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Other Announcements / My LP channel (Shameless self promotion)
« on: September 05, 2013, 09:18:54 PM »
Yeah, yet another roguelike LPer, it's fun!
Have been at it a little while (a few complete projects) but haven't really promoted my channel much.
So far I've done:
Rogue (5.4.4)
Dwarf Fortress (0.34.10, adventure mode, my first project, horrible quality)
and Nlarn
(all completed, all in ASCII, Next project hasn't started yet but should soon barring any technology issues.)

Link is

I've done some one-of videos of non roguelikes and may start doing full projects that are not roguelikes in the future but those are hardly relevant to this forum.

Hope you stop by!

EDIT: I read every comment!
Also a finished project does not mean I beat the game! I'm not good at roguelikes by any means, I've only properly beaten two! (If you want to find out if any of those are on camera you'll have to watch I guess :P)

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