in the usual place, and the latest version is of course downloadable here as always.  :)


Hello all! :)

Just making a quick post to mention that I've released a few extra updates to this game over the last couple of weeks, fixing and polishing some things, including some important bugs (one of which could cause a potential crash when playing the Target Tower or Endless Tower minigames), and also making some efficiency updates to help the game run smoothly on lower-spec systems. The current version is now 1.11.5.

There's a full changelog here, as always, covering everything in the last few updates:

And of course, the latest update can be downloaded here:

Do note the slight change of address since the last version, in dropping the ".co" from the domain!

As always, please do feel welcome to post with any further thoughts/comments/questions/suggestions. :)


PS: I see there's a "Jim" currently in 6th place on the Adventure mode scoreboard - is that you, jim? :)

Just a quick update to announce version 1.11.1, released last week. This update fixes a few bugs, including one serious issue which could cause a game crash when a (very!) high score was achieved.

Download/changelog links are in the usual places. :)


PS: the top place on the scoreboards for Adventure mode (playing as Rickard) was recently taken by a player with a score of over 100,000 Gold Marks. Any takers? ;)

Update 1.11:

I've just released a small update to this game, fixing a couple of bugs, and also adding some new features:

  • The game should now respond a little more correctly to being tabbed out to Windows, without using the (now removed) "Minimise" option from the game menu.
  • Just in case someone finds it desirable, I've added mouse button support, so the left and right mouse buttons can now be used as game controls. This probably won't be very useful for most players, but I thought I'd include it anyway as I recently added it as an option to the first game in the series (where it works quite well!)

As always, the full changelog is available here, and the latest version can be downloaded here.

Enjoy! :)


So! I've just released a small update with some further gameplay balancing and bugfixes. Of particular note is that Rickard's balloon and umbrella are now automatically recovered at the end of a completed stage if they were left behind, and I've also now added the option to save adventure logs to the Documents folder rather than to the game directory, as discussed earlier in this thread. :)

As always, the game can be downloaded here:

And a full changelog is available here:

And of course, all further comments, questions or suggestions are welcome. :)


Just released: version 1.9!

This update adds a new weapon and several revisions to item behaviour (including the ability to use fuel barrels as a crude form of improvised bomb!)

As always:


...And of course, please do post below with any further comments, questions or suggestions. :)


Further update: um, so it seems a silly bug managed to sneak into yesterday's compile. I've just uploaded a fix, so please do grab that if you've already downloaded the previous update. Sorry about that! :-\


Update: as promised, I've just released a small-ish bug-fix roundup, fixing most of the issues reported since the last update, including those discussed above.

As always:


Have fun! :)


-You can abuse The Last Stand mode to get a top score: You can hover over fire, put something heavy on the umbrella key, and wait for the score you want.

Ah, that's something I didn't consider with the new physics! Thanks for letting me know. (I'll have to fix that pretty soon, I guess. :P)

-Found a silver whistle. Didn't do anything. If there was a wiki, this is when I'd be looking for spoilers. (I had some sort of ice shield aura too, but didn't try running into fire or anything.)

It does something. ;)

There's no wiki, I'm afraid, but there is a (currently fairly underused!) forum for the game here which would be just as good a place to find/post hints/tips/item notes etc. :)

-Stan idol levels sometimes take a much longer time to generate than others. After noticing that it seemed to always be the idols, I had a level that took about 20 seconds to generate. I thought "this must be the idols." It was.

That's certainly possible - as some missions place more requirements on the design of a level than others, you may find that certain missions can take longer to generate.

BEKEKBKBKCKAKBKCIFDGLBHHHDEDHF  is the code. (I didn't know that Win7 would actually save files that couldn't be written this way)

Ah, that's great - thanks. I'll look into it. :)

I did find and fix this, by the way - thanks for reporting. :)

(In case you're curious, it was actually caused because that level had so many things in it that the variable holding the details for some effects had run out of space and left some things - such as pipes - not functioning at all!)


BEKEKBKBKCKAKBKCIFDGLBHHHDEDHF  is the code. (I didn't know that Win7 would actually save files that couldn't be written this way)

Ah, that's great - thanks. I'll look into it. :)

What I didn't understand is why Choose Act requires a story code if it's just starting you off on a more advanced stage. (But, if Choose Act is really more like Load Game, then it all makes sense.)

The Choose Act feature is to enable replaying previously generated Acts, in case you come across an especially cool or enjoyable level (or maybe want to compete with someone for highest score or fastest time for a particular level...?) - and it's also quite handy for retrying tough levels that you encountered in the main game (or practising bosses...) ;)


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