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Design / ATB system??
« on: September 27, 2015, 09:39:57 PM »
Thinking about shaking things up a little with a roguelike I'm working on.
The game will feature procedurally generated terrain as well as permadeath so, as far as I'm concerned, is a true roguelike.

One departure I'm considering is a slightly more real-time turn system... Sort of like the ATB in final fantasy.
The idea is essentially that each character gets a 'Charge Timer' to which, every iteration of the game loop, the character's current Speed is added.
When the Charge Timer >= 100, it is the characters turn.

In most roguelikes, the game is paused while it is the player's turn. Thinking about dropping that, but I'm not sure....

Then it would come down to a Game Speed variable which would affect difficulty signifcantly...
Strategy would be altered considerably...

Any thoughts appreciated!

Development Process & non-technical / New RL in development
« on: September 16, 2015, 03:43:19 PM »
Hey community! My name is Ian MacKenna aka Nomad.

I've been walking around for the past three years, living out of a backpack, mostly in the forest, eating berries, practicing shamanism, etc, you know how it is.

Several years ago I started a project called AstralHexRL, a graphical RL with hex tiles... Aspects of the project were getting too tricky (line of sight on hex-grid, ARGH!) to handle (computationally intense) and it didn't seem worth it to spend that much effort to produce a serious game for deployment to PC only... Game faded away...

So after a few years of "finding myself", living a real life RL, I've found my way back to society and noticed that the development tools have been advancing steadily along!

Just in time, it seems, I've found my way back to game development... And today I am making the first official announcement of a new RL in development, currently code-named: Project Nomad

The game is programmed primarily in Java using the libgdx framework, which allows for simultaneous deployment to Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. I've been working in the game for the past few weeks and am pretty serious about it. (5+ hours a day coding) No worthwhile screenshots just yet, but a playable demo should be released within the month.

Some features of this game:
Extremely lightweight, highly procedurally generated (Overworld, Dungeons, Items, etc), very dynamic environment, highly expandable through scriptable content, awesome pixel art (by me, and perhaps others as the game grows), flexible skill system which allows for adding skills over time, complex AI profiles, etc...

And there's MORE! But that's a secret for now.

I am FULLY QUALIFIED to produce this game, at least to the point where beta testers become involved. At some point I will also have to enlist the help of a 'sound guy', and probably seek out a few people to generate a serious core of content. A little ways away from that point, although the game is looking great so far...

So... I guess this post is really more of a teaser than anything else...  ;D

More to come...

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