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Programming / I Made a Toolset for Java Devs
« on: June 25, 2019, 02:23:23 AM »
Hey guys; I made a thing.

I really like libtcod, but as I use Java as a preference, I wanted something in the same vein for that language. I packaged up and documented a lot of the stuff I've made over the last couple years, and put it up on GitHub. I'll make a RogueBasin page for it soonish, but here it is now.

The documentation is in _Widler Suite API.rtf, and the .jar has a demo of most of the classes.

Lemme know what you think!

Design / Whimsy in Naming Conventions
« on: October 17, 2016, 10:11:02 PM »
So I started playing around with noise generation.  And I couldn't find a name for noise which is the sum of other noise.  As I was adding octaves of varying frequencies and amplitudes, I decided a group of harmonized noise maps should be called a choir.  I don't know why, but that tickles me.  Any similar stories of what you've called elements?

Download Link:
RogueBasin Link:

Welcome to the full release for Professional Adventurers' League!  New this version:
New level type!
Allies (including temporary allies) follow you through exits
Full-screen mode
Visual effects to help indicate what's going on, without having to look down at the message bars
Hubs in puzzle levels aren't quite so barren
Resolved unkillable resurrected enemies
Lesser clairvoyance no longer alerts you to the the presence of red chests and altars at the start of the level (full clairvoyance still does)
More variety in the hurry-ups, and each time a hurry-up is issued, the delay before the next one is reduced
Hurry-ups increase the difficulty of monsters that can spawn on this level
Tinkered with the AI to increase speed in corner cases
The Final Foe has more tactical options, and is tougher
Cannot equip items from the ground while enraged
No flaming skulls in the barrel warehouse subregions
Barrel warehouse subregions refill
Running ends if you take damage
Re-implemented saving
Scroll of Necromancy no longer reduces your score, but has a chance to do something nasty . . .
Equipping items from the ground can no longer allow you to carry more than your inventory can hold
Scrolls of Armor Forging improve fortitude bonuses

This release marks the end of regular development.  While I'll probably do a little tinkering and make a release every now and then, I consider this game finished.  I'm pretty sure I hunted down all the bugs (man, those save-formatting bugs were MISERABLE), but if you have any issues, PLEASE let me know so I can fix them.  My email address is on the About page, or I can be messaged on this site.  I hope you all have as much fun with this as I have, and let me know what you think!

Oh, and I had to do a major overhaul of the saving system; it'll probably (read: definitely) generate an error the first time you launch it.  You should keep your total stats, but any suspended game you've got saved will be wiped, as will any dead characters waiting to come back.

It's been quite a while since I put out a release, so I decided to release this now and address my issues with it in the next version.  First, I haven't done fullscreen mode yet.  Second, I've been having a heck of a time with the save/load system, so I disabled it for this release.  Finally, Poor Crying Annie takes a long time to resolve her turn.

Direct download:

New this edition:
Actors can catch fire, and have differing levels of flammability.
Grease barrels.
Minor color changes.
Lesser vaults.
Hidden vaults.
Spikes destroy corpses.
Unique minibosses.
Shrines which provide bonuses for a significant period of time.
Bumpers don't block LoS.
Altars which allow you to combine wands (Iriz) or equippables (Daiuz).  Altars to Iriz have recipies for powerful wands which do not spawn naturally.
Switches and chests are shown on the map screen.
Fixed freezing behavior on chests, doors, and switches.
Animals are delicious, if properly prepared.
Candelabras, which can be used for starting fires.
Zoos occur a little more frequently.
Hurry up monsters are handled a little differently.
Out of depth monsters.
Tables in the village are breakable.
Fortitude is more effective.
Prison doors don't burn.
You can always see the 8 adjacent tiles.
Resistance status effect also increases fortitude.
If your fortitude would reduce the duration of being cursed to 0, the curse does not take effect.
Increased threat in puzzle levels, and scales more sharply throughout game.
Caged exits in later levels, necessitating that you find the switch elsewhere in the level.
Can directly equip items from the ground.
Wands of Immobilization have more charges.
Scrolls of Immobilization last longer.
Wand of Grease.
Cooper's Scroll.
Potion of the Juggernaut.
Tomes.  Like scrolls, but they recharge over time.

