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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Numenfall 0.4.0
« on: May 13, 2017, 12:27:34 AM »
Numenfall 0.4.0 is now released!

Download 0.4.0 with music
Download 0.4.0 without music


New features:

Implement wands properly
Implement gems
Implement smithing
Add spell type mastery talents
Add new encounters
Add new artifact

Interface changes:

Add recent activity log to Tower tab
ASCII UI now shows hp bars, and also changed markers for self and ally
Improve final death message for high score entries
Add spellpower to character sheet
Standardize some descriptions
Added more tutorial messages
Artifacts now show their effects in the standard format
NPCs that can join you now show potential benefits before you accept the offer to join
Conservatory grow option now shows colored tiers

Gameplay changes:

Decrease base vision range to 80% of previous value
Increased the number of voronoi points used in generating the overworld
Decrease global overworld movement cost multiplier to 100 from 200
Increase foraging bonus overworld movement speed to 100% from 20%
Allow healing buffs to stack
Increase raw mana torrent cone width from 30 to 60 degrees
Arcanist initial wand slots from 3 to 1
Multiple item modifiers on a single item now won't almost always match tiers
Greatly reduced flat damage reduction from items
Reworked spellbooks, now learning spells does not take talent points, but you are limited in how many you can know at once
Throwing an item now takes a standard turn (previously 120% of a turn)
Tiles can no longer be blocked by piles of items
Armor pool now absorbs a base of 60%, can be increased by modifiers
Rework and add some item modifiers
Added differentiation between actions that require mobility and those that don't
Swapping places with an ally now takes a standard turn (previously 150% of a turn)
Reduced the monetary value of materials
Reduced the impact of character level on maximum magical saturation/imbalance


Fixed a bug where the information pane would have the wrong title
Fixed a bug where you would gain 1 gold coin per week from a non-existent mine
Fixed a bug where allies could take loot
Fixed a bug that prevented missile weapons from receiving item modifier effects
Fixed pricing of variable item modifiers
Fixed a bug where incompatible modifiers would be applied to an item
Fixed a bug with modifiers unstable sort
Fixed a bug that allowed you to get over 100% magical imbalance
Fix bug with finding memorable features to goto
Fix bug with selecting multiple items
Fix spell icons not being dimmed when unavailable on overworld
Fix talent info display for particular talents
Fixed a bug with NPCs not being allowed to level talents over rank 1

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Numenfall 0.3.8
« on: March 23, 2016, 11:50:45 PM »
Numenfall 0.3.5 is now released!

The focus in this release has been on reworking the early game to be much more interesting (possibly as a result of playing Operation Gatecrasher one too many times).

Some objects don't have graphics right now, so if you play in graphical mode they will appear as ascii characters.

All downloads require .NET framework 4.0 or Mono with support for .NET framework 4.0.

Download 0.3.5 with music
Download 0.3.5 without music


Rework game start
Add new items
Add new spells
Improved font rendering
You now get feedback if you can't gain a talent
Reworked accuracy and defense
Fix bug where magic items were not highlighted when pressing left alt if you weren't standing on any items
Fix UI not updating correctly after character death
Fix RMB action conflicts in some cases
Fix bug that prevented you from using the mouse to select tiles/ascii options

After more than two years, which includes about a year of not working on it at all, the Legend of Siegfried is now at version 0.3.0.  At this rate, version 1.0 will come out around 2024.

Since it's been so long, I have no idea what all has changed from the previous version.  I can only say that I consider this to be a great improvement, although it is still in the early stages of content development.

Downloads and more information can be found on the Roguebasin page.

Incubator / Legend of Siegfried
« on: December 03, 2012, 07:19:19 AM »
I finally got version 0.2.6 out... unfortunately Windows only, due to a bug in Mono.  We'll see what I can do about that in time.

Wiki page and announcement thread.

What is the Legend of Siegfried?

A fantasy adventure roguelike inspired mostly by ADoM, ToME, and Incursion.  I'm not sure I can say at this point what's distinctive about it in the sense of having something no other roguelike does, but I am focusing mostly on world detail, which means I have a very specific vision for the kind of world I want TLoS to be set in.  This is something necessary for the plot to really work (of which there isn't really much implemented right now), but it will also allow me to write various other short games set in the same world, allowing players to get various perspectives on things.


Right now, my primary development focus is adding more content (creatures, places, dungeon and town features, etc), and improving the interface.  I'm interested in feedback especially with respect to interface, but I enjoy hearing thoughts about anything.  I'm also interested in knowing what people think about more technical things, like the game balance so far (although of course that will be changing a lot).

If anyone's interested in getting my feedback, just update your incubator thread.  I don't have a lot of time right now, but I'll try them when I get the chance.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Legend of Siegfried 0.2.6 Released!
« on: January 07, 2012, 04:57:14 PM »
The Legend of Siegfried 0.2.1 is now released!

