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Other Announcements / Gaming with dad
« on: January 12, 2024, 09:54:05 AM »
I've returned to my ancient "Gamer series" channel with a new gamer comedy vid:

Hello! I've made C language roguelike-tutorial at my YT channel:

Initially I've made just a template of roguelike game, but at the end I've decided to make it more playable and added a bit more features on top.. so now it's a tiny game :) I called it 'Roglik' as it's very simple.

Source code (+ binary for Windows):

Roglik is the game in public domain, no credits, copyrights etc. Enjoy! :D

Now.. There are detailed video lessons - how such game could be written with a full explanation:

0) - most basic tutorial.. how to make basic rlg template with Conio.h . Might be useful for beginners who don't know how to begin.. :)

1) - we move to NCurses and implement basic movement

2) - we make room and walls

3) - random generation of character and room

4) - generate NPC and random rooms

5) - switching to PDCurses and make proper room generation

6) - create corridors in dungeon

7) - C language structures for monsters

8) - staircases and event messages

9) - monsters diversity (adding moar monster's types)

10) - simple AI of monsters. Movement and attack

Playlist with all these vids:

In case if you need basics of C language (as roguelike tutorial assumes that you know some minimum), there is also a full C language playlist where I explain stuff from scratch:


Programming / [video] Roguelike development tutorials
« on: September 27, 2022, 06:28:43 PM »
I've started series of tutorial roguelike dev videos. My goal is to explain everything very simple, from the very basics.

Hope to see your feedback!

Classic Roguelikes / [video] Shtukensia stream @ Angband
« on: November 24, 2021, 09:23:01 AM »
Right now Shtukensia starting streaming vanilla ASCII Angband @ , her first time in-game!

Stream will start in 5 minutes!

Don't forget to sub to her channel ;D


It was fun :) stream recording:

Adventures will continue soon!

Design / Roguelike quest system
« on: July 13, 2020, 06:30:36 AM »
Roguelike quest system

Wanna share an idea considering quests in rlg (and especially *bands).. It's mainly applied to my variant (Tangaria), but general concept could be used anywhere.

Quest system is't present in V because quests are not really good suited in *bands, good analytics about it there.

In addition in PWMA (and Tangaria) there are more problems:
- in PWMA quests influencing V-based economy (not too much though because of a lot of RNG in completing it/reward).
- quests to kill certain enemy are just boring.
- players often forget to take quests as it's very rare to complete them and you got dull rewards; most just play without them

Those problems came because quests in roguelike games often implemented like in traditional MMO/RPG-quests (kill 5 chickens, bring 5 ribs), while it should have it's own, roguelikish type of quests - to encourage players to have an adventure, with a proper risk VS rewards rate.

/rfe to improve quests and to encourage players to play in more roguelikish way - implement this minimalistic (and yet deep) system:

Retrieve an ancient relic fragment from the dungeon vault // reward: gold
- every (or some) dungeon will have an item which could appear only in the vault on the bottom level of the dungeon. It wo't appear often (as vaults appear not too often) - so you'll have to look for it. Sounds like a good adventure;
- at low player's lvls such relics will appear in small vaults, while at end-game only in Great vaults;
- after you pick up this item - you can not use 'Word of Recall' scroll. So you have to get back with this relic using stairs (which is quite dangerous). So it's like an optional way to turn the dungeon into NO_RECALL;
- while you holding this relic - there is a tiny chance to summon monsters around you (minor curse of summoning from V) - it makes way back more fun!

Actually this type of quests come from original - from 'Rogue' where the player had to retrieve Amulet of Yendor and bring it to the surface. Oldies, but goldies. This is the right truly roguelikish quest system.

