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If you can stand the RPG Maker/Anime/Japanese RPG look, I'd recommend Elona.  You don't have to worry about tightening your belt to prevent hunger pains.  It's actually a bit strange because you'll end up wanting your character to get hungry faster, because consuming the right foods exercises and can eventually increase certain stats, like eating carrots will increase your perception stat, and a concept I really like is if you start eating poisonous critters, like venomous spiders and snakes, your character will eventually develop poison antibodies that increase their overall resistance to poison.

The equipment wildly varies, some magical objects that can have up to 30 or so different magical properties to them.  Each object also has a base material, like if you have a weapon or piece of armor made from silk, it'll be much weaker than similar equipment made from a metal, but it will also be much lighter, and if you come across a piece of equipment that has some nice enchantments, but is made from some crap material, like bronze, you can find a kit or certain spells that will let you change it into something more fitting.

The skills are pretty nice too, you've got about 50, you tend to start with 20 or so, and your level of mastery with a skill can go up to 2000.

Hey guys.

I made an account here a year ago but never posted, so I guess it got purged.   I played a lot of Nethack during the past ten years, I found roguelikes a refreshing change of pace from the somewhat recent trend of modern RPGs that like to dumb down streamline sequels and the like, so that they have less features and options to the player.   There's a beautiful irony in that rather simple/primitive games have a level of depth and timelessness that multimillion dollar game projects have yet to ever really achieve.

Besides Nethack, the only roguelikes I've ever really got into are Dwarf Fortress, Elona and,  Transcendence.  I'm interested in development, however, I'd be more interested in a grand strategy - economics sim with roguelike elements, a sort of Civilization game where the AI opponents have randomly generated aspects of their culture and religion, and their play style would be suited on experimentation with random options and sticking with what seems to succeed for them.  I can go on about the idea for a good long while.

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