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Early Dev / Rogue.NET Project - New Year's Resolutions!
« on: January 06, 2013, 03:32:51 AM »
Happy New Year Rogue-Friends!

Hope everyone had a nice time with their families and friends.

We've been busy with some time off work and decided to rebuild the Fighter Scenario in Rogue.NET. Mainly, our
motivation was to attain more interesting dungeon balancing; and also because there was something missing
from the scenario...

Decidedly, it was too much of a "one bullet" approach. So, here's a list of some goodies we're adding to the scenario:

1) Attack Attributes (new feature in Rogue.NET):  Fire, Water, Poison, Light, Dark, Blunt, Sharp, Piercing
2) More Enemies and Bosses:  Muse Lord, Fext Champion, Moemrath, Cyclops, and more...
3) New spell support:  Silence, Create Monster, Imbue, Attack attribute based spells, and more...

The game play is now balanced so that there is more dependency on items that you can gather from kills and beating
the boss monsters. For example, Quirins are susceptible to Dark attacks - which you can augment by getting a special
item from the Fext Champions.

We also are adding some cool new UI features:

1) "Gadgets":  UI features that are tied to items you can find in the dungeon (Map Compass, Enemy Scope, etc..) They turn
on when you find the gadget in the game.
2) Programmable Equipment Hotkeys:  Equip some items and set these to switch equipment configurations quickly.

Our estimate right now is another month or so before all this coolness comes out in the next development release.

Stay Tuned! ~Rogue.NET Project (

Early Dev / Re: Rogue.NET Project - new .NET based roguelike
« on: December 15, 2012, 06:05:27 AM »
Rogue.NET's Game Stats page is up!!

Here's a picture of one of our team's successful Fighter scenario (v0.0.0.83):

Here's a shot of the upload screen:

You can see his stats for that scenario at

Now anyone can play through the scenario and upload their score!!!
~Rogue.NET Project (

Early Dev / Re: Rogue.NET Project - new .NET based roguelike
« on: December 08, 2012, 08:33:16 AM »
Just a web-site update,

We finally got our "Development" page online - so you can add Bug, Balancing, and Feature issues or suggestions on our site. We have some balancing issues for the Fighter scenario that we're currently discussing - and could use some input.

Here's the link to our development page:

If you have an account with us you can post issues there. We also made sure to convert our DB to UTF-8 since some of you aren't in the US. We probably won't internationalize Rogue.NET (it's just too much extra work, sorry:( ) But we are planning to support configurable keyboard commands in the next release.

~Rogue.NET Project (

P.S. We realize this is very "development-centric" at the moment; and we're hoping to focus more on the actual scenarios and game features (i.e. "things that acutally make the game fun") once we get all the development scaffolding in place.

Early Dev / Re: Rogue.NET Project - new .NET based roguelike
« on: December 05, 2012, 07:52:40 AM »
Hey All you Rogue Junkies,

Why am I up at 1.47am? Cause we just finished up our RSS feed tonight - here's the link to our site's rendering of the feed

The actual XML feed you can get here:

It should also be available soon at:

Development Version is available for download - and will allow you to upload your stats to our server. Once we get
time to build the user stats page you'll be able to see all the uploaded scores online (as long as you've used v0.0.0.83 or later).

Don't forget you'll need a Rogue.NET account to upload your stats. You can register at our site.

I just finished this version over the weekend and it's balanced really easy right now - we're going to be making
balancing changes very soon.

~Rogue.NET Project (

Early Dev / Re: Cult: Awakening of the Old Ones Dev Preview Videos
« on: December 01, 2012, 05:48:33 AM »
Wow dude! Dialects for a region that's pretty intense! AWesome work man!

Early Dev / Re: Rogue.NET Project - new .NET based roguelike
« on: December 01, 2012, 01:56:35 AM »
Evening All,

I made a video preview set of the scenario editor that we used to create the fighter scenario. If you go to the project site I created a
"Harry Potter" example too to show off the scenario editor (coming feature).

~Rogue.NET Project (

Early Dev / Re: RogueLegends
« on: November 30, 2012, 01:52:58 AM »
Hey looks awesome Untrusted! That's .NET then? I dig the styling!
~Rogue.NET Project

Early Dev / Re: Rogue.NET Project - new .NET based roguelike
« on: November 30, 2012, 01:18:11 AM »
@Untrustedlife - sounds cool man, what's your site's link? I'll have to check it out

@Jo, That's the plan - we created the first scenario using the editor that we'll release down the road. People will make their dungeon scenarios, upload them to our DB, and then users can post their stats for each one. Awesome and sub-awesome :)  There's a ways to go before that's all said and done. Right now we've just got the first scenario online. Next step is to get lots of user feedback, bug reports, etc.. 

~Rogue.NET Project

Early Dev / Rogue.NET Project - new .NET based roguelike
« on: November 29, 2012, 11:13:17 PM »
Hey guys, I've got a small dev team that's putting together a .NET based version of rogue. There's a couple main features we're going to try and develop to make things fun / interesting / and continually changing.

1) Scenario generator:  Basically we've got a WPF application that creates a dungeon randomly within configured constraints - so the configuration might say "Build a maze level 20% of the time that's 200 x 300". etc... for the entire dungeon including layouts, enemies (behaviors, spells, items, generation rates, etc...), items (attached spells, qualities, weights, generation rates, etc..) player skills (level learned, animations, effects, etc..), and dungeon objectives (who to kill, what to collect, what doodad to use, etc). This allows you to create entire custom dungeon scenarios that run inside the same application.

2) Scenario sharing:  The main goal is to build an online store of scenarios that people make on their own and upload for other users to play and comment on and rate. Also, stats can be shared per scenario so that you can rate your performance for any scenario against any other scenario - including the 4 built into the stand alone app.

There's 4 built in scenarios in the application - right now the 1st scenario is available at under downloads. The others will be available probably one per release along with bug fixes and improvements from user feedback.

Hope you guys dig it - give us your feedback! This is all brand new stuff so we're anxious to hear what people have to say!

-Ryan     (

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