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So I thought is probably a better place than the Roguelike reddit (where I have usually been posting updates to Larn).

So for Larn, it is pretty much in a frozen state except for general updates since its goal is to be nearly 'identical' to the historical version:  Latest is at (no link)

Updates for Larn:
  • APPDATA (roaming) is used for system files (please use the bat file for this).
  • gnu17 (for c17 standard) is default.
  • SUBVER was changed to avoid conflicts with the windows.h 'SUBVER'.
  • Implemented WIN32 API code to the windows build to give it more of a native feel
  • Implemented a Launcher so it is easier to use command line arguments and launch Larn
  • Removed 'pounds' and added 'units' to the weight to make it more universal
  • Added a check after being slain to prevent the player from accidentally skipping it by pressing a key
  • Running is now possible
  • Prompt without forcing the player to choose options (prompt without identify)

As for FreeLarn (my Apache 2 C++ rewrite), I am continuing to update it gradually, this is where 90% of my development effort goes since this is essentially a fork of Larn.  Latest release is at (no link)

I'll likely do a release at some point after I have added a few things I've got cooking.

Can't believe it has been 7 years since I started this..  how time flies.

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