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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Rogue's Souls (now at Alpha v0.8)
« on: November 22, 2012, 08:38:14 PM »
Just released version 0.84. This version adds saves. No changes to content yet. I'm doing this release in 2 parts (this version and the 0.9 content update) because development is slowed due to university-related stuff.

Download link here:

Code: [Select]
-Added saving and loading games
-Sped up level generation
-Level chunks can now be "rotated" during levelgen
-Several minor fixes and tweaks

OK, version 0.8 is out!

Download here:

Code: [Select]
-Added locked doors and keys
-Changed rules for chest and monster placement
-Removed health regeneration
-Added bags and backpacks to increase max carrying weight
-Added Defense Up status effect
-Added Fast status effect
-Added spellcasting for monsters
-New items and spells
-New dungeon tiles
-New enemy

-Added mouse interface for actions like running, readying weapons, opening the inventory etc.
-Automatic mouse movement now stops when player gets close to, or is attacked by, an enemy
-Close button can now quit the game

-Severely reduced Strength carrying weight bonus
-Reduced overall number of monsters
-Healing flasks now heal 100 HP
-Increased poison damage
-Slightly altered formula for block and dodge stats
-Reduced projectile damage
-Increased effectiveness of spells
-Changed shield block values
-Various other tweaks

-Hunter no longer starts out with healing flask readied
-Fixed a bug concerning monsters dying from poison
-Health bars of hidden monsters are no longer displayed
-Item tiles are now displayed in merchant menu
-UI Font name is now displayed correctly in options menu
-Several other fixes

The main new feature here are the locked doors, but there's other stuff too, such as a revamped equipment weight system and an improved mouse interface.

Happy Halloween!  ;)

OK, here's a new bugfix/tweak release, alpha 0.71:

-Low level monsters don't spawn on high dungeon levels anymore
-Changed dungeon generation slightly to keep levels from gettig too big

-Fixed issue where mouse cursor would disappear after aiming with keyboard
-Fixed an issue where mouse menu buttons would continue to be displayed after leaving the menu

-Block and dodge chances are now displayed on HUD
-Made chests harder to open and more likely to be locked
-Slightly improved block chance of shields
-Made levelups slightly cheaper
-Reduced damage of some monsters
-Other minor tweaks and fixes

As expected, the 0.7 combat overhaul brought a ton of balance issues. There'll probably be another minor release to address (hopefully) most of them.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Rogue's Souls (now at Alpha v0.62)
« on: September 15, 2012, 11:58:50 AM »
Just in time for the ARRP, here's alpha 0.7 of Rogue's Souls:

The main features here are the mouse controls, the option menu and of course the combat overhaul.

I tried making the combat a bit more dynamic by making dodge chances, block chances, and ranged accuracy depend on your actions last turn (the same is true for enemies and npcs ofc). For instance, moving gives you a dodge bonus but reduces block chance, shooting multiple times in a row makes it slightly more likely to hit etc. More details in the manual.

Here's the full changelog for those interested:

Code: [Select]
-Added mouse controls
-Added an option menu
-Added paralysis status effect
-Added curse status effect
-Added slow status efffect
-Added status effect traps
-Added new enemies,traps and items
-New enemy AI functions

-Block and dodge chances, ranged hit chance as well as attack stamina costs, now partially depend on your actions last turn
-Reduced number of chests
-Made monsters tougher and more distinct
-Tweaked starting classes
-Made dodging more likely to happen
-Slightly increased stamina regen when waiting
-Made blocking less likely to happen
-Characters can now be knocked back more than 1 square
-Knockback causes hitstun (temp paralysis)
-Daggers, rapiers and most projectiles now lower defender's dodge chance
-Altar menu doesn't exit anymore after leveling up

-Fixed several issues with field of view
-Poison attacks now work correctly
-Hidden and invisible monsters can no longer be targeted in ranged combat
-Fixed a monster pathfinding bug concerning NPC displacement
-Fixed a a bug where monsters drowning in water would produce an error message
-Item tiles now display corectly in drop and ready menus
-Opening manual on title screen no longer starts the game
-Several other fixes

-Soldier now starts out at SL2
-Other tweaks


P.S. so far the plans for the next build (scheduled for the ARRP) are:

-Major combat overhaul (already started on that but reverted to the older code for the 0.62 build)
-Mouse controls
-A proper options menu
-And everything else I manage to cram in ;)

Released a new minor build (0.62), mainly to fix another crash bug I came across while playtesting. I threw in some other small improvements as well.

