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Full change log for version 0.8.7 here!

  • Added the game intro video.
  • Added new world map events.
  • Added a new dungeon to the main campaign.
  • Added partial storytelling to the main campaign.
  • Improved closed dungeon generation to make more interesting levels.
  • Added destructible barrels and boxes.
  • Added Loot Chests. Most are locked, but some can be open.
  • Added 4 new soul essence perks.
  • Old save games now might load and are flagged as (unsupported/old).
  • Added several more music tracks.
  • Town now protected by guards.
  • Added 6 new enemies and 1 new boss.
  • The world in the main campaign now slowly transforms into shadows!


About Rogue Empire

Rogue Empire is an RPG/Roguelike I am developing with a lot of passion and my own savings. The game is still not finished but already has dozens of hours of game-play!

You can get its early access here:

You can also see videos and get more info, follow the different social channels at my game page:

To be honest I am not sure why I never shared my game here. I remember at some point I thought its not good enough... silly me from the past I guess S:

Now lets see the things you can expect so far:

  • 7 races and 4 classes to choose from, including kittens ;)

  • A cool leveling system that borrows concepts of TCG's (Trading Card Games)!

  • Exciting boss fights with fun and cool mechanics!

  • A world map to explore. Moving in the world map make you explore locations, triggering events and encounters.

  • Many dungeons to crawl in!

  • Enjoy 6 environments: Dungeon, Grasslands, Lava, Jungle, Dessert, Ice.

  • Gather soul essence during your several adventures and unlock new content/perks.
  • A lot of cool and dynamic music!

So... what do you think guys?  ;D

Also I will follow this with the latest change log, in case anyone is interested in seeing what I have been doing this last weeks ;)

Haha Thanks! Going for it!

I am also very open to external ideas, so if you think of something yo would like to see in a roguelike like this let me know and I will definitely consider it!


Hi All!

I want to share with you my roguelike baby I am currently developing: Rogue Empire.

The game is divided in 2 parts:
  • A prequel called Rogue Empire: The Prelude. This is where I am putting most of my effort at moment as it is the base platform  for the second and bigger part. Anyway the lore in the prequel is intended to be "clear" to you once you reach a certain point in the main title (second part), and I hope give you an ahhhh feeling.
  • Rogue Empire: This is actually the main game. Featuring multiple races, classes, story arcs, endings... you get the point  :P

The prelude reached a point where it has some hours of content to go through and several game play variations. This means I got now the courage to expose it to you avid roguelike players! Let the beast loose!

You can download it at itch:

$8  Win/Mac

Anyway, let me know what you think, feedback is really important to me.

Also if you have cool ideas you would like to see into the game, don't hold back!  8)

Also if you don't mind voting for it at steam ( or helping me out with expenses :P ( ) I will be for ever in your depth.

You can also

Thanks a lot!

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