Release summary:  bug fixes, AI improvements, new game settings and documentation, more content

Download 0.2.1 for Windows; requires .NET framework 4.0
Download 0.2.1 for Linux; requires Mono with support for .NET 4.0


 * Added color-coding for various messages
 * Added Lone wolf background
 * Added stealth skill
 * Added Perception and Charisma attributes
 * Added in-game documentation system (press '?' at any pageable information screen to get available contextual documentation;  view all documentation by pressing '?' on the main play screen)
 * Added concentration skill
 * Added literacy feat
 * Added robes
 * Added quarter staves
 * Added Neophyte of Tali background
 * Added oil lanterns
 * Added black cave spiders, black bears, and vampire bats
 * Added responses to sound to AI
 * Added throwing daggers
 * Added to initial starting equipment
 * Added Nomad background
 * Added permanent body modifications
 * Added display of feats to character sheet
 * Added ability for extracting alchemy ingredients from corpses
 * Added recipe for distillation of black spider venom
 * Added content to one of the main quests
 * Added in-game option to change font/window size
 * Added new setting for font size, 'Font'; possible values are '8x13' and '12x20'
 * Added two new settings, 'WindowWidth' and 'WindowHeight'
 * Allowed help at character generation (press '?')
 * Increased arrow speed
 * Made full text always display for attacks with non-standard weapons
 * Reworked experience and skill training
 * Autoexplore now prints a message on completion
 * Allowed wooden bridges to burn
 * Improved item weight display
 * Improved AI to seek out last sighted enemy
 * Improved AI to respond to heard noises
 * Improved AI reaction to ranged attacks
 * Improved description of large item stacks
 * Improved pageable text and made up and down arrow scroll one line at a time
 * Improved default initialization attempts
 * Changed base regeneration rate
 * Allow any key for (more) now properly defaults to false
 * Reworked color stack of ASCII renderer to work correctly over multiple lines
 * Fixed a bug that prevented ranged weapon damage from displaying correctly
 * Fixed various bugs with bridges
 * Fixed poison stacking
 * Fixed a bug in handling dialogue trees
 * Fixed a bug where attributes weren't set for some monsters
 * Fixed a bug where NPCs wouldn't shoot their last bolt
 * Fixed a bug that prevented projectiles from passing over water
 * Fixed a bug with AI attempting to reload crossbows with arrows equipped

Programming / Talents/Feats/"Special skills"
« on: December 16, 2011, 06:40:44 PM »
Ok, so surprisingly enough, I'm still working on my roguelike, the Legend of Siegfried.  For some reason I don't see it listed in any of the changelogs, but in one of the previous versions I added "Special skills" or feats (in ADOM they would be called talents... I suppose class powers would fall under this too). 

For example, characters of the mercenary background begin the game with the Shield Bash feat, which allows them to sometimes make an extra attack using their shield, if one is equipped.  Right now there is no way of acquiring new feats after the start of the game.  There are several ways that could happen:

1) On level-up, or some similar significant character advancement, you can choose from a selection, based on your character's level, stats, skills, etc.
2) Feats may be granted as quest rewards, independent study, or other one-time only specific events.
3) Masters of various professions might offer training in various categories of feats;  in order to gain the feats from them, of course, the character must meet their prerequisites in terms of skills, etc.
4) Other ways I'm not thinking of right now

Probably all of these will be used to some degree in TLoS, but I also want to make one of them the regular or usual method of acquiring new feats... but I don't know which is most appealing in terms of game design that allows flexibility, depends on your previous choices, and yet isn't frustrating or disproportionately difficult to form your character the way you want.

What do you all think?  ADOM, Incursion, ToME 4, etc. proceed mostly, if not exclusively, by (1).  I'm just not sure yet if I want that, so I was wondering what other players/developers thought about it.

See details on the Roguebasin wiki.

Also note that this is the last release before the ARRP on Sept. 18, on which I plan to release version 0.2.0, which will include much more interesting towns and cities, and well as implement dialogue and quests, although the main focus will be filling out the current features with content.  I will also be posting on my blog about the various things I am doing, so you can know to some degree what to look for in 0.2.0.

Version 0.1.4 of the Legend of Siegfried is released:  the big highlights of this version are the new autoexplore and goto commands.  Currently goto is only activated by mouse clicking, and autoexplore's default key is 'x'.

Download 0.1.4 for Windows;  requires .NET Framework 4.0
Download 0.1.4 for Linux; requires Mono

Forums are available for bug reports and feature requests on the official site

Changelog for 0.1.4

 * Added the bottomless dungeon
 * Added a number of Alchemy Ingredients
 * Added 4 item types
 * Added 5 artifacts
 * Added item color highlighting based on rarity in item lists
 * Added 7 item enchantments
 * Added 2 item materials
 * Added 1 item quality
 * Added capability to cancel "long" actions e.g., wearing or removing armor
 * Added amulets, 5 varieties
 * Added goto on mouse click
 * Added autoexplore command
 * Added re-stocking to shops
 * Added selling to shops
 * Added inventory limitations
 * Added settings configuration file, which is used for various preferences
 * Added elemental resistance modifiers to various material types
 * You can no longer wield a shield and bow at the same time
 * Made armor modifiers change the displayed protection values when inspecting an item
 * Made agility affect speed
 * Factions may now make outcasts
 * Allowed viewing inventory from main screen, rather than having to view equipment first
 * Improved cave generation
 * Improved context sensitive movement to handle closed doors
 * Slight tweak to random name generation
 * Fixed a bug with item lists displays
 * Fixed a bug with pageable data line wrapping
 * Fixed a bug with projectiles modifiers not applying
 * Fixed a minor bug with awareness not updating correctly in some cases

Early Dev / Legend of Siegfried 0.1.3 Released!
« on: July 13, 2011, 08:42:44 PM »
The legend of Siegfried 0.1.2 is now released!

