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the game is ready to be released!!

99 Levels To Hell Releases On February 26th!

A roguelike platform-shooter with a more demonic side.
Press Kit / Website / Trailer / Soundtrack / Greenlight
99 Levels To Hell will be released on with a 20% launch discount on February 26th. It's currently available to purchase on Desura (25% off until launch) and IndieCity and is immediately playable too.
Yes - well, actually there's 100 levels to descend in this game. No, you won't survive. By now you should have got around to playing Spelunky and have surely got a taste for challenging indie roguelikes with a focus on platforming. 99 Levels To Hell is cut from the same cloth as Spelunky but comes coated in a metal soundtrack and more guns, blood, and top hat tomfoolery than anything else before it (probably).
Of course, this being a roguelike means that permanent death is in place. You CAN save the game and return to it at a later point, but if you die then you'll have to restart and the levels will be randomized once again. However, you can unlock dungeons by defeating one of the ferocious bosses that you'll encounter every 10 levels. Say, for instance, you get to level 10 and defeat that boss, you'll then unlock the dungeon to level 11 so you can continue on from there. Simples. 
Dwelling on the 10 level structure, 99 Levels To Hell has 10 different environments for you to struggle through, and these are divided by (yes, you guessed it!) tiers of 10 levels. As you progress through the game you'll happen across shops where you can buy upgrades and new weapons - some of them even fire lasers - and if you're lucky you may even find portals that will help you out a little. The game contains over 25 monsters to discover and battle, as well as over 50 power ups and weapons to get your grubby mitts on. More unusual findings include casinos, elevators and secret rooms. The latter of which will unlock more of the game's story and some may even hide new characters you can then play as once you've freed them.
Release Trailer
Press Page:

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Steam Greenlight
« on: September 03, 2012, 05:07:05 PM »
99 Levels to Hell is also on Greenlight

Hi Guys

Please let me know what think of the build. This is the last release before I go Beta, so I would like to catch the big issues now.

all response is helpful  :)


Alpha 0.2.0 is live

Preview here ;)

General gameplay tweaks
All BossFights tweaked
Reset Game (in options)
Tutorial Level Changed

redbat crash
better lighting (easier to see)
Boxcollision pushing player through
Spawn two weapons

Damage Text on hit
PickUp Text
Vsync support
Bubble bombs

FireOrb (shooter)

New dungeon "Jail"

New Enemies:
Spider type 1, 2, 3 and 4


New Key sound
New Dungeon track
New Mix of GreenUnderground track
New Gun Sounds

5 New levels

Yeah I tried that with the keys.
Didn't really work that good, but I'm working on game pad control, that might help :)

And thanks.

I made this group on Desura to promote Roguelikes join if you like :D

Thanks :D

The game has been in pre-alpha for about a month and we are proud to finally release the Alpha.

The Alpha features:
1 Pet
2 Boss Fights
2 Dungeons
20 Levels
5 Enemies
9 Weapons

You can support the further development of the game by buying early access.

The Alpha is live on
And will soon be on Desura Alpha funding as well (

Press site:

Alpha Trailer:


Yes all those game are great inspiration :D
If I can only do something half as good.

Alpha will be up soon.

Yeah I talked to a dev I know who got a game on steam. He says you pretty much only have one chance, so it's best to have the game in a pretty finished state before writing to them.

I'm trying to get an idea of how much time the full development will take, there is still quite a few variables I need to get sorted out before I can plan every thing right.
But I hope I can release the game this fall.

I would love to do an expansion or maybe a level editor afterwards. :)

Yeah I'll try to get a build out every one or two weeks.
I'm not sure how we are going to do it yet but we have been thinking about Alpha funding via Desura and Indiecity 50% of the fullprice($10 I think) so that'll be $5 for early access.

We will probably start it when 80-90% of the features are in Alpha state.
It might be a week or two till that happens, so till then it's all free.

What do you prefer?

Hi guys

I'm new here, my name is Bo I'm from Denmark and currently I'm working on 99 Levels To Hell.

It's a one man project, that I'm trying to fund by my self and with help from my old boss Jacob from Zaxis Games.

@getter77 Thank you for posting the first build in the forum :D

The game is a dungeon crawler with roguelike elements, so it wouldn't be a hardcore roguelike.

The game will have 100+ levels and they will spawn random in sets of 10 with a boss fight as level 10. Boss fights will also be random.

The game will have a variety of different weapons, pets and power ups, some will stack and some won't, so it's all about knowing the items. Similar to The Binding Of Isaac.

I have a new build up.
Here is a video of what's new

Change-log Pre-Alpha 0.0.3:

Fixed "gets stuck"
New animations
New timed shooting and animations
New Sounds

New Lighting (optimized):

Level Spawn:

You wouldn't get the same level in the first 10 level
Added two more levels
Added more special chests and shops (higher chance of getting new weapons and protectors.)

First Pet/Protector:

RedOrb, protects you and kills enemies on hit


More art for the first Dungeon "The Castle"
Fixed resolution, Barrels, Boxes, Weapons
Added shadow, Ladder, Pillars


BlueStaff got bouncing bullet

First Boss fight:

Knight On Wheels!!


Window mode and more resolutions
The game ends at level 10.

You can download the build and future builds here

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