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Programming / Tileset Help/Advice/Feedback wanted
« on: May 03, 2013, 11:13:45 PM »
Hello! I'm a designer who's been dabbling with a tileset of my own lately. Mostly for fun.
Unlike most tilesets I've seen, it's not pixel-art and the current tile size is quite large: 128x128 px(!).

My ambition is to use these tiles in either
a) A game, from scratch. (I already have a rough idea of a setting, plot and UI) Game wise, I'd like to do something a little bit different, a game with focus on graphic, story, atmosphere and a sleek UI. "CRPG-ish". Since I have no programming skills (or interest for that matter) this would require me to find a developer (for free) to co-operate with - And I'm not really sure that's realistic.

b) Do a ToME module with my tiles. It would probably be easier than making something from scratch, but it would probably still require me to find someone to cooperate with...

c) Give away the current state of my tiles, for free, and do something else on my spare time.

d) Try to make my tiles so they can be used in some other "major" game. My first idea was to do a skin to ToME, but I'm not really a fan of ToME's setting, so that's when I thought of making a game of my own.

Thoughts, feedback and advice appreciated!

Anyways, these tiles I've been making, would probably require a little(?) more logic than your regular tiles? ::)
The walls are not just square boxes that you can place anyway you like...
- I'd really appreciate if someone would have a look at them and see if it's feasible to use them for random dungeon creation, at all.   ;)

In addition to the tiles in the screenshots, I've made about 40 heroes/animals/monsters, a tileable forest and a complete little viking city with different houses. So far.

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