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7DRLs / Escape from lab 99b- 7DRL 2014
« on: March 13, 2014, 12:52:43 PM »
I'm posting updates in my blog:

but I'd like to get some feedback (almost no-one reads my blog and those who do never comment) so I'll post here too.

Here's a shot of the game with map and entities working:

I'm using the in game map from my current RPG roguelike project but modified.

All entities will be represented by symbols, just like a traditional roguelike. The game will be turn based.
One area I'm departing from tradition is in stacking. Most units can be stacked up to 4 in a single square. I'm going to allow stacked movement and maybe stacked attacks.
This is how I plan to deal with the multiple character aspect of the game.

You'll be controlling up to 4 drones, but it's possible to move them as a single group, though not in narrow corridors. Choke points like that will require you to advance one at a time, making you more vulnerable. You may also want to split your group for scouting (if you have a drone with a stealth module) or to remove a seriously damaged drone from the stack to avoid it taking damage.

Player movement and map reveal is working, entity population and placement is working, map generation is working, though I will probably add more room variations.

Is there a way of making games for mobiles (android) with python? (for free, I don't want to pay out for any licenses, it's just my hobby, not a job).
I hear about Python + Libtcod and other things, but I'm already using a nice 3d game engine that gives pleasing results. The only thing Blender Game engine can't do is make games playable on mobile devices (there has been some work towards that, but not much progress after 2-4 years and the blender developers are talking about killing off the game engine altogether in the future).

I've had plenty of experience of making and using sprites and 2d tilesets, I first started making game content as a modder for civilization 3, and recently I made some demos to revisit the process, so it really wouldn't be a problem going to a 2d game engine.

However, I'm comfortable with the python scripting language, as it's easy to use and fast to write, so I don't want to start messing around with C++ or anything like that.

Anyone got any advice?

Design / Brainstorming: Item lists.
« on: February 20, 2014, 03:21:01 AM »
I'm hoping you can help me with generating a list of potential in game items.
I just looked through the Dawn like tileset and there's a good selection in there, a lot of which I already have, but maybe I'm missing somethings.

Anyway, for me, and for other people gearing up to make a roguelike (fantasy genre) what kinds of items need to be prepared? This doesn't include furniture and man sized items such as fixed lanterns or chests.

So far I have:
  • armour- many different types and variants
  • clothes- different variants
  • capes/cloaks -different variants
  • robes- different variants
  • hand to hand weapons- different types and variants
  • ranged weapons- different types and variants
  • helmets, hats and hoods- different types and variants
  • shields - different types and variants
  • lanterns and torches- different types and variants
  • rocks- different types and variants
  • ranged weapons ammo- different types and variants
  • books and scrolls- different types and variants

I think I need:
  • food - different types and variants
  • medicine- different types and variants
  • potions- different types and variants
  • potion ingredients- different types and variants
  • crafting ingredients- different types and variants
  • tools- different types and variants
  • rings- different variants
  • amulets, necklaces and bracelets- different types and variants
  • boots -different variants
  • gloves- different variants
  • musical instruments- different types and variants
  • small containers- different types and variants
  • wands- different variants
  • glasses- different variants
  • money- different amounts
  • gems - different types and variants
  • treasure- different types and variants

What am I missing? Can you think of other things to add to the list? Generic fantasy RPG gear, or specific items that would be cool.

Programming / jumping, crawling and swimming.
« on: February 13, 2014, 11:38:50 PM »
Has anyone tried any non standard movement methods, such as jumping over pits crawling through tunnels or swimming in flooded areas?

I'm curious about how others might handle that.

implementation would obviously be different in systems that have more than one movement point per turn, and those which allow the player and monsters to move multiple squares.

UG! Anti spam tasks just keep getting nicer and nicer don't they. Hope I don't have to do that too much more to use the forum.

Anyway, Hello to Temple of the rogue like forums, I'm a long time game developer using the Blender game engine (with coding in python) but although I've been looking at developing a rogue-like for some time, this is my first try at the genre.

You can see what I've been working on here at the Blender artists forums:

A little background, Blender is a 3d program which is free to use for commercial or non-commercial projects, it has  a built in game engine which with some python coding allows for very complex games to be made and to use a lot of fairly modern graphics technologies.

I don't have any game play yet, as I've been working on behind the scenes coding and art assets until now, but as the game play elements come Online I'd like to et some feedback from people who actually know something about rogue-likes.

Here are some of the key points about my game:

  • Fully random dungeons with random items and enemies
  • A new turn based movement and combat system in which it is not too easy to die, but death (or other serious injuries) are permanent.
  • A character development system which is not tied down to classes but allows you to tweak your player in response to the equipment and environment you encounter.
  • A magic system based on items (books and scrolls) and a "radiation" type mechanic which stops you from using magic too much.
  • A space/ slot based inventory system like in games such as stalker.
  • Eventually a version with an overland exploration map, with survival elements and randomized quests, shops and friendly NPCs
  • Eventually a team based play system where you will have up to 4 characters to give the player more to do each turn, be more fun and chart your progress as one after another they all die horrible deaths.

But as a start I'm going to be making a single dungeon with multiple floors and a single playable character. Other elements will be added as they develop.

What I'm looking for is people who can give ideas and feedback as well as anyone who can contribute to the project in some small way such as with 2d art, 3d low poly models or sound effects.

So far I've got many of the coding elements already written, such as the level generator or designed and worked out such as the inventory system.

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