Direct link:
RogueBasin page:

New this release:
Fixed bug which caused movement keys to be ignored on some OSs
Exploding goats are aggressive
Retracting spikes cannot be set on fire (though they can still be frozen)
Scrolls of forging moved from rare to uncommon
Creatures hit by wand of fire get burned, even if the tile they're standing on doesn't catch fire
Axes have knockback chance
More uniques
Necromancers bringing back fallen heroes turn them evil
Scrolls of Jericho and Gamorrah detonate black powder barrels
New puzzle level regions: slaughterhouse and graveyard
Ice in pinball regions

RogueBasin Page:
Direct Link:

New this edition:
Easy to see when a creature is charmed
Forest border not so square
Holy ground from scrolls of force is temporary
Wands of blasting and knockback hit barrels and chests
Black Powder Barrels (BOOM!)
Teleportation runes
Building interior level variant: prison
Fixed ghoul AI (they were closing to melee when they shouldn't have been)
Scrolls of forging are more common
Retracting spikes
New level type: Puzzle maps (very large, with multiple regions)

Direct Link:
RogueBasin page:

New this edition:
Floating skulls
Wands and scrolls of frost
Enemies who keep their distance wont back up into damaging terrain
Revenant AI fixed
Intelligent enemies step off of damaging terrain
Freeze bug fixed
No swamps until level 5
Temporary cells don't override important map cells (doors, switches, exits)
Exploding goats deal damage
Scroll of force creates barrier to enemies

Design / Conway's Spikes
« on: March 26, 2016, 07:40:16 PM »
So I'd like to have a type of large room that is filled with spikes, either retracted or extended.  The spikes extend and retract every x turns, according to a pattern that the player can figure out.

I was thinking of using Conway's Game of Life, but it seems like the grid eventually becomes very stable.  It could be quite a large number of turns before the player finds the spike room, so I don't want it to be a largely static situation when the player arrives.  I also don't want funky-looking patterns, like a bunch of glider guns.  Finally, I don't want to just trigger a bunch of spikes to shake things up, because the that's not a challenge that a sufficiently skilled player can overcome (ie., it's unfair).

I know ADOM uses CA for an herb level or something; any thoughts from the community?

Minor update this time.  I fixed some saving issues, squashed a freeze bug, and now you can light trees on fire.

RogueBasin page:
Direct link:

Roguebasin Page:
Direct Link:

New this version:
If you play long enough, you just might run into some familiar faces . . .
No wisps or burning skulls in vaults
Grass isn’t quite so flammable
Wood burns longer
Stackable status effects have diminishing returns
Adding more instances of nonstackable status effects increases duration (except stun)
Show duration for status effects
New uniques, and tweaks to existing ones
Smart fleeing behavior for the necromancer family of enemies
Mummies and zombies dodge much less
the first level can’t be an arena
Game remembers preferences
Changing gold character is immediately implemented
FoV issues fixed (flicker, random square outside of view)
Town fountain, livestock, crops
Grass for forest floor and village
More monsters at the beginning of the game
When increasing minimum threat due to boredom, increase is linear rather not exponential
Charm status effect wears off if struck
No armor proc at range
Cleaned up tiles around vaults
Tracks total stats over all games played
Sand arenas only levels 10+, level 1 can't be an arena
Level 1 can't be a swamp
Knockback into breakable objects breaks them (and causes damage)
Enemies that want to stay at range take player attack range into account and ignore non-hostile creatures

While normally I'd like to add a lot more between releases, a buddy was playing and found a bug which froze the game upon entry into a level.  He actually found it twice, which was super impressive, considering in hunting it down I found it occurred about once in every 1000 - 2000 iterations.

