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Other Announcements / Re: The Year's Most Popular - By Category
« on: January 03, 2013, 03:17:44 PM »
Excel! Freedom hater...

Just chiming in to say that Hydra Slayer is a hybrid roguelike/puzzle game. Please list it as such. Also, there is a section missing from the Original Post (OP)... you need to mention the Overall winner!

Huh, nice forum. Thanks for introducting me to this through your blog! ;D

Anyway, I think "Casual" mode would be a better option, and that's my vote.
You should also consider "Arcade" mode along the lines of OpenTyrian. Though I'd still prefer the former.

Of course, you should have some kind of pop-up for this unless you just call it "No story" mode. I've been quite busy recently and although I've downloaded and applied the patch, I have yet to play it. Anyway, it's your project. Use these statistics only as a guide.

By the way, this is somewhat off-topic and I hope I'm not mistaken, but the inspiration came from Desktop Dungeons, right?

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