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You can download at:

The idea was to create a city filled with zombies and play a game in which you had to defeat 1,000s of zombies, ration ammo, health, etc., use the environment, think, and act quickly to survive.

Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Programming / Realistic Zombie Apocalypse ANSI Shooter
« on: February 08, 2011, 06:24:16 AM »
I'll be the first to say this is borderline "rogulike" but it's very similar. It's an ANSII action game, but requires many of the same skills as roguelikes, etc. Anyway.

I want to start by saying that so far, this game is fun as hell to play. I really feel like I'm in a city crawling with zombies and have to slowly mow them down, but it just doesn't stop. You can actually kill every zombie/mutant in the city (right now that's the only way to "win"). The difficulty is brutal. The machine gun is very easy to use, and very effective and trashing zombies.

The working title is "Mutant Apocalypse" but that could change. I'm developing this with Megazeux, after I discovered it was possible. Megazeux is an incredibly powerful ANSII game creation engine, but I have complete control over the characters.

Anyway, right now the hero can run around part of a city. The city and buildings' floor plans are realistic, and there are literally thousands of zombie/mutants to destroy.

You have regular machine-gun ammo, and 2 kinds of bombs. You start with some lives and can collect more. Ammo is everywhere, but the giant caches are well-guarded. You might be able to grab 2000 rounds easily enough, but you'll need to use that strategically to gain the 10,000 you'll need. You can collect gems and coins for extra points.

Features finished:

40% of the City, including:
-ONE GIANT MAP, that simulates the city
-dozens of buildings (apartment complexes, a giant shopping mall, alleys, etc) with realistic floorplans
-hives of zombies waiting to attack
-mobs of mutants set on search and destroy
-tons of powerups
-intense difficulty
-decent level of realism
-keys which lock certain areas (including the shopping mall, a zombie movie staple)

Looking for thoughts, feedback!

It shouldn't take too much longer to finish, Megazeux is ****ing awesome. I was going to code this in C++, but it seemed pointless when Megazeux already did everything.

You can also follow dev on my website for the latest news on this game,

Check out the website for screenshots:

Yo! So, I've been messing around with NES Romhacking recently and I thought you guys might like these. First, my favorite, and the most recent,

I also did a Proto Man 3,

If you scroll down to the GAMES section on the sidebar, you can also find links to my Helmetless MM1 and 2 versions, and "Demons from the Past" which edits the first 6 levels of Mega Man dramatically. Enjoy!

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / STAR QUEST Beta 1.1 Released
« on: January 20, 2011, 11:56:32 PM »

You can download Star Quest at

After two years of development, Star Quest is finally finished! You play an unnamed Spaceman who suffered memory loss during a 5,000,000 space journey to a strange planet. Explore the world, meet unforgettable characters, bask in the 4-Bit, sweet-as-hell graphics, and tap your foot to the rad midi music.

The story so far...

An astronaut travels space for millions of years,
Forgetting the past for the sake of his journey.

The Starship Computer lands on a strange planet,
The Computer says the Star is here,

The Star Quest has begun!

You'll explore dungeons, Castles, and dozens of stunning, original areas. There are over 70 maps to explore and 10 arcade games to master. Once you've beat the game, play through again with all of your unlocked characters and items. You can always start another New Game + at any time after beating the game for the first time!

-Amazing Retro Graphics
-Inspiring philosophical storyline
-New Game + Mode
-10 Original Arcade Machines
-16 Unlockable secret characters
-Tons of hidden areas and secrets

Star Quest is like the RPGs you've played before, but in many ways it's unlike most other games. It's not exactly a roguelike, but it does feature some similarities. The sprites face forward in the same way that tiles function in a roguelike. You'll travel to a small nethack-inspired area and interact with roguelike heroes. Star Quest acts somewhat like a junction between different types of older video games from the 80s-90s. Hope you enjoy!

A few screenshots, more on 8-Bit City.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / The Atomic Knight Beta 3.0
« on: February 11, 2010, 08:25:58 AM »
Hello all! this is my first public release of a game, The Atomic Knight. It's ASCII and I coded it in C++ from scratch a few weeks ago. I didn't know about curses at the time, but I'm hoping to implement that in a future release.

Unlike most roguelikes, there are not a lot of stats or simulation. The game is primarily a strategy/arcade/adventure game, but I the presentation is definitely similar to roguetypes.

The environment, like a roguelike, is randomly generated. On top of that, I give the player control over some of the creation functions which allows for extreme pinpoint customization on the style of game played.

You are the Atomic Knight (A) and you shoot projectiles at the Trolls (T) which have a decent enough AI, avoid shots, and can be very effective at killing the player.

In addition, there are 3 power ups to use 8,4,X, which have different effects that I'll let you discover. Keep in mind this is a Beta release, and I'm planning more updates. Once the game is improved I'll be releasing the source code as well.

Finally, you can customize the colors of the text and background to suit your mood. A small feature, but I think it's a nice little touch.

The game tracks High Score, Highest Level reached, and most kills.

It's a 32-Bit Windows application right now. Enjoy! I'd love to hear and feedback, comments, or questions about the game.

The Link:

I'll post updates to the game on in the future!

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