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Classic Roguelikes / changing symbol color in nethack?
« on: November 24, 2017, 09:58:36 AM »
Is there a way to change the colors of specific character symbols in nethack without having to build and compile the source?

Programming / Dummy guide for compiling source?
« on: November 24, 2017, 05:43:06 AM »
Hey guys. I hope this is the correct thread.

I have very little experience with programing and compiling. (only QuakeC)

I'd really like to try out the latest version of Larn for instance, but there are no native win32 binaries. Only 64 bit. But I'm having issues even finding the correct compiler and files I need for building it. I tried searching for GCC 7, which I assume is a compiler, but could not actually find a download.

I'd also like to try to see if I could compile nethack 3.6.1 to see some of the newer features like status highlights.

I'm on an older winxp laptop, is that going to be a big hinderence in running the needed compilers? I assume Larn was made using a newer pc, thus why it is only 64 bit.

Anyways, thanks for any help.

Other Announcements / Roguelike celebration?
« on: September 03, 2016, 02:53:22 AM »
Why was this not mentioned at the Temple?   :'(

I just happened to listen to roguelike radio today and heard this mentioned going on in San Franciso CA. Very close to me. I live in Antioch CA.

I was looking forward to checking it out and attending then when I get home and look it up, the ticket sales ended yesterday!   :'(

I've never actually met anyone else into roguelikes. In person anyways. I just get those "wtf are you talking about?" looks from the few people I know who are into games.

Would have been cool.  :'(  :'(  :'(

Anyone got an extra ticket?

Player's Plaza / Infra Arcana 12x24 fonts
« on: November 17, 2015, 01:15:43 AM »
I was having problems seeing the game that well and having it all fit my screen, so I decided to make some fonts for Infra Arcana that suit me a little better as far as visibility. 12x24 came up the biggest and filled the screen the most, so that is why I chose that size to use.

Now I decided to share in case anyone else might enjoy them.

12x24 Bold

12x24 Typewriter

12x24 Distorted

The last one, 12x24 Distorted came about by accident when I was first trying to figure out how to get a usable font that I liked.  It is kinda my favorite too though not very practical. It just looks like a regular font sheet if you look at the file in a picture viewer. You'll have to actually try it out in game to see what I mean.

Just replace and rename any of theses in the image folder of infra arcana. be sure to back up the original 12x24 file though just in case.

Hope some gets some enjoyment from these. Please let me know if you find them useful and/ or like/dislike them.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Tales of a Viking: episode one
« on: November 16, 2015, 12:00:32 PM »
I stumbled across this tonight.

It's for android and ios.

When I was first reading about it, it sounded really cool. And it is actually pretty cool and fun.
One problem with it though. It's Hoplite. It is almost exactly like Hoplite.

I actually rather like it. It's kind of like a very slightly updated and re-skinned version of Hoplite. The only reall differences other than the theme are that there are items that can be used and that you eventually control up to three characters at a time.

Other than that, it's the same move set, upgrade system, and enemies.

I hope that the creator of Hoplite had something to do with this. At least they should credit him with the original concept, but I don't see them doing so anywhere so far.

Player's Plaza / Hacklite?
« on: November 14, 2015, 08:48:57 PM »
I've been delving into some older roguelikes lately and wanted to give hacklite a try.

Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work for the life of me.

I'm using the version found here:

At first I couldn't get it to open at all. Then i tried messing with the config file and got it to start, but it just comes out an unplayable jumbled mess.

Anyone get it to work?  I'm using win xp btw.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Larn 12.5
« on: November 14, 2015, 09:01:37 AM »
I was getting back into Moria and Larn lately and happened to notice that Larn has actually been updated and release last month on October 24 1015!

I didn't see anything mentioned here at the temple, so thought I'd share for anyone else still interested in Larn.

Donnie Russell's SDLLarn is also rather good for those wanting some color and sound:

Unfortunately, NLarn still hasn't seen any movement.

Off-topic (Locked) / Crawl (not dcss) Best trailer ever!
« on: July 07, 2014, 01:57:18 AM »
Just found this game coming soon simply called Crawl. It has got to have one of the best trailers ever that really made me want to play the game.

The voice over work on the trailer is just great and the best part for me. The game itself looks pretty cool. But  I just thought thr trailer itself was worth mentioning and sharing.

Not that much info about it. I couldn't tell if it had any rl elements, so I put it here. If it does turn out to have more rl elements, maybe the thread could be moved.

Anyways, check it out. Awesome trailer.

It's on steam greenlight too.

Came across this article on today and thought I'd share.

Pretty good read about mostly modern day roguelikes and their developments.

Programming / Anyone familiar with Lua and DoomRL?
« on: April 28, 2014, 05:54:34 PM »
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. It seemed like the most reasonable.

