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I'm not sure how many of the gang around here own PS3s and/or 360s.  But this week SEGA announced plans to revive some of it's Dreamcast library as DLC for the PS3/360.

You might (or might not) be surprised to know that for such a small library of games, there were several Roguelikes developed for that console.

Evolution 2
Climax Landers

and a Shiren the Wanderer game which never got a multilanguage release.

If any of these are interesting to you, why not ask for one or more of them on the Sega Forums, Youtube Channels, Facebook, or Twitter pages that have been set up by SEGA to take requests.

I REALLY would love to see a multilanguage version of the Shiren game.  I own all 4 of those titles, but would buy them all again as my Dreamcast stuff is all packed away at the moment.  (No room)  :(

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Mega Monster Mania XBLIG
« on: March 19, 2010, 11:46:19 AM »
Played a little demo yesterday and was surprised how many roguelike elements this little action game has.  Certainly not a roguelike, but probably a little more than say Spelunky.

Game is called Mega Monster Mania for Xbox live indy and it's pretty fun.

It's a dungeon crawl, or more accurately it's a dungeon run.  Levels are randomly created, monsters have treasure, there are chests.  So far I've found many differen't weapons, armor, and items.  After each level you get access to the Dungeon Shop where you can identify, equip, and sell off the excess.  You start with 3 lives, but can find more.  Death doesn't send you back to level one with no treasure, you generally lose an item or two and some money, and are given a few seconds of invincibility to try to find a safe zone to resurrect.

All and all a fun little game, which so far has alot more diversity and randomness then the previous Dungeon Adventure game for XBLIG.  Only costs a buck for the full version.  Well worth that investment IMO.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Anybody play Hokuto no Rogue?
« on: March 07, 2010, 04:06:01 PM »
I just saw the banner for this game when I entered the site.  I loved the Fist of the North Star original anime.  Havn't really checked out the more recent series.  But I noticed on the screenshots that one of the logs says KenShiro hits for 11 damage.  Ever seen that movie?  The guy punches large office buildings and they fall over!  More like 11 million damage!

Okay, my question.  Anybody who's tried it.  Didja like it?

Was just reading the description of this game, and was very surprised by the mention of Random Dungeons, Random Quest Conditions, and the ability (although extremely low chance) to find artifacts at even the earliest levels of the game.  Might not have perma death (dunno), but it definately seems to have many roguelike characteristics.

Also the 4th game in the Shiren series has just been released in Japan, but has me asking.  What happened to the third?  I remember the original, and I remember part 2 which hasn't gotten a english localization yet.  But what happened to #3?

Anyway, I hope we see more english conversions of this series.  I played the first as much as any DS game I own.

Just noticed that the english localization of Shiren was released for the wii late last week.  My only question.  Is this game Gamecube compatible?  I know that some of the early wii games were compatible with the cube.  Anybody know?

Off-topic (Locked) / Hacker Prayers
« on: February 14, 2010, 04:44:35 PM »
Please god as I start this day let me recover enough treasure to cover my identifies, and restores.
Please god don't let there be a pack of Airhounds at the end of this long corridor!
As I eat my daily bread, please don't have me choke.
Please god let this LAST teleport work!!!
Please god give me protection from paralysis before level 20!

Off-topic (Locked) / The scariest room in Roguedom!?
« on: February 10, 2010, 12:54:28 AM »
Any monster house at high levels is scary but I think the scariest room, or at least the one I dread the most...


The Greenhouse!!!  Some call it a Fungus House, but I picture a room that has had so much guano/refuse/carnage left in it that all these molds and fungai start growing.  Then throw in 30 or so levels below the earth and we start to see the death fungus.  While I havn't seen one recently.  I remember them fondly for murdering some of my best characters who were unfortunate enough to be piloted by me when my eyes were tired and not capable of distinguishing a grey period from a dark grey comma.

One thing is for sure.  Moria/Angband loves them.  Greenhouse levels are always superb.

Off-topic (Locked) / Quick question thats been buggin me for 20 years
« on: February 09, 2010, 11:32:22 AM »
I'm pretty sure I read every word of the original Moria docs and could never figure this out.

You know how in Moria/Angband the Armor is written like..

Metal Brigadine Armor (-3) [19,+0]

Okay the 19 is the number added to your AC.  The base protection so to speak.
The +0 is it's magic value.
What the world is the (-3)?

At first I thought it was a good thing, like a damage reduction per strike.  But after seeing the Rusty Chainmail (-3) I started thinking it was more of an encumberence thing.  However it doesn't seem to lower DEX, MOV, or anything else I've noticed on the Character Sheet.  100 tripe rations to the first person to solve this decades old question!

Off-topic (Locked) / looting my corpse
« on: January 22, 2010, 11:26:49 AM »
After playing Hack (it wasn't called nethack yet) for the first time in the mid 80's I was blown away at "how cool" the concept of BONES files were, and that the game allowed you to battle the spirits of your former persona's in order to retrieve your former self's belongings.  Granted all the items were cursed, but hey, if I can't take off my +14 cloak of invisibility for a few rounds, so be it.

What surprises me is that the roguelike world is famous for sharing/stealing/lifting/borrowing ideas.  Yet I can not remember a single other roguelike that had this feature.  Can anybody else think of another roguelike that has it?

Off-topic (Locked) / 26th year Roguelike statis report
« on: January 16, 2010, 06:40:14 PM »
I started my roguelike gaming with a little game called Dungeon on the Commodore Pet.  Since that time I've been an on again, off again, addict.  Here is my 26th year progress report.

Larn - Beaten several times
Moria - Never beaten (3 or 4 times fought the Balrog)*
Angband - Never beaten (Never seen Morgoth)
Omega - Beaten
ADOM - Never beaten
Nethack - Beaten once in the early 90's.

Show me any other game genre that can provide a single player that much challenge over a quarter century?

*I've actually seen the Moria/Angband borg beat Moria.

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