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Early Dev / 100 Heroes: Shopkeeper of Doom
« on: October 26, 2012, 08:19:51 AM »

I've been working on a game for the past six months or so, called 100 Heroes, about a shop owner in a town in a generic fantasy world.

You play the role of that shop owner, and the objective of the game (at the minute) is basically to get a high score before you either run out of capital, or get destroyed by a monster.

It's been done as a hobby to teach myself a bit of Python, but I have been having so much fun creating it I suspect I will continue to develop it for a while when I get the urge or the time to do so.

The game as it is has some of the features I intend to add, but I reckon I have pretty much taken it to the point where the current design document 'ends'. Because of this I'm pretty much just adding, developing and polishing things on an ad-hoc basis, which is cool and everything but won't really cut it for the 'next stage' of the game.

Existing systems are basically an illusion of complexity, at best, with lots of very simple dice rolls and limited actual 'decision making' taking place. I'm at a point now I think where things need to start getting a bit more complicated - and for that I need to plot out in detail what the next 'stage' of development will look like.

As such, I would be interested if anybody had some feedback on the game to help drive the game in the right direction.

I ask here because one of the most important concepts of the game to me is that is has a 'roguelike' feel, and so I would be interested in opinions as to whether or not the basic elements of the game achieve that at all (or not).

Thanks for listening  :)

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