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we have released a new version of Hokuto no Rogue.
You can download it from:

This is an important release because we focused on the story instead of game mechanics and I have to say we are really satisfied of the results. If you want to have fun with this release make a Custom character, follow the storyline and try to defeat "the Colonel". You will not regret. ;)

Here is the changelog:

ver. 0.6.0 (3/17/2012)
- fixed bug in Hokuto Nishi Shinku Ha
- Addedd Colonel
- Addedd Mad Sarge
- GodLand structure complete
- Added GodLand events
- Added quest "kill colonel"
- Added quest "free captives"
- Added option: "characters animation" (needs restart or change level to take effect)
- Added feature: show static pictures in events
- Added weapon: boomerang
- Modified: choices list are now circulars
- Modified: 'enter' key now works on every weapon type
- Minor Bugfixing

Enjoy! :D

Hi everybody,
we have released a new version of the game. You can find it here:



ver. 0.4.1 prealpha (20/01/2009)

- Fixed bug on GO UP/GO DOWN action

ver. 0.4.0 prealpha (14/01/2009)

- Added wilderness (wilderness is random generated using Perlin's noise algorithm by Herman Tulleken)
- Added new cities (WARNING: you'll find nothing special in other cities [yet])
- Added random name generator (by Klaus Ole Kristiansen)
- Added Hints (press SHIFT+H or go to Options to enable/disable)
- Added character special status notification (by icon over character's head) [blindness, quest availability]
- Added perks (Scout)
- Added sounds (crossbow, equip, barrels, doors)
- Added variable characters size (Zeed is 1.5x normal characters)
- Added new unique character (Zeed)
- Added new weapons (axe, spiked mace)
- Added action (Talk)
- Added (very, very simple) quests (look for a '?' over character's head)
- Added music on/off option (needs restart)
- Weapon dropped if hand incapacitated
- Enemies AI slightly improved
- Removed Tiled dependency
- Minor Bugfixing

Enjoy.  ;)

Hi everybody,
we have released a new version of the game. You can find it here:


A trailer of the game:


ver. 0.3.0 prealpha (4/10/2008)

- Added Containers (barrels etc.)
- USE menu does not close on object selection
- USE menu removed from inventory (replaced with 'U' key in game)
- Removed 'Phantom soldiers' bug (?)
- Removed 'Waterskin Filling' bug
- Added Martial Arts Schools (Hokuto shinken, Nanto seiken)
- Added skills (Ki healing, Steal[incomplete])
- Added perks (Blindness, Danger sense, Faster healing, Ki vampire, Monk, Survivor, Poor, Inverted Heart, Fast Focus, Medic)
- Introduced instant cut for nanto attacks
- Added Kazan Kogai Koho technique. Absorbs all damage.
- Added Suieishin technique. The character learns the attack he has been hit with.
- Added Goshi Retsu Dan technique. Explodes opponent hands.
- Added Nanto Gokuto Ken Attack.
- Added Character Traits panel (F3)
- Added Plot Screen
- Added tsubo (Domei, Zusetsu)
- Modification: when hitting with an attack that doesn't use ki, the character gains a ki point.
- Minor Bugfixing

Warning: no quests yet.  ;)

Hi everybody,
we have just released a new version of the game. You can find it here:


Direct link:


ver. 0.2.0 prealpha (4/25/2008)

- General code refactoring
- Added knock back on attacks
- Added kick, parry and hit animations
- Added some character's voices
- Added objects info on TAKE menu
- TAKE menu does not close on object selection
- Added objects preview on TAKE menu
- Created paged choices menus
- LEVEL UP screen does not open if there are no points available
- Notifyed concentration power ups into log panel
- Added ALT+arrows key for diagonal movement
- Added legend into level map
- Added scenery elements
- Added voice selection for the custom character
- Added anmation selection for the custom character
- Upgraded hero's visibility algorithm
- Added character shadows
- Added thirst
- Added in-game USE action (SHIFT+ENTER)
- Now you can use objects on other characters
- Minor bugfixing

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