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I have been under a ton of stress lately, so for some reason, to unwind, I went and found an old game I used to play over 20 years ago called Moria.  I have version 4.87 loaded up in old-school DOS and man, I forgot how much fun this game was.  I don't even know why it crossed my mind in the first place after all these years.

Anyway, I know there were later version, but I am playing 4.87.

Obviously, this is not a game that is going to be getting a ton of trending in 2015, but I was wondering if some of the rules I have read on here for later versions apply to 4.87?

Example - IS 1250 feet the best place to find attribute increase potions?

Also, does a complete index exist of items and monsters?

I found this - - and while it is very good, it still could explain more about spells, some items, and the nature and skills of various monsters.

Also, I should note that I'm not really all that familiar with D&D rules, and don't completely get some of the numbers that are listed without explanations (eg. what is the 50 in Strength 18/50, or the "level" of an item, etc...). 

Thanks, to anyone who actually remembers this game and has any advice.

At the moment, I'm a level 25 Half-Troll Priest.  No idea why I chose a half-troll.  Just got crazy in the moment I guess.

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