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Hey Kipar -

Quick question - do you ever buy games at all?  Retail/Online?  Or just ride the waves of torrent goodness?   No need to reply if the question is inappropriate.

- Ash

Hey mrrstark -

We had to move the game file from where it was sitting on our web server to its new home on a public DropBox.   Sorry for any inconvenience.

- Ash

UPDATE: 03-22-2013   

If you would like to play 7DRL edition of Dungeon X: Flesh Wounds please email us for a link and access.   Thanks!

Gotcha - so if we show racy images - be consistent - or cut it out.

No, we only had time to make the story images and visually nothing in-game.  But if you pay attention to some of the monsters you'll find a bit more black humor there.

We'll look to improve our jokes and antics.

- Ash

If folks don't mind - I actually have a few questions for the RL community...

Grimm Bros is developing an RPG and is looking feature a core of roguelike mechanics at its heart.

1) IF we made the game freemium - would you be more likely to play it?  Or would you rather just pay for a full RPG up front?

2) And if it was a freemium RPG - what are the kind of things you would be okay with paying for and not feel like we are trying to rip you off or make a "pay-to-win" gimmick?  (Adding a quick poll to help capture feedback.)


Doesn't seem to run. Game won't even start. Running win xp with latest updates to most pertinent things.

Hi Legend -

What kind of video card do you have?  Our game requires that you have updated drivers that support Open GL.
We did test on an XP Pro machine with Nvidia Geforce 210 and it worked.

Let me know if that helps you troubleshoot.

- Ash

Works for me. It looks beautiful. Surprising that this could be done in 7 days by a studio of 2 according to the website.

I'm not super clear on some of the gameplay elements, like if it's just a score thing or if there's a real win condition. Also seem to whiff a lot at the enemies, just started to ignore them really.

Hi mrrstark -

Yes, we started the 7DRL challenge with the tech and assets that we had been developing and then during the week added the story, game loop, monsters, UI screens, and gameplay.

Grimm is an indie team who loves RPGs and RLs!   So just to be clear we did have a head-start and didn't start from scratch.  That being said I want to thank you for your feedback.   We want to continue to improve DX to make it a wicked fun game.

What did you think of the humor?  This is our 1st pass at integrating black humor in the game.


Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / 7DRL - Dungeon X: Flesh Wounds
« on: March 17, 2013, 09:17:56 AM »
Hello Everyone!

Grimm Bros - - just wrapped up our 1st 7DRL Challenge and we wanted to share with you the fruits of our labors... Dungeon X: Flesh Wounds!  ;D

We invite everyone in the community to our initial prototype release and send us feedback to help us make the best roguelike RPG game possible!

- Ash

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