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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / rogue and rog-o-matic
« on: May 12, 2012, 12:39:21 AM »
Came across this forum today and so, saying hello and
giving a link to my work on rogue/rog-o-matic:

My humble efforts:

  Rog-O-Matic XIV plays against the version of rogue
(5.4.4 modified to fix a few things and one bug, plus the
duplication of colors gold and silver made Rog-O-Matic's
database have a fit, so I changed the rogue code to use
Silvery and Golden, then I wouldn't have to mess with
that code for now) I have posted there.  Source code
only for linux, Debian Wheezy (currently in testing). 
Use the latest release for best results...

  It might work for Ubuntu also (but I have not tested it there).

  It is a rainy day and winter project for me, but I post the
link here for those who would like to play with it too.  I do
this for fun, enjoy!

  Yes, there are still bugs in there, and I'm working on them
when I get the time.  The code i'm still figuring out, so if I
make mistakes, that is why.  ;)

  I pick up where Rog-O-Matic Restored stops:

  (that version is at

  Some day/year, when I have a lot more time I will go
back and get other versions of rogue to play against
it also...

  peace, and happy hacking,


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