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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Hark! (iPad roguelike)
« on: October 30, 2013, 11:39:20 AM »
I'm releasing a roguelike for iPad, hopefully this week.
The dungeons are tiny, 10x10, and densely packed with items and monsters.
The only visible stat is HP, and the only equip-able items are swords, which are rare.
Items need to combined in strategic ways (ie. throwing a gas bomb into a room of enemies and freezing one in the doorway so they can't get out). The player has to make use of the available items and base their play style around that, in a way that's similar to brogue.
The interface is designed to be zippy and invisible.

Hark! will retail for the princely sum of one dollar.

NOTE: ignore the pile of numbers in the bottom left corner, it's dev stuff

Thanks !

Programming / 7DRL Development Kit
« on: January 31, 2013, 03:20:39 PM »
I've started working on a framework that takes care of the boiler plate involved in getting a roguelike up and running.
It's a Lua based system that aims to take care of some of the really common tasks, with a simple and clean interface.

My plan is to cover following areas:

Tile sheet clipping and sprite rendering
Font rendering
Basic Audio
Keyboard / Mouse Input
Line of Sight
A Star pathfinding
Decent random number generation
Game object system
Event System
Basic GUI components (Button, console)

It's designed to be useful without overly forcing a particular game structure.
I'm also planning to write coherent reference documentation for all components of the framework and a tutorial detailing an ultra basic roguelike.

It's also designed to be accessible to beginners. There's nothing to build and no dependancies, just an executable that hosts lua scripts.
I think what would make this framework useful for a 7DRL above existing alternatives is that it's specifically focused on the kinds of implementation problems that arise when developing an RL. There is functionality that almost every single roguelike implements, and this framework aims to abstract it cleanly and allow people to focus on gameplay ideas in the limited time they have.

I'd like to hear any thoughts or suggestions anyone has.

Programming / Apotheosis, 3D Roguelike, 1st Tech Demo available
« on: January 22, 2012, 10:03:36 AM »
Hi, I posted here last year about Apotheosis, a 3D, semi-realtime roguelike I'm working on.
It's come on a great deal since then, and is moving toward a demoable stage.

Development Blog:

I'd love to hear any gameplay suggestions anyone has.

 latest Dev site:

Programming / My 3D Rougelike
« on: May 30, 2011, 11:00:18 AM »
Hi, I'm working on a 3D action rougelike game at the moment. I started a development blog (more as a technical journal than anything else), and you can see screenshots of how it looks at the moment.
At the moment I'm working on designing the fundamental gameplay mechanics, and trying to successfully synthesize what makes rougelikes unique with a more action oriented style of interaction (i.e not turn-based). It's very early days at the moment, but I'd really appreciate any feedback or suggestions anyone has, especially about preserving the essence of what makes rougelikes so hatefully fantastic.

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