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Hey everybody, Voyage to Farland is my labor of love project to introduce the Japanese console roguelike sub-genre to a wider audience. Well, sure - everybody knows the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, but not so many have played the harder Shiren the Wanderer games.

Voyage is now on Desura for $2.99. It's also available on the Peculiar Games website for a bit less than that ($2.50), selling "direct" via Sellbox. And there are free demos for Windows and Linux on the website, too. You can try out pretty much everything in the game, including rescues, but there IS a levelup cap of 5.

Voyage is also part of the Rugged Rogues bundle along with ToME and Man in a Maze. And there's a Bundle+ option which adds in Obludia and Dungeon Prospector.

New stuff in version 2.2.5 of Voyage:
  • rescue codes (get a friend to rescue you or be a good samaritan and rescue a wanderer in need - yes, I stole this idea from Shiren DS)
  • fullscreen support, including a wider cell display area compared to the mobile Android version
  • a new bonus dungeon and NPC with a pretty interesting persistent levelup mechanic that is sort of questy, collectible, achievement-ish (well I like it anyway)

Finally, here's a youtube playlist with Let's Plays I and BrianDaGod made.

Happy wandering :)

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