Download link:

Code: [Select]
-Added some new dungeon tiles

-Fixed a crash bug related to NPC placement
-Fixed some corrupted data files

-Removed ring of the eagle from Soldier starting equipment

-Slightly reduced the game's memory footprint

-A few small tweaks

Just released a quick new new build (0.61) to fix some critical bugs and implement some of people's easier suggestions.

Download here

Code: [Select]
-Text windows now have outlines
-Ranged targeting now defaults to last target (if available)

-Fixed a critical level generation freeze bug
-Fixed a bug where armor stats were displayed incorrectly
-Fixed picking up items in doorways
-Two-handed weapons can now be unequipped without equipping another weapon
-Giant bats now drop souls
-Fixed some typos in the data files
-Fixed health and and stamina potion tiles in new tileset folder
-Updated some outdated info in the manual

-Made enemies slightly more aggressive
-Various other tweaks

Have fun!  :)

I wrote a feature list back when I first started working on the game. Haven't looked at it in months, but I think so far I've been following it for the most part. Basically I have a rough outline of what I want in the game and make up the specifics as I go along.

In terms of mechanics, the game is mostly feature complete, so I'm concentrating on content design and interface stuff at the moment. The scope isn't huge. I'll hopefully reach 1.0 by the end of the year and after that it's just adding stuff when I feel like it.

I actually did just that a minute before I saw your post.  ;D

Are you going to try to take part in ARRP 2012?

This game is pretty cool. Any way to switch  back to ascii mode though for those of us who prefer it?
Yep! Just open settings.ini and change the line "gfxfolder=tiles_new" to "gfxfolder=ascii" (a proper options menu is one of the planned features for the next build).

It would be nice if when firing among multiple targets, if there was a way to automatically fire at the same target that you picked last. Like using "f" for regular fire and "F" for firing at the last chosen target.
Good call, I'll do that. I've also been thinking of making the target selection cursor automatically default to the last target, given it's still alive and in range.

It would be nice if the class section of the help screen actually listed the starting equipment for each class.
Considering it.

There was a dropped soul next to an open door. I couldn't pick it up and consume it while standing on it or in the same space as the door. I had to go outside the door, press "space" and point in the direction of the door with the soul on the other side, then when the door closed, the soul was consumed.
Yeah, that's a problem with the game prioritizing opening and closing doors over picking up items at the moment. You could probably still have picked up the soul while standing on it by pressing the interaction key and then the wait key (Numpad 5 or "."), which interacts with the tile you're standing on

Anyway, thanks for the nice feedback!  :)

So yeah, I just released the new 0.6 build of Rogue's Souls! Download right HERE

The most obvious change is the new tileset, kindly made for me by a fella called Jerom (, but there are a ton of other improvements as well, most of them interface, balance and bug-related.

Here's the full changelog:

Code: [Select]
-New tileset by Jerom!
-Support for multiple types of wall tiles (just for visuals)

-Added different types of ranged weapons and projectiles for player
-As a result, player now has one quiver for each type of ammo
-Added lowering and raising shield

-New starting class: The ranger
-New weapons, armor and dungeon tiles

-Maximum number of healing flask uses now increases at certain altars
-Healing flasks now restore 75 HP instead of 50
-Some starting classes now start out with secondary weapons readied
-Chests are now more likely to contain useful items

-No more separate "apply" and "equip" commands. "a" now does both
-Ammo packs are now quivered automatically
-Soul vessels are now used automatically
-The manual can now be viewed in-game using F1
-Added descriptions for starting classes
-Item tiles are now shown on inventory screen
-Readied weapons are now shown on inventory screen
-Item stats are now compared on inventory screen
-Messages are now wiped every time the message window disappears
-Remaining on the same dungeon tile (chest, altar etc.) for multiple turns only triggers the corresponding message once

-Fixed a crucial bug concerning trapped chests
-Fixed a bug where buying items from a merchant could mess up equipment
-Items lying in doorways can now be picked up
-NPCs now turn hostile again when attacked
-Several other bugfixes

-Made equipment more expensive
-Toned down Goblin Scout and Minor Ember Demon
-Made projectiles and projectile spells reduce target's block chance
-Gave projectile spells higher accuracy bonus
-Various other tweaks

Have fun!  ;)

Hey guys, developer of Rogue's Souls here! I just saw that my game was featured on Indie RPGs and posted on this forum.

Rest assured that I am both lively and potent. Right now, most of what I'm doing is balancing, bugfixing and accessibility-related stuff, so the next build probably won't exactly be a revelation in terms of new features and content, but will hopefully be more pleasant to play. The current version is enjoyable I guess, but has some serious balancing issues on later levels.

Also just noticed that the 5 level thing is way out of date, the 0.51 build actually features 12 levels.

Chris  :)

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