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Someone on TIGSource alerted me to some bugs, so I put out a quick fix build.


Code: [Select]
-Made phantoms slightly less likely to spawn

-Fixed mouse movement
-Healing flasks should now correctly restore 50% of health
-Monster infighting should now work correctly
-Fixed an issue where selecting "cancel" in the graphics pack dialog would lead to a crash next startup

Have fun!  ;)

OK, 0.96 build is finally out. This one should make the game a lot fairer and also adds a bunch of new content including spells and traps.

Download link:

Full Changelog:
-New spells
-New items
-New traps
-New fixed chests
-New item descriptions

-Increased overall soul drops
-Boosted starting stats for all classes
-Boosted player base defense
-Healing flasks now restore a percentage of max HP instead of a fixed amount
-Somewhat increased MAG requirements for casting spells
-Autoused items (i.e. soul vessels and projectiles) only take 1 turn to pick up and use.

-Several fixes and tweaks

Have fun,
C.A.S.  :)

OK, time for a new build before my studies start slowing development down again!

Download link:

-Added secret rooms and fake walls
-Added fixed chests
-Added detecting traps
-New items
-New dungeon tiles
-New status effects

-Raising/lowering your shield and switching readied weapons now takes time
-Equipping, using and dropping items now takes more time

-Changed flask upgrades: Instead of getting them for free at certain altars, you can now receive them at all altars in exchange for souls
-Changed antidote flasks: In addition to healing poison, they also make you immune to it for a limited period of time
-Chest locks now break more often
-Changed the way the teleport trap works

-Encumbrance messages are now only shown when enumbrance changes
-Color coded encumbrance in HUD

-Made levelups cheaper

-Sped up collision checks
-Fixed curse status effect
-Fixed an issue regarding showing the status screen with a ring equipped
-Other fixes and tweaks

This build includes some pretty substantial gameplay changes. The next one will probably add more content and after that it's balancing and tweaking time.

And here's build 0.94!

The main feature here is a complete HUD redesign, but there are other small changes as well!

Download link:

Code: [Select]
-HUD redesign
-Added character status screen
-Removed showing equipment using the "e" key
-Added button for quick using healing flasks

-Enemies now drop more souls
-Made it more likely for chests to break
-Game now throws an error and exits when it fails to load certain tiles
-Minor fixes and tweaks

So yeah, I just put out version 0.93:

There are some small new features in this build and new content in this build, but it's mainly another bugfix and tweak build. There are some pretty crucial bugfixes in this though, including a crash bug that has been around forever.

Full changelog:
Code: [Select]
-Added area of effect for spells
-Chest locks can now break if you fail to open them
-High level monsters now occasionally spawn on lower levels

-New dungeon levels
-New dungeon tiles
-New enemy
-New spells

-Fixed a bug where quiver wouldn't get saved
-Fixed a bug where mouse menu buttons would remain on screen after closing a menu
-Fixed a bug where parts of a level would contain no tiles
-Fixed a level generation crash bug
-Fixed a bug where monsters would occasionally spawn inside walls
-Made empty spell slots selectable with mouse in spell menu
-Other small fixes

-More item descriptions
-Lowered the drop level of bags
-Made some shields slightly weaker
-Several other tweaks

-Added message for trying to cast Toxin on a poison immune enemy

Enjoy!  :)

OK, despite being in the middle of studies, I'm putting out a new build. Why? Because Sheldon Ketterer aka Cow made a new tileset for me. Take a look at his awesome work for my game here:

I packaged that up with some tweaks and content additions I had been working on in the meantime and put it  out as version 0.92.


Code: [Select]
-New items
-New dungeon levels
-More item descriptions
-New tileset by Sheldon Ketterer

-Ensured that phantoms with ranged weapons always have ammo quivered
-Ring of endurance now works properly
-Ring of regeneration now works properly
-Other small fixes

-Tweaked some monster and item stats

Have fun,

OK, here's build 0.915. Added temporary weapon enchantments and poisoning and fixed a game-breaking save system bug, plus a few other things.


