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Hi, I'm the developer of Pearls of Wisdom.

Glad you had fun playing the game, and thanks for the review and detailed feedback!

I think you're right that it may be too difficult for a player without prior knowledge to kill the lizard.  I can make that a bit easier.  While it was intentional for the game to increase in difficulty, it's good to know that you feel it's too much.   Game balance is tricky to get right, to keep it both fun and challenging.  (And I'm biased when playing, since I created the game!)

I'll also try adding some mid-level heal spell for some of the characters; I didn't give a greater heal to all the characters to add some variety between the characters.  The game difficulty also depends on what pet you choose, and your winner combination was (IMO) not the easiest.

One last thing I wonder -- did you try using the '(' or ')' commands?  These show how dangerous the computer thinks monsters are to you or to your pet, and can be useful while playing.. perhaps one of these should be on by default.

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