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What started as a 2D topdown traditional roguelike is now an isometric, smoothscrolling multiplayer world. Everything is procedurally generated:

- the terrain
- the villages
- the NPCs and their conversations

Try it here:

To log in, just press Enter to play as guest when you get to the black login screen.

Click to attack. AWSD QEZC for walking. Shift-left click to use auto-walk (your character will find its way). Right click on things to inspect them.
Kill trolls. And the villagers (or talk to them, ask them "job" to get things started)

Spellcasting: control left click on something, you will shoot it. Press 1, 2 to toggle between spells (only 2 right now). Press shift-C to cast an area spell.

Press enter to get into the global chat; press escape a bunch of times to get out.

FEEDBACK I 'd love:
* what was your rig (specs)
* was it playable - was there an acceptable amount of lag
* what was your FPS (its flashing on the left hand side)
* what part of the world are you from
* what can I do to improve this (remember its just a tech preview)
* try combat with the trolls and with other players (if they are there): does it have an arcadey-feel?

Happy trollblasting.
If you can't actually launch the game, here's a video:

Here is a screenshot:

Its an online multiplayer rouge like. The initial building is not procedurallly generated ... but the large outside world is (everytime I reset the world). Please check it out! And leave me feedback on your experience (there is a Feedback link on the homepage). This is a purely personal project, and I want to make it in homage to the rougelikes of yore (especially Amulet of Yendor), and to the Ultima series of my youth.

To get to it:

Thanks so much!


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