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Early Dev / Re: Wonder. WIP
« on: September 24, 2010, 05:28:55 AM »
I will elaborate on the War\Peace system.
There is a general state and a specific state. The general state can be one of three: Peace, Guard or War.
Let's forget about the specific state for a moment.
Peace means you never attack anyone, no matter what. Guard means you attack only those who attack you. And war means you attack everyone.
The specific state is either peace or war, and it's aimed at a specific player(usually).
If your specific state to someone is war, then what matters are all the three general states that I mentioned above.
If your specific state to someone is Peace, then:
The general Peace state remains the same. But the general Guard and War states are overriden by the specific Peace state and you won't attack that specific player even if your general state is War.

So basically you start with specific War to everyone, and if you change your general state to War, you will attack everyone.

I hope my explaination is not confusing.

My "business plan" is to make the engine free and some free games with it. And if it turns popular enough I could make one big adventure with the engine that will be not free. But people will be free to create their own adventures.
Though, it's not set in stone.

Edit: I understand why you are saying this is problematic with a Rogue game.
The reason it's like that is because currently the engine works for both "Real Time" and multiplayer. "Real Time" means that turns or steps are not waiting for the player to make a move, instead they last for only a part of a second.
You just cannot walk on enemies all the time because they constantly move. The reason it is like that is because of multiplayer, and you can't wait for everyone to make a move in multiplayer because it would be too slow.
However, I can make that in single player there will also be an option for a "Rogue Mode", in which the game waits for the player to move and you attack by walking on an enemy. Shouldn't be too hard to have two modes for the same adventure.

Early Dev / Wonder. WIP
« on: September 23, 2010, 03:22:20 PM »
Hello All,

I am the developer of "Labyrinthica: The Quest Of Lima" which getter77 have kindely mentioned over here.
I want to present you with the new game I am working on. It's called "Wonder".
Wonder is actually a sort of RPG Maker or RPG Engine. It is a program to generate games or adventures.

I am working on a first playable game using this "engine". It will feature an adventure playable either as single player or multiplayer. My inspirations to this game are from both Ultima and Miracle Warriors.
For multiplayer there is a War\Peace system in which you can be friendly or hostile to other players. You won't know who is in peace with you, so there is an element of trust and betrayel in multiplayer.

How is it related to RogueLike? Well, it has a potential to generate RogueLike games as well. Time is divided to steps, and in each step all the creatures in the game move simultanously. You attack by simpley standing next to someone who you are in war with.

Well, enough talking, here is a youtube video. And I will be glad to hear your opinions.

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