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Programming / Ambitious Rogue-like Project. But...
« on: June 10, 2009, 07:25:58 AM »
...I'm a newbie to coding. I have this ambitious thought for a rogue-like. It will have similarities to Dwarf Fortress, but I'm not going that far. As I said, I am a newbie to coding besides some experience with Game Maker. I was using this tutorial, but it stopped right after rendering a room and hasn't been updated since 2007, though the author is still active and is planning to continue. I wanted to know if there is any tutorial to coding a rogue-like in C++ or Game Maker(which I doubt exists). I have tried a general C++ coding tutorial, but after a part about integers, it just started not making sense to me.

...After writing that... I seem pretty hopeless at coding C++.  :)

Thanks in advanced.

EDIT: I am also willing to switch programming languages if another is easier. Also, just for the reference, my Game Maker is registered.

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