Direct Link:
RogueBasin Page:

New this version:
Tall grass, which blocks line of sight (as well any items or corpses on that tile)
Fires spread
New arena map type variant
Animal pens, crops, and fountains for villages
Goats.  The magically summoned ones explode.  While they're normally cowardly, if you're clever you can unleash a horde of exploding rage-goats upon your enemies.  Which is every bit as enjoyable as you'd think.

Direct Link:
RogueBasin Link:

New this version:
Ossimancers: evil sorcerers who specialize in bone magic
Burning Skulls: Floating, flaming skulls who leave a trail of flame
More chests on the first floor to reduce getting item-screwed from the start
Fixed corner case where ghouls would inappropriately approach
Changed the symbol of potions to "+"
Small changes to some existing uniques
Added charms and potions that grant fire and acid immunity
New unique weapons, armors, and charms
Scroll of Gomorrah
Wand of Grappling
Wand of Entombment
Wand of Fire
Wand of Purity
Renamed Wand of Firebolt to to Wand of Blasting avoid confusion about fire immunity
Fixed bug where Wands of Immobilization spawned as Wands of Blasting
Combined Healing and Purity scrolls (Wands of Purity made Purity scrolls a lot less attractive)
Scroll of Teleportation now applies to enemies (Wands of Teleportation made Scrolls of Teleportation totally unattractive)
Dialed down the minimum monster population of zoos a little, and the exit is always right next to the entrance . . . in a cage that doesn't open for a set amount of time
Will-o-Wisps no longer spawn in zoos
Negative effects on charms now stack properly
Fixed following behavior
Added visual effects and color changes to make it a bit easier to tell what's going on
Multiple status effects of the same type displayed more cleanly
Changed look mode, help screen text, and bump against wall message to make it possible to check if a wall is breakable . . . really important once the ossimancers start showing up
Wand of Digging digs through up to three tiles in a row
Adding minions to the ossimancer, necromancer, carnimancer, and devourer no longer freezes the game (kind of an important update)

Direct link:
RogueBasin page:

New this version:
Necromancers who raise corpses to fight again
Carnimancers who enchant creatures to violently explode upon death
Devourers who consume their weakened allies to recover
Some weapons destroy enemies, leaving no corpse
Some monsters (and allies) follow a leader
Monster zoos
Fixed knockback bug where you could go through walls
Knockback into a wall deals damage
Wand of Domination
Wand of Purity
You can hack corpses to bits, denying the enemy the opportunity to use them
Hold control button to view corpses and underlying terrain
Explosions destroy chests and doors
Simulacrum have more health
Enemies don't normally spawn within two squares of you when the level is first generated
Using potions and scrolls from the ground works now
Teleporting an enemy away causes them to forget your location
Extended time to register killing sprees
New unique weapons
More unique weapons can be enchanted
Change the proc effect for the vampire family of enemies
Vampire family of enemies always regenerate
Scrolls of forging improve proc chance too
Improved wand mastery weapons
Ghouls are cowardly unless buffed
Ghoul buff doesn't last as long

Direct download:
RogueBasin page:

New this release:
Ghouls eat corpses for a buff
New enemy: revenants.  Disembodied spirits who posses corpses
New enemy: exploding zombies!
The mummy's curse . . .
The audience gets excited when you're about to die
Simulacrum scroll.  Inspired by the inflatable clown in Zombies Ate My Neighbors.
Inappropriate enemies can no longer be promoted to elites
New forest map variant (swamp)
New sponsor
Squashed a crash bug
Minor interface changes (labels for map screen, preferences accessible from splash screen)
Charms can have additional bonuses
Adjustments for some status effects, unique items, and elite types


New this update:
Improved slow weapons
Plate mail penalty changed from speed to dodge
Can use potions and scrolls from the ground
Uncommon scrolls improved
Updated help screen with more commands
Improved the vampire family of enemies
Wands no longer proc weapon effects
Several map types have a ruined variant
Can heal/poison more than one health per tick
A number of minor bug fixes, and two game-ending bugs

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