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I used to play the dos version, because it looked so much nicer in console.
Now that they aren't doing any new dos versions, I played tiles for a while, but I miss the simple console style.

Now I have already found out how to get it to display in 80x25, but the colours are still hideous.

I know that frozen depths (win version) has the ugly colours too, unless you use the special shortcut that is provided, wich turns it into those other "nice" colours.

Is there any way I can get these colours to work in crawl too? I tried just usen the FD shortcut for crawl, but no success.

I was just watching a documentary about the inkas. I have always been fascinated by those cultures. I think such a theme might be cool for a rouguelike - or is there already one? :)

Classic Roguelikes / crawl viewport problem...
« on: November 29, 2007, 10:37:56 PM »
I was wondering how I can manage to run the windows version but making it look like the dos version? The windows version has such small size on the screen and the colours are ugly (fullscreen) :(

I tried around with setting stuff in a shortcut´s options, but it didn´t get me anywhere.

# view_max_width   = 33
# view_max_height  = 17

^^ I found these in the init file, but I have no idea what to use, and if it´s the right thing at all.

The problem is that the current dos version 0.32 has that annoying bug with the backround colours flushing the screen sometimes...

Any help or hint would be greatly appreciated!

Other Announcements / A roguelike with a party?
« on: November 17, 2007, 08:19:08 PM »
Does anybody know of a roguelike where you control a party of adventurers like in traditional crpg´s ?

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