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A JavaScript adventure game you play by modifying its source

Apparently, it's using rot.js for generating levels.

7DRLs / Horddays (7DRL 2014 - SUCCESS) - devlog
« on: March 11, 2014, 04:27:54 PM »

For Linux and OSX, source code (C, SDL) at Github (version v0.7d.1).
For Windows, download 32 bit build.

The main goal is to escape from the horde of zombies, using items you can find around. The environment is 3D and resembles urban setting.


Old post:
Out of frustration with all those zombie TV shows, and because Catacysm2 is not yet ready, this is my take on this epic genre of Zombie Apocalypse.

Basic principles:
- Hordes of flocking zombies.
- You are a hoarder, and you are unable to pack your inventory - you cannot get rid of your stuff unless you use it.
- Simplified 3D world.
- Different types of zombies can smell, hear, or see you.
- This stuff can be done using arrays for everything, no fancy data structures, so plain C is just fine ;D

The development history so far:

Late Friday night
- Basic SDL setup.
- Basic structures and game loop.
- Simple random 3D map.
- Simple tileset.
- Walking @!

- Refinig the world.
- Field of view.
- Started programming mobs.
- Priority list for the time system.

- Time System.
- Flocking of the mobs.
- Possibility for non-zombie mobs.
- Killing mobs.
- Blood.
- Smell spreading.
- Sound and smell perception.

- Balancing flocking and sensing.
- HP indicator.
- Zombies hitting the player.
- Exit, levels.
- Better map generation. (World of ramps).
- Shadows.
- Better zombie tiles.


- Map generation: Connected area, better spawning.
- Map generation: Houses and high structures.
- Map generation: Small obstacles.

- Items
- Picking up items
- Show when the player is hit/bitten.
- Effects
- Using items

- Smoke (from grenades, shotgun, etc)
- Wind
- Sight
- Check Windows build
- Better UI
- Even better map generation
- Civilians

Early Dev / Wanderers / open world RL
« on: February 24, 2014, 05:02:54 AM »

What is interesting about it?

1. The game is quite different from many Roguelikes and RPG games. First of all, the time system is semi-continuous: Your discrete actions are simulated in the continuous space and time, so you get interesting combat mechanics with a lot of pushing and dodging, while largely preserving the feel of familiar grid based games. 

2. The game world is simulated on two scales: The area around the player is simulated precisely with every detail taken into account, however, the rest of the world is not static and is evolving too with a bit coarser but still quite accurate simulation. Both simulation levels interact seamlessly, so your small actions will affect the whole big world. You can defend your village and make it stronger in the war with a neighboring tribe, or you can go explore the world and fight monsters in the underground dungeons.
3. Many features, for example social organizations of the NPCs, reputation, rumors, spell casting, villains, apocalyptic events and global quests are not implemented yet.

Can I play the game?

>>> Download for Windows:
Download the latest Windows build (January, 20, 2015).

How to play: README at Github.

>>> Download for Linux (and probably OSX):
Get the source code from Github. Compilation is straightforward. install the latest ocaml package for your system. Make sure you have your SDL1.2 and OpenGL libraries installed. Then just execute make.

How to play: README at Github


Arrow keys or h j k l - Movement
w a s d or Ctrl+direction - Melee attack
t - Rest
Space - Wait
i or Enter - Inventory mode (0, 1, 2 to move items between sections, Esc to cancel)
f - Ranged attack mode (f to shoot, Esc to cancel)
v - Interaction mode (v or Enter to open/close doors or barter, f for ranged attack)
m - Map (arrow keys and <, > to move, Esc to cancel)
< > - Use stairs
+ - - Faster or slower game speed
Esc or q - Cancel
Ctrl+q - Save and quit

Tips for new players

When you start playing, first, take a look at your CNS (Constitution). This is your mass in kilograms, and your max HP. Heavy characters are slower, and light characters are weaker. Also, light characters have better magical abilities.

The very first goal is to find some weapon, even a simple stick or a knife will make a big difference. You also may find a good random seed, where you start with weapons. To rest, press t, you will recover some HP. When equipping new items, pay attention to MBL (Mobility). When it drops down (say below 0.9), your damage also goes down considerably, and this is not what you want.

To get full Documentation about the game, read the README at Github.

The game is open source, distributed under GPL3 license.

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