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Other Announcements / Roguelikes that rose above expectations
« on: May 04, 2009, 12:58:29 AM »
Hey guys, long time since I was last here... Anyways, we all probably had 'em, a game you think will be terrible, you try it, and you love it. This is a topic on what those games are, and what your thoughts are on these games. Anyways, mine are:

The original Rogue:
When I first played this game I was still quite young and I was just downloading all the small games off of and putting them on a floppy for my old 486 PC. Most of these games were just terrible, so I didn't have high expectations for "Rogue" but wow... Was I ever wrong. This was the only decent game I got that was about it's size on that little floppy disk, and I played it a LOT. The farthest I ever got was the 18th floor on the way back up.

At first look, this game looked way overcomplicated and I thought it would be nothing more then a sad attempt to make a text adventure game... I guess I should have learned from Rogue to never underestimate a game because of it's looks. This is still my all-time favorite Roguelike. I've never gotten past the Tower of Eternal Flames yet, but I've gotten the rest of the orbs and such. And if you havent read it, I'd suggest reading ADOI (An amazing ADOM parody comedy that is sure to cause you to bust a gut laughing at least once or twice.)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of time: (Cue finger pointing and laughing.)
This game looked terrible when I first looked at the screenshots, but after reading a few reviews that said that it was a "Suprisingly good" roguelike, I decided to give it a try... I played the game a bit, there was decent character development and an ok Storyline... After playing for a few minutes, I was having fun... No really, it was an odd feeling to think the exact opposite about a game after playing it, this is the first game to do this. It has randomly generated dungeons, a backstory, non-linear missions (Except for the story-based missions) and a "Privateer-style" Job system. This is actually the game that got me into the Pokemon franchise.

What are your games that rose above expectations? :)

Off-topic (Locked) / Duke nukem forever
« on: January 13, 2008, 06:11:47 AM »
as some of oyu know the DNF teaser trailer has been released, just looking at this made my jaw drop
just look at this :o

more screenshots from

teaser trailer on youtube

higher end trailer and teaser trailer downloads

all i have to say is WOW

its one of the reasons i havent been around theese forums for a while

i went to 3drealms forums and almost had a heart attack when i saw the topic name there were over 6000 users online in the first hour of it being released, also there is no "When its done" at the end of the teaser, its actually going to come out

Other Announcements / heavenly plane in ADOM?
« on: December 01, 2007, 02:02:05 AM »
a friend told me that he found that the ToTRR had another use... i think i recall him saying that there was soomeone who you could give the trident of the red rooster to in the red rooster inn (which i dont know where it is or if he was just pulling my leg :P) who would tell you about a mystic stairway in the eastern mountains on the other side of the rift. he said that there was a mystic stairway that lead him to a heavenly plane where you could meet the deitys of that certain race (like saraxx, onn, and isiatra), there was a disturbance in this plane in coming from a nearby volcano that you can enter... The disturbance gave the deity's a limit in their power... i dont even think that there is a volcano mentioned anywhere in ADOM, so im wondering if this was a true place in ADOM that any of you have been to.

Other Announcements / ADOM easter egg on mac site
« on: November 16, 2007, 04:04:53 AM »
HAHAHA!!!!   :D

look what i found

while i was trying to download a quake 3 port for my mac... i went to that page, clicked the download link (while on a pc) and busted a gut laughing

here is what it links to

in case it dissapears this is what it says

> look
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

> find link
You stumble around trying to find, but your hands grasp nothing except dirt and rock. You eventually touch something solid, and lift it up. As you bring it to your eyes, you squint to find that it is an orange scroll of domination.

> quit
Your score is 25 out of a possible 375. This gives you the rank of hoser.
Are you sure you want to give up [y/N]? : y

Apache/1.3.34 Server at Port 80 --The McManagement. 

Other Announcements / your favorite roguelike
« on: October 12, 2007, 12:08:34 AM »
i noticed a few threads similar to this but none that ask what your favorite roguelike is, the closeset thread to this is "what would your dream roguelike have?"

mine would have to be ADOM by a longshot. you can do anything plus it isnt just one goal to beat the game but there is quite a few goals and quests to get one of the multiple endings, you are not al the time in a dungeon (there is an overworld map) plus there are caves and unique areas to explore like the tower of eternal flames and the underwater caves. there are special areas, like an arena, casino, vaults, etc... there are multiple artifacts needed to beat the game such as the elemental orbs, and so many ways to do things. it also features unique ways to get past things, like you need the trident of the red rooster if you are a lawful guy wanting to pass through the chaos gate and slay the chaos god. there is background elements like background corruption and various special effects rooms. overall adom is an incredible roguelike with everything. thats why my favorite rogelike is adom.

your turn :)

Other Announcements / stupidest thing youve ever done on a roguelike
« on: October 11, 2007, 02:19:42 AM »
you know those things that you do and think, why the heck did i just do that? im pretty sure you have, we all have. now my question is... what to you deem to be the stupidest  thing youve done in a roguelike. please include which roguelike this was.

here is mine on DoomRL

i was walking around with a chaingun feeling BAAD, so i decided to attack whatever came near me... i mistook 9 explosive barrels for enemies, as you could imagine:
me: HA... IVE GOT YOU NOW!!!!



random guy: oh look a penny!


i didnt die, but it was very close

hey all. ive searched around a bit and noticed that there were no threads to do with adoi...  ;)

adoi is a online series about an adventurer named dayn, he has entered the draklor chain and is keen to fend of the invasion of chaos, after meetin up with a cursedoomed wizard (travis) they start there wacy adventure. seeing strange sights and totaly random hilarity.

the link for adoi is here

ps: if you want to know just how doomed travis is highlight the next bit of text...

he is wearing cursed, doomed dooming rings of dooming doomed cursing
cursedoomed doom...

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