Anyways, not really a programming question, but seems relevent. I was finally getting around to trying doomrl v997 but it keeps crashing on startup because of a script I added to the config files to play music randomly on each level. This script worked just fine in the previous v996 of doomrl. 

I already tried posting a thread over on the doomrl forums and sent a couple pm's to game hunter who helped me with the script in the first place. Unfortunately, I have still gotten no replies. So I thought I may try here.

Here is a link to the thread which shows the script I am using and the error log I get:,7086.0.html

I figured someone here might be familiar with lua and doomrl. I really have no knowledge of lua scripting and simply got the script from piecing together what game hunter showed me. Unfortunately I have not been able to get hold of him.

I just can't stand playing with the same music tracks playing over and over again on the same exact levels anymore. Which is why I switched them out for the more ambient psx/d64 tracks and also set up to play randomly each time I start the game.

Anyways, thanks for any help anyone can provide and sorry again if this is in the wrong area.

Other Announcements / Procedural Death Jam
« on: March 07, 2014, 04:38:31 AM »
I didn't see a post on it here, so I thought I'd share. Sorry if it is already and I missed it. Anyways, This seems to be a game jam for the "roguelike-likes".  They even coined a different term for it. "procedural Death Labyrinths.

Just thought it was interesting and kinda relevant.

Player's Plaza / Good Android roguelikes?
« on: February 08, 2014, 08:27:51 PM »
Recently got a cheap tablet for christmas. Been looking for good roguelikes for android.

Already Pixel Dungeon. So far it seems to be the only one. I also found a few ports of dcss and angband, but the interfaces for them are really screwy and a pain.

Cardinal Quest and Hell, the dungeon again run a bit slow on my tablet.

Just curious if there were any others I may have missed.

Other Announcements / Nethack vs. Angband article
« on: April 30, 2013, 06:13:00 PM »
I stumbled across this article which I thought was pretty interesting and worth sharing.


Basically, it's a review of nethack from an Angband players point of view and vice versa.

Both sides make some pretty interesting and valid points that I never really thought of before.

One thing that I'm not sure is correct is that one of the reviewers claimed that Angband actually has an option to to turn on persistant levels. Is that actually correct, and if so, how do you access that option? I've never seen any way to do it.


Just saw this a few moments ago on

It's an interesting looking new commercial roguelike and is on sale for $6.99 for today only. Looks like there is a demo too.

Code: [Select]
Indie developer Nitesh Gupta has released Dungeon Fray, a briskly-paced, fully-featured roguelike for Windows and Linux. A free demo version is also available.
Dungeon Fray features three playable classes, each of which offers its own unique spells and abilities. There's an eight-level story mode to get you acquainted with the game's mechanics, along with a more traditional infinite mode with randomly generated challenges and permadeath.
One interesting twist is that the game's achievement system has a real impact upon your subsequent playthroughs; unlock enough awards and you'll earn the right to tack on an additional perk at the adventure's outset, giving you a leg up on any luck-related mishaps you may encounter.
Dungeon Fray is priced at $6.99. For today only, you can get 20% off of its regular price by entering the code ILOVEROGUELIKE at checkout.


Just gave the demo a few tries. It's pretty interesting. Plays similar to the Desktop Dungeons alpha. Only 3 classes. The main way they differ is how they use spells. The spells are pretty interesting.

There are spells, but no items that I can find other than money and potions. I think money is only used for the achievements. There doesn't seem to be armor, weapons, tools, etc.  (Edit: Turns out coins are used to upgrade your character)

There are some orbs scattered around the dungeons though that provide star and health boosts as well as one that will randomly reduce an enemy or your hp to 1. The last one isn't that effective though since you can still get killed by taking on a level 4 enemy with 1 hp while you are level 1 or 2 with full hp.

The monsters don't move, but after looking at the dev blog, it looks like they will be moving in the next build but not quite the traditional sense.

So far, the monsters all seem to be the same. They have different sprites and names, but they all have the exact same stats. I have only encountered 3 different enemies so far up to level 4. I haven't gotten past the first level yet though after about 15 plays.

The level layouts are pretty simple. They look nice enough though. No diagonal movement. 

User interface is nice and smooth.

The achievement system seems kinda cool where for each one you unlock, it lets you use an in-game perk.

So far it's pretty interesting roguelike/puzzle hybrid, although, the big thing keeping me from actually buying it is the lack of fullscreen support.

Off-topic (Locked) / Volgarr the Viking
« on: August 22, 2012, 11:56:36 AM »
Cool looking kickstarter game that looks like a 16-bit action platformer where you can be a bad ass viking.

Just thought I'd share since it looks pretty cool. Last 33 hours too.

Looks like golden ax meets strider in my opinion. If they reach the $50,000 goal then the game will have alternating paths like Castlevania 3.

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