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Programming / starting a new rl as my graduation project
« on: February 14, 2012, 09:35:16 PM »
Hello everyone. I'm a senior student who's chasing a bachelor's degree in computer science. Recently, I decided to take my graduation project on making a roguelike game, so I came and registered to take some suggestions from you. The project will be year-long, but I have to show some decent progress in the first one or two months.

I know that there are a lot of tutorials around on how to start coding a roguelike, etc, but i have some specific questions.

First off, as a request from my project advisor and teacher, I have to (and want to) code the project with web browser support, therefore I want to base my project on either one of Flash (AS3), Unity or HTML5/WebGL. (As a side note, I have little information and experience on these platforms, but that's ok as I will have plenty of time.)

So far, there are not many roguelikes that are based on these technologies afaik. I can count Pitman from last year's 7DRL and also Dance of Death (unity and AS3 respectively).

Can you point out any limitations of coding a RL as a browser application instead of a desktop application? Is there any way I can use libraries such as libtcod for these platforms? I know there's a C# version of libtcod but I don't know if I can use it in Unity, haven't researched it yet. I'm hoping you can help me on this one.

The setting of the roguelike, the rules, gameplay and everything else is not decided yet, as I'm in the first day of planning right now. I think I'm leaning towards a classic roguelike, but you'll never know. This will be my first roguelike and I know it's not an easy job, so I'll try to update you guys on the progress and ask for advice on any problem I encounter.

One thing is for sure, the focus will be on Artificial Intelligence, since the project is not about making a game, it's about coding good Artificial Intelligence. I want to make smart and dumb enemies of all kinds. I'm planning on detailed animal behaviour. Smart and dumb allies are a possibility. I'm yet to discover articles on Roguelike AIs and I'm definitely planning on paying a visit to Smart Kobolds' source. More suggestions are welcome. I need to take as much information as I can get.

I also want to know if I'm being realistic. I have one year, but obviously I'll have other duties (and a social life), so it's not all about this project. Since many of you have more experience than me, I'd appreciate if you can tell me what to and not-to focus on the project in order to succeed.

Thanks in advance for any advice you give. :) I'll always keep you updated on my progress.

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