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Hello everybody!

So I was thinking about this game recently, and I saw that there was a thread here where the creator of Mission Thunderbolt offered to make it available to folks on the forum, as the thread was largely about getting our hand on this game again. What I DIDN'T find, though, was any discussion ABOUT the game itself!

How many of you have played this game? What do you think? What are some of your experiences with it?

Mission Thunderbolt was one of two games that introduced me to the genre (along with Fatal Labyrinth for the Sega Genesis) and still remains one of the most prominent games in my life - I frequently go back to it and am amazed by the complexity of all the possible interactions - one of my favourites being when I accidentally and unwittingly befriended a troglodyte by getting it out of a jam, and it proceeded to be the most useful ally I'd ever had in a roguelike. Ever.

Would love to hear some thoughts / stories about this game! Is anyone, like me, still playing it?

Hello everyone!

My name is Barry and I have started a new podcast with some friends called LikeLikeLite. The purpose of our podcast is to give the player's perspective on roguelikes, and games with roguelike elements. Our panel is made up of a diverse group of gamers that have different levels of experience with roguelikes, and each episode we will be playing a new game and discussing it! In between episodes I also hope to be posting in this forum and on other social media websites, looking to get comments from the community about the next game we will be discussing. Those comments will then help shape what we will be discussing, what questions we will be asking developers, and likely will be mentioned on the show!

Our first episode is about Cardinal Quest 2, and guest stars creator Ruari O'Sullivan. You can listen to it here!

At the time of posting the episode and the bonus clip are not available on iTunes or SoundCloud, but I am working on it! The episodes should be available there soon! Hope you guys enjoy it! :)

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