- to encourage players to get into the vaults and take the risk
- strong anti-cheezing (vaults provide it)
- easy to rebalance (to set certain gold amount as reward and rebalance it with gold drop table)
- these quests are still optional, so you could play without getting into quest hunt if you do't want to get additional risks
- adding variability; some dungeons will be easier to complete, some are harder. Sometimes if you will kill everything on sight you will have too much exp to visit all dungeons - so you will need to play more strategically, sometimes to avoid battles. It's adding yet another strategy to 'win' the game - like with completing all available quests (to do it you will need to spend a lot of gold for consumables, but you will get additional money back after completing quests) OR avoiding quests (be more economical in terms of consumables in general).
- make the game deeper and bring back some traditional Yendor'ish flavour - as there appears yet another goal and challenge - to complete all quests - gather the whole Relic from fragments

So.. The idea is to give additional motivation for players to get into the vaults. As right now *bands are quite winnable without getting your foot in most vaults. Quest=vault=NO_RECALL could be really good way to solve this problem.


Comment from the V community:

fph: no-recall part sounds incredibly boring to me. How is "climb up by finding 54 sets of stairs ond 54 levels that have no challenging monsters" supposed to be fun?

In my variant there are separate dungeons which are mostly ~7-10 lvls deep (and only one quite deep - "Angband" which is 25). So it's alright there.

But even in deeper dungeons it could be fun.. As you are not simply finding stairs, but actually have a cursed item in your backpack which summon monsters upon you sometimes - what makes gameplay quite harcore and fast-paced. In 99.9999% players do not mess with items which have such curses on them, but actually it could be really great to have such adventure.

Another way to solve the problem of deep dungeons (could work even in V): make NO_RECALL work only for 5-7 levels, after which you could recall back. Eg:

1) you took a relic

2) you have two curses on it - NO_RECALL (last 5 levels) and SUMMON (different relics could have different curses - some will summon demons, some undeads, etc). Hm maybe even add there moar curses - like siren, aggro, etc (not at once, but make every relic different).

3) now you can't recall back until you will take 5 stairs up. When you did it - curse removed, you are free to go

Also it's optional quest.. so you could just abandon it if it's too harsh.

Player's Plaza / [video] Roguelike song
« on: June 25, 2020, 07:26:01 PM »
I’ve wrote a song-tribute to roguelikes.

Hope you like it!

If you don't understand my poor English - I've added subtitles at youtube :)

Off-topic (Locked) / Lord of the Rings Online (MMORPG)
« on: May 25, 2020, 06:49:11 AM »
Recently I've returned to LotRO ( ) after 10+ years break. It's F2P MMORPG.

I started to play (and make video) in totally new (for me) perspective - to study and enjoy Tolkien's lore and exploring Middle-Earth without haste.

First adventures:

Hope to see your feedback!

Classic Roguelikes / Angband variants table
« on: March 30, 2020, 09:04:31 PM »
To understand Angband variants (to 'feel' this phenomenon) and to find interesting ideas for my variant, I've started research at different web-resources (Roguebasin, oook, The Angband Variant Repository). It's great websites, but as there are so many variants - I thought it will be fun to bring all needed information and links to _one_ web-page; so you do not need to walk through hundreds of hyperlinks to get all basic information about variants. So I've combined all these sources under one table at my website:

There are only two fields - name (with the link to source) and description; so you could read everything without clicking around while drinking a cup of tea

It's a draft for now, but I'll maintain it and will make it up-to-date in time


In this topic I wanna share my video streams at Tangaria :)

Tangaria ( ) –  free open-source persistent online multiplayer roguelike game. In addition to traditional roguelike features, it has MMORPG-like gameplay: real-time (with semi-turn-based mode when you are injured), PvE in group, trading between players, real economy, PvP etc

Tangaria powered by PWMAngband ( ), which derived from MAngband ( ) and also got some TomeNET ( )  features. And of course, all three games were initially based at Angband ( ) :D

My first adventure.. At last I've made it after 6 month of work at Tangaria tileset :) Finally the game is playable!

My second adventure got several funny YASDs:

I'll be glad to hear your feedback; you are welcome to ask any questions :)

Cya in-game!

