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Off-topic (Locked) / Steps to create your own Roguelike
« on: August 03, 2009, 07:34:38 PM »
Sorry for my poor English- it's not native for me.

Little introduction: Hello from cold Russia, comrades! 3 weeks ago i discovered roguelike genre and it was FANTASTIC! Now i can't stop playing ADOM and Dungeon Crawl-Stone Soup (Demonspawn-Chaos Knight of Xom-this is real way to FUN). And DoomRL-ohhh...amazing...double shotgun my favorite (as always 8))
Main part: Now my head overflowed with most craziest  ideas, classes,quests e.t.c. So it mean what i must realized as soon as possible (or my head will blow up :'( ). Nope, i know what programming is HARD JOB (i coding some little games in Blitz3D, using tutors of course ). And i don't wanna create Nethack Killer No 666, my task is humble - train my programming skills and have fun.

So this My Step One-Choosing a Programming Language( why not design document?cos without knowledge of Any programming language - you can't scale your possibility to create all what you desire).
Which is best-old good Pascal or something new?

Step Two-Small, easy start. Create a map (a String array), place a Dude(@),make him walk around this, then try something hard.

Step Three-educate and learn. Improve yours skills and make primitive monster Ai , FoV e.t.c. Try  tutors and sources listen to the forums.

Step 10k- make it coolest game 4ever)

My problem-step One and Three i can't find good tutors. And i known only Pascal (but find Python nice) l need adwise.

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