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Programming / Diagonal Hallways.
« on: July 08, 2011, 02:06:15 AM »
its been a while but im back in town.

Diagonal hallways seem to be halting all progress on a Psudeo Rougelike Im working on. im trying to make a Map generator from scratch and Ive run into this problem.

I cant seem to find a formula to reduce slope to the least common Denominator.

I have 2 points the Slope before finding the LCD is 17/26 if point 1 is 0,0 and point 2 is 17,26 using

(0-17)/(0-26) = 1.5294117647059

My issue is then how do I convert theat into int rise; int run; ?? I cant just make it Round up or down cause a 1/1 and a 2/1 dont connect the points.

Programming / Map Generator
« on: January 13, 2011, 03:51:22 AM »
A while ago, I made a Noise World map generator, and it was great. but now I'm interested in making the Dungeons for my game. but It stumps me to no end. I keep trying, but its not connected and Broken levels is all I get.

So I came to the place where Dungeon generating is a must! and Im asking anyone with some Experience in Dungeon Generating, if they can help. Full credit and everything in my game(currently getting assistance with path finding over at TIGForums)

Im working in java, and My Dungeons layout is going to be a 2d byte array which supports up to 255 different tile types.

If someone Could help me out Id really appreciate it!

Programming / Questions on Writing Roguelikes
« on: August 20, 2010, 09:06:26 AM »
Hi everybody, Im a mid-experience Programmer, I'm starting to learn about the dungeon generation Process,  but implementing the Process from ideas and concepts is proving difficult.

My main language is C# but im starting to wonder if other Languages might be better, mainly because of Mac support(I use both Windows and Linux), C++ was what I was considering, but its the weakest of my knowledge bases. Java I was considering, but I strayed away from java because Java tends to be slower(though if working in just text I should have no issue with speed)

the Game I'm working on needs 2 kinds of Map generation, not only the regular Procedural dungeon generation, but also some kind of Over-world Fractal Map generation. Both of which are harder then they originally appeared.

My end goal is a feel of the map in the 1997 Magic: The Gathering PC Game by MicroProse. Basicly its a Extremely large world map consisting of a bunch of random locations like Cemeteries and Churches, but also small cities, and in any of these you can find the entrance to a Dungeon which increases in depth and difficulty...

Mostly I need help with the implementation of Fractal Terrain Generation and Procedural Dungeon Generation, and any insight on what Language I should use would be wonderful.

Im looking at This for Fractal Generation:

and this for Dngeon Generation:

this one is a C# implementation of The Jamis Buck Method ive read just about everywhere but is confusing and uses booleans instead of, say, an array of Integers(0 = empty; 1 = floor; 2 = wall; etc.)

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