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-Added weapon enchantments
-Added weapon poison coating
-New spell
-New item
-New dungeon tiles
-More item descriptions

-Fixed critical save system bug (save compatibility is unfortunately broken)
-Streamlined turn counter in HUD

-Changed the way poison attacks work: Piercing weapons cause longer poisoning, blunt weapons shorter.
-Slightly modified the equipment and stats of some starting classes
-Dungeon progression tweaks
-Other minor fixes and tweaks

OK, version 0.91 is out. One new feature (blocked level exits) as well as a tiny bit of new content, but mainly a lot of fixes and tweaks.

Download link:

Code: [Select]
-Added levers and blocked level exits
-Completely redesigned dungeon progression
-Included tileset by Derek Yu (

-Reverted to old line of sight algorithm for performance reasons
-New enemy behavior
-New traps
-New dungeon tiles
-Changed the way traps work
-Chests are now much more likely to be trapped
-Chests are now harder to open

-Reduced minimum range for ranged combat
-Reduced block penalty on attacking
-There is now 1 guaranteed key for every locked path

-Rewrote save system to increase save and tomb file integrity
-Fixed bug regarding two-handed weapons and inventory sorting

-Changed certain monster stats
-Reduced defense values of some other enemies
-Healing flasks don't weigh anything anymore
-Reduced weight of most other consumables

-Minor fixes and tweaks

I also included this tileset as an optional thing.

I've had a lot of time to work on this game over the last 2 days (staying home with a bad cold), so put together a quick new build that fixes some crucial bugs and changes some stats. Also the LOS and FOV algorithms should be much more reliable now.

Download alpha 0.902 here:

Code: [Select]
-Fixed a severe bug with the tomb menu
-Fixed bug where merchant menu would be displayed incorrectly
-Line of sight and field of view algorithms should be more reliable now

-Increased effect of last action on block/dodge chances
-Reduced phantom spawn probability
-Made most armor heavier
-Gave certain monsters higher knockback resistance

-Updated some info in the manual

EDIT: Doublepost, oops.

What am I supposed to be doing here?

Check the manual  ;)

Moving increases your chance to dodge, especially when running, and waiting lowers it.

Waiting gives you a bonus to your block chance, attacking or moving reduces it.

If you want to avoid stamina damage, you can LOWER your shield (given you have one equipped) using the "s" key.

Game is very unbalanced at the moment though, so these things probably don't have the intended impact. I haven't been doing much balancing in the last couple builds. That's all going to be done in the slow crawl from 0.9 to 1.0.

Hey! It's been a while, but I've just released version 0.9

The main additions here are a tomb (morgue) function and the phantoms of your dead characters coming back to haunt you. There are content additions and some mechanics changes as well.


Code: [Select]
-Added player phantoms and tomb file
-New boss
-New NPCs
-New items
-Item descriptions (partially done)

-Spell castings are now refreshed at altars
-Included option to automatically sort equipment
-"e" key now displays equipment
-Changed default UI font from Lucida Console to Verdana
-Weapon weight doesn't factor into knockback resistance anymore (only armor weight)
-Knockback now stuns for 1 more turn
-Increased poison duration
-Monster hearing radius now partially depends on the player's armor weight
-Heavy armor slightly reduces dodge chance
-Made Esc suspend the game

-Player is now in the center of the screen at all times
-Fixed bug concerning player line of sight
-Fixed a UI bug concerning memorizing spells
-Fixed an issue with displaying item stacks in lookmode
-Stats are now correctly calculated when unequipping an item
-Fixed an issue with displaying weapon magic requirements in inventory screen
-Other fixes


Couldn't reproduce that error, unfortunately. Can you remember exactly what item it was you were trying to equip?

The university work just keeps piling up and it'll be a while until 0.9 gets released, so to ease the wait, I decided to release another intermediate version. 0.86 has some of the content planned for 0.9 and a few bugfixes and tweaks.

Download link here:

Code: [Select]
Full changelog:

-New boss
-New monsters
-New items
-New monster abilities
-New dungeon tiles
-New spells
-Added player gender choice

-Removed "Building level" screen
-Changed the way soul loss over time works
-Made NPCs move around more
-NPCs and bosses no longer leave corpses behind when they die
-Hobgoblins now have shields
-Upped weapon stat requirements
-Other tweaks

-Fixed crash bug related to spell slots
-Fixed save bug concerning monsters with spawning abilities
-Fixed save bug concerning monsters with special health regen
-Changed some outdated info in manual
-Other small fixes

Have fun!  ;)

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