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Other Announcements / A Play-by-Post Roguelike?
« on: September 19, 2013, 01:40:36 PM »
Hi, temple forums.

Longtime lurker, longtime roguelike fan (embarassing fact: my first roguelike was Chocobo's Dungeon), and first-time poster.

More than those things, though, I'm also a PnP (pen-and-paper) game developer. My name is Daron, and I'm the founder and lead designer of Abandoned Arts, a small but very well-reviewed third-party publisher of tabletop games and sourcebooks. What I'm working on right now is a little different, though. Basically, I'm trying to design a (free-for-everyone) forum-based or "play-by-post" roguelike game over on the Paizo forums (which has a large play-by-post community).

If you're a fan of play-by-post games, and you're a fan of roguelikes (which you are... 'cause you're here), take a look at this thread and consider joining the discussion. I'm trying really hard to make this happen!


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