All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Changelog and download links are on the wiki page.

Version 0.1.1 of the Legend of Siegfried is released.

Download 0.1.1 for Windows;  requires .NET Framework 4.0
Download 0.1.1 for Linux; requires Mono

Forums are available for bug reports and feature requests on the official site

Changelog for Version 0.1.1

 * Added rudimentary town layout
 * Added shops and shopkeepers, watchmen and commoners
 * Added help message at beginning of game and changed representation of key codes when displaying keybindings
 * Reworked experience system and skill progressions
 * Added flammable property for items (such as scrolls)
 * Corpses now decompose
 * Added force attack command (Tag = 'ForceAttack')
 * Added activation command (Tag = 'Activate')
 * Implemented items that do not generate randomly
 * Various cosmetic improvements
 * Reworked starting equipment; you now start with gold as well
 * Added new content
 * The game version is now shown in the window title
 * Games are now deleted upon death. (they are not deleted on loading because of the chance of crashing)
 * Fixed grammar mistakes with boots and bracers
 * Fixed a bug with saving games
 * Fixed some issues with displaying messages about things you shouldn't be aware of
 * You can no longer drink potions or read scrolls in restricted areas (e.g., the overworld map)
 * You are no longer given the option to load a game if no saved games exist

Tentatively, the name is "The Legend of Siegfried"... since there's not much content as of yet, this could easily change.

The single greatest influence on the game is JADE, closely followed by ADOM.

(Windows only, at the moment, since I don't have time to compile for Linux and OS X;  if anyone is interested in doing that, send me a message.  The source is C# with the only external lib being Sdl.Net)
Download link

I would like to hear any comments/suggestions anyone has to offer, especially about the interface, since I usually don't care about bad/unusable interfaces, unfortunately.

A lot of the mechanics are temporary, such as the formula used to determine successful hits, etc., so feedback about game balance or whatever really isn't useful at this point.  I am trying for a largely ADOM-ish feel, although eventually I plan on pushing the gameplay far beyond simple fighting and spellcasting.

In any case, I would love to hear anything you guys have to say about it.

Programming / Overworld generation
« on: May 23, 2011, 06:32:06 PM »
I couldn't find much about this by searching, so I thought I'd ask about it here:  how do you (who have implemented it) do overworld generation?  I'm not looking for something really fancy or an application of realistic processes to terrain data, but I do want something that looks decent and produces good variation, as well as being extendable...

Anyway, just wanted to know other RL developer's thoughts on the matter... here's the kind of thing I have so far with just a simple climate model based only on the topography and latitude of the overworld section:

Programming / Implementing materials for items
« on: April 14, 2011, 02:12:18 PM »
This is the state of the question:  I want to make differing kinds of material apply to different kinds of items, e.g., iron, mithril, etc., apply both to weapons and armor that are generally made of metal, and leather, dragon-skin, etc., apply to "cloth" armors, and so forth.

I have in place a generic system for applying modifications to objects, but right now I'm trying to figure out what's a good way to mark item types as implementing various materials, and how to represent those materials in terms of code classes.

For example, mithril material can apply to both armor and weapons, but it has to have very different effects for each (should increase the protection value of the armor, but increase the damage potential of the weapon).  I could represent this by making two classes MithrilWeaponMaterial and MithrilArmorMaterial, but then marking item types as implementing "metal" materials would become more complicated.  Or I could make one class MithrilMaterial, which when called upon to modify protection or offensive values, checks the item to which it is applied to determine the proper effect.  This case makes the single class more complicated, and more computationally expensive, but it simplifies the relation between the item type and material classes.

Comments?  Questions?  Advice?

For those who have implemented some kind of item material system in your own roguelike(s), perhaps you'd like to share a few tips?

Programming / Non-random content
« on: February 22, 2011, 05:40:33 PM »
Hi all, although I've only recently discovered this place, I've been playing roguelikes for 6-7 years now, and been programming for 8 or so.  It's finally got to the point where I've actually started my own roguelike project.

What I want to know from you guys is whether/how much you like non-random content in roguelike, e.g., ADOM's towns/quests, etc.  I really liked it myself, but I know that some don't like the repetition this causes when starting new games and so forth (although I didn't find this much of a problem).

What are your opinions on the matter?  If static content is really a problem because of the concentration of gameplay in the first portion of a whole game, would having most if not all of the static content only come in later in the game solve the problem, after your character isn't so concerned with just surviving and becoming more stable in terms of survivability?

I'm still working on the framework/interface/core of my roguelike now, so I don't expect to have anything trial-worthy anytime soon, since I'm student and can't devote much time to it, but hopefully this summer I'll be able to spend more time on it.

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