Classic Roguelikes / MAngband (Multiplayer Angband)
« on: November 26, 2018, 09:56:13 AM » - MAngband website :D

Hiho! I've just started to play MAngband (Multiplayer Angband). Recently this game had a birthday - 20 years! It's got new website, relay between game and Discord ( and also updates comming soon. Gameplay feels very oldschool and I enjoyed it!

My video stream:

As the most often question considering MAngband is 'how roguelike could be played online, if it's turn-based??', I would answer it right away hehe:

Speaking literally, this is fast-paced turn-based game. But turns happens on real-time basis - something like every second is one turn passes.

Every turn player and monsters could make a move (perform an action). Drinking a potion, for example, drain only part of 'energy' from the turn. Having +speed items give possibility to perform more action at short period of time.

Easiest way to see how turns run - to equip torch and check 'e' several times in a row - you would see how amount of turns decrease on it.

To handle 'real-time', your character automatically fights in melee nearby enemies and all you need to do is approach them; magic spells and shooting has to be done manually thought, but also you could assign macro to perform actions faster and effectively.

There is 'Newbie guide' which could give basic info:

There is an update comming soon! You could check issues @ github:

Join the development! It would be great to get help from the community!

Programming / [coding] TomeNET needs your help to find a bug! :D
« on: January 20, 2018, 07:56:37 PM »
Hi ho! :D

Just a few months ago I've presented my free-to-use 1-bit tileset for TomeNET ( and not only: ... Also wanna remind, that I'll be very happy if someone would use this tileset in YAGR (yet another great roguelike) :D

This tileset works great in TomeNET and makes gameplay much more enjoyable!

But we got a trouble...

There is a bug - currently it's not possible to map characters at certain glyphs of this graphical font:
0, 2, 16-31, 129, 141, 143, 144, 157, 195

If this bug would be fixed, it would be possible to add extra _24_ symbol in this tileset (I'll update my tileset, of course!). 24 symbols would make huge difference!

Devs don't know how to fix this bug :( It's even totally unknown where to find this mistake... That's why I beg every living person who knows something about coding to help in solving this issue!

Source files for TomeNET could be found there:

Topic about this problem at TomeNET forum:

Please don't hesitate to post any assumptions and hypothesis considering this bug, lets discuss it. Any hints could be useful!

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Wyvern - roguelike-MUD
« on: September 21, 2017, 08:02:20 PM »
Hi ho!

I've just discovered very unusual game: Wyvern - roguelike-MUD; it's something in the middle of this two genres; inspired by NetHack, Crossfire & other oldschool games. It's pretty deep game with rich world, much deeper than modern MMORPGs ;)

Currently it works @ mobiles - Android/iOS. PC client comming soon, right now to play at PC you have to use Android emulator; I recommend MEMU ( ) for Windows and Anbox ( ) for Linux).

This is my 1st time in Wyvern, first impressions:

And it's my second adventure... And it's not what I've expected! This game is even better than I first thought! Mind-blowing deeeeep...

Hope to see your feedback! :D

How I play TomeNET and other roguelike games.. How I prepare for it... :D

Do you have any special preparations for roguelike gaming too? :D

Hi ho!

I've decided to make online game... Why I do it and how do I plan to do it - in my new video:

It's 1st stream with concepts. I'm trying to give explanation why I started this project and which instuments we would use.

Web-page of the game at my tavern:

I'm very interested in your opinions, guys. As a rookie in coding and gamedev, I need all kinds of advices. Would be very glad to hear your feedback!

Kind regards,
Tangar GameGlaz

The only 'gamedev' thing which I made in my life was tileset for TomeNET -
Btw, my tileset is in a public domain, feel free to use it in your projects without any restrictions! :D

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / [video] DoomRL FIRST IMPRESSIONS
« on: December 25, 2016, 04:23:39 PM »
I've just started to play DoomRL; its my 1st time when I tried this game, first impressions:

Beautiful game, everything in the right place :)

Also I've made second stream in DoomRL in Russian... It was pretty hot :)

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