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The freshly released Allure of the Stars v0.9.5.0 stars in today's reddit's Feedback Friday. Please come over, play, share your scores, offer feedback and have fun!

Browser play and binaries are available. Note that Mac OS X binaries are accessible from Homebrew via `brew install allureofthestars`. Dear sight-impaired players, please use the screen reader binary (for Linux) and offer feedback especially about how to improve the text UI to be more accessible to you.

If you prefer a quirky fantasy/victorian/maths-punk setting, the LambdaHack engine's sample game may be more to your liking:
Feel free to share your feedback under the same reddit post.

If you are on a Mac, v0.8.3.0 is just released, with Mac OS X binaries included for the first time, thanks to Pablo Reszczynski,
who apparently found the game's Easter egg, became an alien and is seen at the screenshot giving the puny humans a hard time. :D

Changes, as in
- Add a hack to run SDL2 on the main thread, fixing the OS X crash
- Warn visually when impressed and Calm running low, risking domination
- Display actor as red when low Calm and impressed or when low HP
- Fix, complete and fine tune UI, AI and server skill and weapon checks
- Fix a bug where item aspects look different to clients than to the server
- Change the requirements for the main menu ASCII art
- Tweak loot and terrain a tiny bit

Please give your feedback on the Early Dev thread:

- make fireworks slower and so easier to spot
- make rattlesnake deeper but more common
- announce no effect of activation
- describe original and current faction of an actor
- highlight dominated actors
- mark organs with comma instead of percent and gems with dollar
- make the healing cave dangerous to prevent camping
- slightly balance various content
- by default move item the same as last time
- often spawn between heroes and stairs going deeper
- fix totalUsefulness computation for negative effects
- fix abandoning distant enemy target despite no alternatives
- fix slow pushing of actors
- fix a crash when many actors run towards stairs
- hotfix: Pass zoom keys through to the browser
- help players find the info about changing the font size
- depend on GHC >= 8.0 and new vector
- specialize client code already in SampleMonadClient.hs
- enable StrictData in all modules
- replace 'failure' with 'error' that now shows call stack


Hi! Two ASCII squad-based roguelikes for your enjoyment, built using the same Haskell engine. Both can be played in the browser or you can download binaries (less lag, especially in AI vs AI mode). I'm grateful for any feedback.

Here is the Sci-fi one, with survival elements (these will be more pronounced in the future, including building, crafting and story-telling; but there is already a robust tactical framework for improvised item throwing, dynamic lights for stealth and scouting, with fleeing/chasing/taunting/avoiding unnecessary combat, and more, including attempts by AI to best the player in all of that). It has multiple scenarios, in most of them you control a party of characters; the main scenario is a long crawl through an abandoned spaceship, in which the happily looting heroes suddenly find themselves unfairly trapped and stranded. The game ASCII UI follows the Angband/Moria visual tradition. (alternatively:

And here is the low Fantasy one, Cthulhu/MathPunk, much less serious, not as varied content, but may be more palatable if you don't like (near-future) Sci-fi. It is bundled together with the free software Haskell game engine. Feel free to to build your own game with it or mod an existing one. The game follows the Nethack visual tradition.

Have fun and please drop me a line!

7 Windows/Linux/Source/Browser

Have fun! :)

- fix redrawing after window minimized and restored
- hack around vanishing texture on Windows
- hack around SDL backends not thread-safe on Windows
- the only breaking API change: specify font directory in game rules content
- let the game use its own fonts, not fonts from the sample game in library
- tweak some item creation to occur in character's pack, not on the ground
- slightly balance various content
- make sure the 'resolution' effect is not a drawback
- make artifact weapon rarities more regular
- avoid creating lit, open dungeon at the bottom, where foes have ranged weapons
- number scenarios in user descriptions
- correct, add and modify some in-game messages
- let player hear unseen summonings performed by other actors
- don't let actors hear blasts hitting walls, as opposed to hitting actors
- when moving item out of shared stash, reset its timeouts
- when ascending, shift timeouts of inventory as well
- when creating item not on the ground, discover it
- when dominating, auto-discover only if the item can't be discovered by use
- let henchmen take into account their targets, as described in
- let only walkable tiles be explorable, for clear walls inside solid blocks
- move to API 2.0.0 of sdl2-ttf and depend on corrected sdl2 (builds on Windows)
- simplify code thanks to the new sdl2-ttf API
- tweak travis scripts and building docs in README

Allure of the Stars, the Sci-Fi squad roguelike game, with source and binaries


and its free software engine in Haskell (with it's own little game)


are out, ready for your tinkering, the API is frozen, the branch will be bugfixed and supported for some time.


P.S. Windows and Linux binaries are included, but OSX binaries would be very much appreciated as well.

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