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I've been working on this off and on since 1994.  This is a rewrite of the old DOS computer game DND.  There is some debate as to where this game originated (or none at all) but the floppy disk I had my hands on then stated the author as Daniel Lawrence and the publisher as R0 Software.  It was a dungeon exploration game modeled on the rules of Dungeons and Dragons with a 3 by 3 overhead map display.  The game is currently in development but you can get the idea from a quick play-through.  Comments, complaints, suggestions are not only welcomed but deeply desired. I've kept this project to myself for a long time but I think it's time shed some light on it.

Link to Google Code for my remake is here:

Included are links to some information, but one site appears to be down.

Some might say this game does not count as a rogue-like, but I think most of the essential elements are there.

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