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7DRLs / Hireling is ready to retire [7DRLC2017] - work in progress
« on: March 05, 2017, 03:18:24 PM »
Hello guys.

My entry for 7drl 2017 is going to be somewhat difficult for me. I resigned from old, well known architecture of my roguelikes, and I changed language from Python to Go. It is one of the reason why I decided to make IF / roguelike crossover; making IF, in terms of display, is very simple task, so I think it's good choice for writing game in recently learnt programming language. For educational reasons, I'm going to open source this game, despite shame of shitty-spaghetti code. I hope it makes sense, due very small amount of games written on Go. Also, it's first time I'm targetting for multiplatform - Windows, Linux, OSX for sure; maybe some other platform, but I can't guarantee that, for example, freebsd build will work flawless.

The main idea for gameplay is earning money for dungeon diving. Player is old mercenary who spent all his hard-earned fortune on women or alcohol, and need to gather money for retirement. 5 / 10 (depends on available time for development) level dungeon, simple random generated quests, some enemies to slain and loot to, well, loot.

More info on I'll write small quick-updates on my facebook page

7DRLs / Rogue with Purple Heart (7DRL 2016 Finished)
« on: March 05, 2016, 11:29:24 AM »
Hi guys.

I hope that my roguelike have *right* scope this year - my last project starts with too ambitious assumptions so... This was problematic.

History? Vietnam War. Your team was ambushed by Vietcong and you are only survivor. Because you are wounded, you need to reach Medevac as soon as possible.

This year my entry would be simple game. Quite traditional roguelike with some 'platformer elements' in game... hm... *spirit*, not gameplay or mechanics. I would like to make memorable game - caused by theme of game and developing relationship between player and @.

Code will be based on my good-old-still-in-development HumFallRL (I want to clear the code and make sort of framework... some day). And - as I have very small amount of time today - this is my only thing to do for first day of 7DRL 2016. Adapt old code to new things.

Btw, what do you guys think, what name is better: Rogue with Purple Heart or just Purple Heart? I know that 'Rogue' in roguelike title is very... 'generic' and I think that 'Purple Heart' *sounds* better, but what about other factors? Google-abling, memorizing, etc?

I will publish some infos on my blog.


Yeah, game is finished.


I have some concerns... In my country is 11PM now... I don't know if I can post this as 'success'. I announced starting 5 V, but I started 6 V. Anyway - here is this. Rogue with Purple Heart, 7DRL2016 build.

I didn't include every feature what I want to include, but RPH is quite complete. For example, I wanted to make looting corpses mechanics (for VietCong related weapons and ammo). In the next release, I promise. I hope that post-campo build would be better balanced than first version.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Roguelike Archive
« on: October 24, 2015, 04:43:56 PM »
Think it`s time for my Archive Hoarder Mode to activate. The danger these games will just vanish forever is quite real and rather scary. That reddit torrent is a good attempt but we need something more ruthlessly scientific, in a TOSEC vein

And I agree with him. And I would like to raise the issue of 'vulnerable' roguelikes: small / little known / abandoned / those that have already disappeared from network.

I think would be good to make lists of roguelike which vanished aldready or which are rare, difficult to find or just probably at risk of vanish. Someone can still have them on HDD so it might make sense to (re)upload and make them available?

Development Process & non-technical / MIT (X11) License
« on: October 16, 2015, 11:08:00 PM »
I wonder how to 'deal' with this. Such text of license is clear for me, but I have some thoughts... How should look license of application which use fragments of another MIT-licensed app?. For example: I have open source app under MIT license. What should do developer who want to grab snippets of my code and use in his project? MIT isn't copyleft, so info about author should be maintained.

So, what is expected in such a situation? My license should be included into his software? My copynotice should be added as header to his license? Or just I will be mentioned as 'author of fragments of code'?

I know that is noob question, but I've never been interested in this topic.

edit: Everything is rather obvious for making fork or variant. But what about making totally new, different application, with use of existing code under MIT?

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / *bandlike with small dungeons?
« on: July 30, 2015, 10:57:15 PM »
I am ADoM player mainly, but also I enjoy bandlike gameplay style. You know, city at top level, full of shops and service points, and player which runs between dungeon (for loot) and town (to sell loot, buy goods, etc.).

However, one thing annoy me in Angband and his variants. Dungeon's superficies are very large, single floor is area much larger than desktop screen. Moreover - these dungeons are low in intensity.

So, I search roguelike with gameplay similar to *bands with hacklike-like dungeons. I mean - size of single floor should be single-screen, persistence of levels is not necessary.

Anyone knows such game? :)

Early Dev / Witcher: the Roguelike [pre-alpha]
« on: May 30, 2015, 03:59:20 PM »
Witcher is strong mark, especially in Poland. These days it's - I think - most recognizable as games by CD-Project Red, but this serie based in Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski, polish fantasy writer. These books are is cultic for most fantasy fans in Polish.

Always I was surprised that no one try to make roguelike in witcher's world/setting. I think that is very good theme for roguelike game, and are made games like DoomRL or DiabloRL. Then why not WitcherRL?

So, I decided to write this game. I hope no one sue me due to coryright...

Game is in pre-alpha stage and have not any released versions yet, but I think that I can release first alpha build in early or middle June.

Scheme, core of gameplay is nearly done.

