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Early Dev / Rogue.NET Project - new .NET based roguelike
« on: November 29, 2012, 11:13:17 PM »
Hey guys, I've got a small dev team that's putting together a .NET based version of rogue. There's a couple main features we're going to try and develop to make things fun / interesting / and continually changing.

1) Scenario generator:  Basically we've got a WPF application that creates a dungeon randomly within configured constraints - so the configuration might say "Build a maze level 20% of the time that's 200 x 300". etc... for the entire dungeon including layouts, enemies (behaviors, spells, items, generation rates, etc...), items (attached spells, qualities, weights, generation rates, etc..) player skills (level learned, animations, effects, etc..), and dungeon objectives (who to kill, what to collect, what doodad to use, etc). This allows you to create entire custom dungeon scenarios that run inside the same application.

2) Scenario sharing:  The main goal is to build an online store of scenarios that people make on their own and upload for other users to play and comment on and rate. Also, stats can be shared per scenario so that you can rate your performance for any scenario against any other scenario - including the 4 built into the stand alone app.

There's 4 built in scenarios in the application - right now the 1st scenario is available at under downloads. The others will be available probably one per release along with bug fixes and improvements from user feedback.

Hope you guys dig it - give us your feedback! This is all brand new stuff so we're anxious to hear what people have to say!

-Ryan     (

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