How it will be? Fusion of Witcher (setting, 'influences' in combat system), Zork (sort of visual influences), Darklands (free roam and style of interactions in locations), Monster Hunter (influences in style of gameplay - randomized quests, guilds, etcetera), SanctuaryRPG (graphics, combat, interactions) and ADOM ('spirit' of game). Too ambitious? I don't think so, almost everything from these ideas are fairly simple to code.

First (first of all...) screens:

Title screen:

Race selection:

Brokilon screen:

Fortress Bodrog screen:

Local map:

Programming / Curses, python and windows - riddle?
« on: April 28, 2015, 01:36:43 AM »
I would like to share some thoughts...

Some days ago I wanted to made 100% terminal (as TUI, not CLI) app for Windows (break from libtcod ;) ). I'm programming in python for 4 years so I decided to do it in python.

I read more than I would like to read about the problems with TUI application programmed in python under Windows. Especially about curses module. I didn't want to use pseudoconsole or emulated terminal as in wcurses. I tried a lot things - from simple libraries as termcolor and colorama, to more complex tools (ipython, click, docopt). Some had small capabilities, some had bad documentation and some just did not fit me.

I could probably achieve the desired result with combination a few simple tools and native python's libraries, but it could be screwed up.

I decided to try something what was advised against from everybody. Just use standard curses compiled under windows. Works perfect. Or... or almost perfectly. I didn't notice any issues, bugs or anything what can bother me. However, there is one problem. I cannot run scripts using curses in pycharm. New application will not start. Even simplest curses code what should be run with pycharm's built-in terminal doesn't work. Ok, there is problem, because this makes debugging more difficult.

But as I say earlier, standard curses works under windows without problems.

I thought why I have seen no such this type answer to the question 'curses, python and windows'. Wherever I was looking for advice I read: 'curses under windows? unfortunately, it's impossible'. Or 'just use wcurses'.
And... There is interesting.

Maybe curses support under python builds for windows is fixed now and those answers are out of date?

7DRLs / NoirRL [7DRL 2015] - finished!
« on: March 07, 2015, 07:45:34 PM »
Briefly and concisely: NoirRL will be more adventure game than a typically roguelike game; based on old noir movies (like Maltese Falcon), graphics will be classing ASCII ( X shades of grey).
I'm going to use some code snippets from my older projects (Pythn + libtcod).
More information will be later

Game is finished.
Gameplay isn't as varied as I wanted, but it is not boring ;)
Due to the time I had to do puzzles easy to implement (verbal riddles and mazes), perhaps expand this idea in the future.
Due to the time2 game isn't well-tested, but I programmed carefully and NoirRL should be most bug-free. If it were otherwise - let me know.


I made the last pure-7DRL version. Third version of fixes is most bug-free and if you have earlier version I strongly recommend download new version (links are the same).

7DRL last version (fix3):


I made first post-7drl version. Graphics changes, menu changes, new options in dialogues, and more.
direct download from dropbox and site

Programming / [Python] Conditionals and reading list elements
« on: October 24, 2014, 03:25:22 PM »
Hi guys. I have a... small... problem with conditionals. My roguelike based on Jotaf's tutorial, but during one and a half years working on it I learnt a lot about Python (but I'm still a novice, my profession is the totally unrelated to programming). Roguelike has wilderness, cities (above-ground and underground), classes, races, d20srd system, etc. Now I'm working on quests... And here there is problem.

I have three lists (are made in the same manner): active_quest, past_quest, quest_item_inventory. Start with empty lists; when you talk to specific NPC game add 'firstquest' to active_quest list. When 'firstquest' is in active_quest, new location in worldmap appear. PC descends on the third level of location, take 'firstquestitem'. 'firstquestitem' is added to the list quest_items_inventory. All the aforesaid works, I tested it.

Problem occurs with interaction with the NPC at the completion of the quest. Action should be such as:
Code: [Select]
if you are talking with first_npc_from_first_city:
    if 'firstquest' is inactive and isn't in past_quest
        add 'firstquest' to active_quest
        npc say 'give me firstquestitem'
    if 'firstquest' is active and player have not 'firstquestitem'
        npc say 'found firstquestitem'
    if 'firstquest' is active and player have 'firstquestitem'
        remove 'firstquestitem' from quest_item_inventory
        remove 'firstquest' from active_quest
        add 'firstquest' to past_quest
        npc say 'thx'
    if 'firstquest' is inactive and is in past_quest
        npc say 'you are true hero!'

code looks like this (with some changes, I have tried several, hm, solutions (?))
Code: [Select]
    if '1st npc 1st city' in #NPC named '1st...'
        if 'firstquest' not in active_quest and 'firstquest' not in past_quest:
            message('add 1st_q_from_1st_c to active_quest!')
        elif 'firstquest' in active_quest:
            if 'firstquestitem' in quest_items_inventory: #PC have questitem
                past_quest.append('firstquest') #end of quest
                message('where is firstquestitem?') #PC have not firstquestitem
        elif 'firstquest' in past_quest:
            message('you are true hero') #talk after complete quest
            message('error?') #test

I made some tests. I'm sure that 'firstquestitem' is in quest_items_inventory. It seems that python cannot read the content of quest_item_inventory. It surprise me, because there are no such problems with active_quest which is constructed in a same manner.
Can someone tell me what could cause this?

7DRLs / Fragility (7DRL 2014) - finished!
« on: March 09, 2014, 04:58:10 PM »
Ok, I finished Fragility. It's simple dungeon crawler, when first enemy punch kills player. Fortunately player has ranged attack and can jump over three squares.

Download link:

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